SteemDrive Billboards are Back! Debut of New Logo Design by @kyriacos

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Billboard season is back, after a short break to get @steemsports off the ground. The @steemdrive billboard initiative is ready to once again start its regular campaigns!

For those of you are not familiar with Steemdrive, please have a look at our @steemdrive blog which, shows the history of the campaign and its current success in crowdfunding Steemit billboards around the world starting in South Africa and followed by Chicago USA and New Zealand.

Proof of flight of the first two billboards has already been shown in our blog and proof of the New Zealand billboard to follow shortly.

Steemdrive is now back with a professional new look, with campaign logos designed by resident Steemit artist @kyriacos as showcased below!

@kyriacos studied History of Art and Design for four years in USA and Anthropology and New Media Technologies for a year in Australia. He founded the first Freethinking tank in his country that focuses on ideas of anarchy, individuality and decentralisation. @kyriacos worked with international companies in the Media and Cosmetics Industries and is currently freelancing as a UX Designer/Creative Director with a variety of projects all around the world.

His design skills are top-end and we are fortunate to have been able to get his assistance with the @steemdrive branding, not only did he produce fantastic logos, but he designed the Chicago billboard as seen in our last blog post.

Please feel free to contact @kyriacos in for any graphics requirements you may have and furthermore please help us to thank him for his designs by upvoting this post so we may donate some funds for his efforts.

Billboard artwork design

Steemdrive artwork variations design

White background

Blue background

Light blue background


Follow button

Collage of working titles prior to final design selection

Thank you to all of you wonderful supporters and helping to make dreams become a reality!
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Liquid Steem and Steem Dollar payout funds raised from this Steemit post shall be allocated to any billboard site or @steemdrive public project where funds may be required in and paid in accordance with the general campaign terms and conditions. (For this particular post artist @kyricos will receive the greater of 200 SBD or 20% of this liquid rewards)

The domain on the artwork points to the steemdrive referral link for campaign tracking by Steemit, Inc, otherwise not possible if was advertised.

All images are either royalty free, by contracted design, public domain, supplied by the billboard agencies or paid for by the campaign or liaison, credits will appear beneath any other image sources.

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Thank you for your kind words. Glad to be part of the team and the community here in general.

No thank you for your patience and for your help! Let us know if you will still like to put up a billboard in your region.

Fantastic news; "blog, get paid" --> STEEM ON ;-)

Haha, thank you for the enthusiasm!!

Sounds great. Upvoted. Your up voting will be appreciated.
Following. Have a great day n keep u a good work.

Thank you, upvoted your joke of the day!! ;)

For some reason I love the name on that Billboard...Oh wait! lol Nice job:)

Great work guys. You should try to get one up in China!

Thanks @nextgen22 are you from China?

Originally from China but moved to Australia

I love how the design is simple and straight to the point.

Steem is going to run out of $$ to pay all these bloggers. What good is this marketing drive if no one buys Steem Power?

yes you are right

People are marketing Steem like it's a religion!

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wow, nice!

Since we can't message each other on here and I think you are in South Africa I thought I would share this event:

i want to promote the steemit at Hoi An on the QuangNam 6th festival( by using the wifi hotspot ,how can i start to crowdfunding?
it is cost 2000- 3000$.