Tour and Dinner at the Salt Mines in Krakow

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For our closing dinner on Sunday for Steemfest 3, we had the amazing opportunity to go tour the salt mines near Krakow, and then have dinner at the dining hall there. If I'm not completely mistaken, the idea for that came from @gandalf and her wife, who are Polish. When I first heard that Steemfest is in Krakow, and did some research on it, I found out that there are salt mine tours, but I figured I wouldn't have time to go to those. When the schedule released and I saw that we have a tour planned for us in Wieliczka salt mine, with transportation and all, I was super excited.

Sunday afternoon came and we boarded busses to take us to the mines, that are no longer active other than for tourism purposes. Once we got in, we walked down a narrow wooden staircase for what felt like ages, all giggling and making jokes, trying to make the most of what we had left of Steemfest 3. Once we got deeper underground, we went on a guided tour on smaller groups, to find out a little about the history and tales of the salt mine.

The conditions for photography were quite tricky, as it was pretty dark in there, so I didn't take that much pictures. Or I did, later to find out that most are very blurry, as I wasn't paying that much attention to what I was doing. I did manage to get a few good shots, mostly of the salt crystal lamps that were absolutely glorious. I was quite disappointed that I didn't see any dwarfs working in the mine, tho it is no longer active so that must be it. Our tour lasted maybe an hour and a half, and by the time we got to the end of it, everyone was pretty hungry. I think I heard quite a few WOWs when we entered the huge dining hall with long tables.

I forgot to take any pictures of the grand dining hall that easily housed all 300 Steemians for our final dinner together, but if you stalk the Steemfest-tag, you'll see a lot of other people posted pictures from there. Once we had eaten our three course dinner, drank a little and ran around chatting to people, we were ushered to the elevators that would take us back to the surface. Each cart would hold about eight people, and lucky me, I ended up in one with seven men. There were a few jokes about that on the very fast way up.

What an experience to have, I'll cherish it forever.

Not just the elevator part, but having a fancy dinner at a salt mine.

Shot with the Fujifilm X100F.










Our magical guide @gandalf with his special Steem vest.


Each cart would hold about eight people, and lucky me, I ended up in one with seven men. There were a few jokes about that on the very fast way up.

Sorry, English not first language of me. Explain please. You in cubicle with 7 men and everyone went up very fast?

PS: Holly crap!!

English not me mother tongue either. But you right, that is what happen there. It was a tight fit, so many in small space.

Ps. I think that picture is the only really good one I got, was considering only posting it alone 😅

That's award winning sh1t! LOL. Both sh1ts. 😂😂😂

I love this one too :D

Wow - beautiful shots. I wasn’t able to capture very high quality images down there on my phone, and so I’ve been looking forward to seeing photos from a few people who brought better cameras down there.

That was such a magical night and a total highlight from the trip. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. ♥️

Aww thank you Lea! It really was an amazing experience, definitely something to tell about everyone at home :)

Me too. When people ask me about the trip - I often lead in with that story. :)

Love these <3 My photos were crap, which is why I didn't stop to take many and why I'm really glad professionals like you and @tarazkp and @llfarms did. They're gorgeous, Eve. Although seeing SF images is always bittersweet, 'cause they kinda take you back <3

Lol, us, professionals, I don't think any of us are, we just enthusiast! But I'm glad you liked these. Definitely bittersweet and I don't have much to post from Steemfest anymore and I don't wanna let it go yet ;(

Well, you are! I don't think you need whatever qualification - you take excellent pictures and that's the only qualification you need, IMO. :)
I know, I felt the same...I had to stop doing SF posts after a few days, 'cause I felt I'd never get out of that mental state if I didn't (well, I haven't, yet, but slowly moving on).
Let's not call it letting it go ;) We're just moving forward toward the next SF meetup!

You are getting better with your shoot! Well done Eveline

Thank you Raf! And nice try with my name, close enough ;)

What an amazing place to have dinner. Some cracking shots you've caught it well. Love the one of it heading down the tunnels best! 💯🐒

aw those pics are awesome! I tried to film down there but my camera wasn't good enough to capture the light. You got some nice shots though, love the ones of the chandeliers!

Wow you are using fujifilm. I am sure it is a good one for travelling. I love your photo by the way, I mean all of them.

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The Chandeliers are great and that room! There really ought to be dwarves somewhere