SteemFest๔ Updates - First names announced - Ticketshop open - Let's go Bangkok!

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Orange Temples by by Alejandro Cartagena on Unsplash

Sawadee! It's been a while since you heard from me about SteemFest. That has to do because the announcement of this year's edition was pretty early on (I think last year only about now), and had some (minor) hickups on the way... That's what you get when trying to organise everything more than half a year in advance: venues close down, go out of business, or better options come along :) Not much to bother you with, but great news is that I more or less got the budget calculated and am confident to open the ticketshop today!

Prepping for the fourth iteration of SteemFest is well underway and with help of great sponsor's managed to get the plankton/minnow ticket price IMHO pretty affordable again. Thanks to the Thai economy (food price) the price is able to be lowered generally by 20% compared to last year. SteemFest is not an event for making profits, but an event for the community. Sponsorship funds go towards lowering the entrance fee for the plankton & minnow ticket, but I kindly ask you, if you have some Steem to spare, or did well in the recent crypto bullish run to not abuse the plankton/minnow price and opt for a higher levelled ticket price closer to cost price. The ticket section on will also suggest a minimal price level depending on the username you fill in, which calculates solely based on the amount of SteemPower you have :)

Ticket price dynamic schedule - you know what price you get:

Two years ago 1/3rd of the bookings of the event came in the last 7 days prior to the event. That literally brought in unnecessary stress and costs because of last minute changes with catering and transportation logistics. If it would be just up to me it is totally fine to book last minute, however the Chefs and such want to know prior to the event how much food they need to order :)

So like last year, to force you into planning ahead, and hopefully preventing last-minute planning a dynamic pricing schedule is implemented.

Current pricesfrom now to Friday 30 August - 23:59 UTC Ticketshop
Increase 130 August - 27 September20% of costprice increase
Increase 227 September - 25 October20% of costprice increase
Increase 325 October - 5 November20% of costprice increase
Walk up rate6 - 10 November20% of costprice increase

Please visit the completely updated SteemFest website which includes first program details, first speakers (many more to be announced) and links to the ticket shop / integral crypto ticket buy mechanism.

Btw. as a tradition, just like past 3 (!) years, @knozaki2015 immediately when the shop opened. Pretty bold!

SteemFest tickets starting at € 222.22 until 30 August 2019

This year's minimum (Plankton!) ticket price is 20% cheaper compared to last year. The actual costprice of the event per person is forecasted at around € 450 and due to forecasted & confirmed less sponsorship income, unfortunately less compared to last year, I could not lower it more.

That said, the 'Plankton Ticket' € 222.22 is priced at about 1/2 of the costprice of your attendance, thanks to the support of and the sponsorship of @blocktrades, @steem-engine, @steemmonsters, and who like the idea to have an event to be as inclusive as possible. Please thank them! - @SteemFest is still open for sponsorships btw.

Don't know which ticket level to buy?'s ticket section will give you a suggestion of minimum ticket level based on the amount of SteemPower you have (checking your ranking: Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca, Whale) once you fill out your username. Should you decide to select a support ticket (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) you become an awesome sponsor yourself and are instantly buying drinking rounds for fellow attendees. Support ticket buyers are mentioned in the program booklet and on opening slides.

@T-R-F - Travel Relief fund for SteemFest go-ers

Be sure to also read more on the @t-r-f page about the Travel Reimbursement Fund, I've just donated 555.555 Steem to that account which gets distributed after Bangkok to all applying attendees. Anyone is free to donate some to this community driven travel fund dedicated to SteemFest go-ers.

What's included in this price:

  • opening drinks night
  • 2 days of conference incl lunch, dinner & drinks
  • 4 nights of social events
  • closing dinner incl unique tour
  • tbd some activities in the weekend
  • swag.
  • livestream & recording for people who can't make it

I kindly ask, if you can reasonably afford it to look into options of buying another 'Ticket Type', for example the 'Regular Ticket' priced at 100% of the cost price of your attendance or even higher levels. Check out the SteemFest site's ticket section to learn more about all ticket types. Note that all tickets are equal by means of what you can do with them. Everybody is a VIP, it is just a matter of how much you contribute towards the event.

Buy your ticket with crypto or fiat.

Like last year you can buy your ticket again with crypto. This year the options are SBD, Steem and BTS through SteemFest site's ticket section or with BTC, E-banking and Credit-cards via the SteemFest Paydro ticketshop

Manual Crypto Payments done through the SteemFest site in SBD / Steem / BTS are processed minimum every day at 10 AM CEST and 22 PM CEST by checking our email inbox and validating the incoming transfers on the @steemfest wallet (and the @steemfest wallet on Bitshares). Then we mail you a coupon code to claim your ticket. (you still need to claim your ticket after we mail you the couponcode!)

First Names SteemFest Bangkok:

I'm happy to announce the first names for the 2019 edition of SteemFest:

  • @elipowell, USA - Managing Director, Steemit
  • @andrarchy, USA - Content Director, Steemit
  • @aggroed, USA - Splinterlands, Steem Engine, Keychain, Palnet
  • @martibis, BE - Founder of Steemitworldmap and Haveyoubeenhere

Presentations, workshops and performances will generally last about 20 minutes max, unless more in-depth time is required. Yes, also this year's event will be streamed live.

(Many) more names and location updates to be announced soon. Expect more frequent updates from now on :)

Don't forget to book your SteemFest's Hotels Package for € 55 / room / night including breakfast via the SteemFest Hotels section. Find some friends in SteemFest Telegram and book a two bedroom suite to go cheaper at € 45 or ask for single bed rooms to split! Also check out the other venue in the same building, "Prince Palace Residence managed by Prince Palace Hotel", find the direct link on SteemFest Hotels section as well.

SteemFest after chillings

Most heard "complaint" in SteemFest review sessions is: "The event is too short". So with that in mind a group of Steemians already setup a Telegram group to explore the Thai islands after 5 hot days in the city of Bangkok. Extend your stay and join the SteemFest4After group @

SteemFest Airtravel Discounts

Witness @gtg / @gandalf is not only a master in the blockchain source code, but also in hustling Airfare ticket partnerships. He managed to (again!) setup partnerships with a gazillion of airline companies for Bangkok airfare discounts. Check out his post right here!

Have a nice week ahead!
Greetings from Amsterdam,


Liquid rewards from this post will go to organising @steemfest

SteemFest's ticket reductions are made possible by generous donations from:

@steemmonsters @smooth steem engine steemwallet

Great job @roelandp!

I also would like to write a quick reminder that plankton and minnow tickets are really just for Steemians who can't afford the trip/ticket to Steemfest otherwise. They are not for cheapskates or for saving some $$$. ;-)

wolf see you there!

Awesooome !!! So looking forward to it. Already got my plane ticket with a great discount thanks to @gtg s deals. Thanks for the slot for Steemitworldmap and haveyoubeenhere!! We are already working on the presentation 🤗 also lets conquer the island koh chang after!! It will be epic 😎

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Great work ya beautiful butterfly!

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Oh so I have until 29 August to get the initial "early bird" price yes?

OK. I am doing my very best to save up and scrap every cent I see lying around doing nothing haha.

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Finally, the pricing info is out!

Thailand is just a hop away from where we are!

Look forward to meeting the Coingecko team who make it! :)

We will do our best to get there! Thanks for info Bro! Peace 😎🙏

See you all this November!

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This is exciting, hopefully this year I can make it to steemfest!

Looking forward to make it. The cost of plankton , minnows and dolphin are varying....deciding which one to choose to make best of steemfest

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I am planning to be there as well, SteemFest4 a place to be. @gtg thanks for the update about the available ticket bookings.

Wow man, awesome 😍. Please, bring Steem Fest to Brazil!😁🇧🇷👍

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Thank you for the updates @roelandp! Im looking forward to book my tickets soon. 👌

Hello !!! What a wonderful news!
I don't know if whole @cleanplanet Team can go to Bangkok but I will try to organize a travel with my wife and stay longer in Thaïland.
Here we go .... A wonderful moment will happen !
See you @roelandp
@yann0975 co-funder of @cleanplanet

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Great news Roeland, looking forward to being there! Sounds like it’s shaping up 2 be another epic SF!

Wow so exciting! Thanks Roeland for the updates.

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Amazing! So good to see you haggling on prices that are reasonable anyways :-) Good to see the first names popping up too - Cheers to you!

On the edges of our seats!!! 🤩🤩🤩 Gets us more excited than a damn good italian pizza and a good movie on a lazy Sunday!!! ‘Nough said!!

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Wowww that's awesome 👌

Just to be sure - the hotel is not included in the ticket price?

no it is not. You are also not obliged to stay at this hotel, but we found it a nice average ranging between affordable, location and offering. That said... those rooms are already running out quite fast. Please note you can stay anywhere, but it might be nice to stay close to the official hotel in case you opt otherwise!

Thanks, helpful!

Hi @roelandp

When you say:

2 days of conference incl lunch, dinner & drinks

Is that all the days? I was thinking it is longer. Nov 6-10 is 5 days???

Thank you for all of your hard work here, and I will be there this year for sure!

hi fitinfun!

Yes steemfest starts at wednesday 6 november with opening drinks and ends on sunday 10 november with closing dinner. In between has multiple activities with 2 days of conference on Thursday and Friday.

Please see the glossary / global program at the top on -

Would be great to meet you irl in Bangkok!

kr roeland

I hope that the Steemit Team doesn't need to sell 100K worth of Steem to participate at the current USD rate :-)
Anyways have fun guys!

Just curious how many people will fly to Bangkok. I mean it's tempting, but scary at the same time :)

I just wish coinsph will be an observer to this event. Coinsph is a digital cryptowallet here in the Philippines. It will be beneficial for us Filipino steemians if there is a direct steem to peso or steem to btc/eth/bch/xrp and vice versa conversion within the coinsph app.


Quote is a financial services platform founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson in Metro Manila, Philippines.In May 2017, raised $5 million in series A extension led by Naspers Ventures. > Quote
The quote above is taken from:

Good morning from the Philippines. is a financial services platform founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson in Metro Manila, Philippines.In May 2017, raised $5 million in series A extension led by Naspers Ventures.The cryptocurrency company is among the few in the world to be duly authorized by a state monetary body in its location, in this case, the Bangko Sentral ng has a Thai counterpart as well,, operating in the same manner, but for the Thai market.Wallets for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and the Philippine Peso are available, with the altcoins being a recent addition.

Excited and can't wait! :D

@roelandp, I would like to ask you a question: May I buy a ticket for Plankton at price of 222.22 EURO, although I have over 8K SP? Let me explain you why: I've been unemployed for the last 5 months. I lived in Moscow, Russia and had I good job. I was a cryptocurrency analyst for a brokerage company. The government shut down our business and we've remained without job. In a few days I am leaving Moscow and am going back to my home country, because I couldn't find a job. So, for me as an unemployed person at the moment is very difficult to pay a lot. I even wrote a post how I plan to finance my trip and to make it to Steem Fest 4. I've been saving money for the trip to Steem Fest since the beginning of February.

Also, I would like to outline that last year I went to Steem Fest 3 in Kraków. At that time I had that good job and I paid for the ticket for Minnow. So, although I became Minnow in September or October in 2018 and I had a bit over 500 SP at that time. So, I just want to say that last year I didn't buy the cheapest ticket, because I had a job. In addition last year when I had a job I supported @T-R-F - Travel Relief fund for SteemFest go-ers. I sent last year to this fund about 20 Euro and even got a badge from @steemitboard for a T-R-F supporter...

The last thing I want to say: On Monday I am moving back to my home country Bulgaria. If i find a job in the next 1-2 months, then I will support again the @T-R-F and will try to send 50-100 Euro.

So, once again, since I am unemployed may I buy a ticket for Plankton for 222.22 EURO. If 'yes' I will do it in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you in advance!

Not speaking for Roeland and this is my personal view but feel free to pick up a plankton ticket. You are also welcome to apply to TRF as is anyone else who really needs it. Please don't stress too much about all this okay? Come to the event if you can and enjoy all of it. That's the most important thing. Many of us have had a similarly rough year to be honest. I feel your pain.

hi cryptospa! this system is in place for everyone to judge themselves! everyone can pick whatever ticket level is wanted - no need to ask me :)

see you in bangkok!

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this is gonna be an xcitement for steemfest 4 wish it would be happen to philippines for the next steemfest5 :)

I think it's a good time to make this suggestion concerning #Steemfest 4.
We're sure that 90% of steemians won't come.

I plead that plans be made for #SteemfestProceedings to contain text format of lectures that will be delivered. The proceeding should be such as could be published in pdf format and may be purchased by those who may not join. It could serve as a more formal documentation of the conference which could be cited in Academic papers and ors.

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Hi Uyobong, thats a great idea!

Just like the previous 3 steemfests however, we have planned livestreaming all talks. And just like the previous 3, all those talks will be cut into dedicated videos and posted on our !

thank you for your suggestion.

Tank you for your response @Roleandp.
We know how videos could consume data. It could be quite very costly for some persons in countries like Nigeria and ors to watch the livestreams. But am sure that we can easily download KBs or MBs of pdf documents even if it means paying a few Steem for it. I think it would make more sense and could be a way to raise STeem to support #Steemfest. I am on the readiness to take Steem to academic institutions around me, Proceedings of such Conference will make much sense and it will make STeem blockchain an area of research interest for academics.

I'm sure if such notification is given to the speakers, they could start making up the text format of their presentations which will be presented at the conference.

Besides, I woudn't mind volunteering in the Editorial Team for the #SteemfestProceedings

Thank you.