Sad to miss Steemfest, but glad to live the revolution | Discounted tickets available!

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Wow Steem,

What a ride it has been these last FOUR YEARS!!! I remember when you came into my life on a hot August day, with @quinneaker excitedly declaring a revolution is upon us as he explained a brand new social site that actually pays you to post in some magical concept called "cryptocurrency".

And you were a complicated little number way back then, and seriously if not for him breaking down the "rules" of this game for me, I probably would have gotten bored and walked away.

BUT thank the stars that someone I actually admire and respect spoke so highly of the potential this blockhain holds not only for finance, technology, and social media, but for community itself and the creation of a whole new world!!

That's what we've been living for years at the @gardenofeden, and in that sweltering summer day years ago, it suddenly appeared that the digital realms were finally aligning with higher standards of freedom, transparency, responsibility, and accountability.

And we stayed so pumped on the potential that we didn't sleep for weeks, just steemed steemed steemed through all hours of the night and day.

And then @roelandp did something magical when he hosted Steemfest the First in Amsterdam, uniting real life Steemians from around the globe in a real life weekend of drinking smoking eating togetherness, merriment, interfacing, and debauchery.

Photo by @timsaid. Steemfest the Second in Lisbon, Portugal, November 2017.

You might have wooed me with those mega paydays of summer 2016 @berniesanders, but his SteemMajesty @roelandp had me at Steemfest - I came for the money, but I stayed to build the blockchain.

Now here we are, Steemfest 4 in Thailand just hours away, and you're on my mind, my Steem friends - and the magic of revolution is in my blood.

We can't be there this year - we really wish we could, but we're ushering in a new paradigm on No Force One, the campaign bus for Presidential Candidate @adamkokesh. After a quick dip into the East Coast for his debate in South Carolina, and a blink of a visit to the @gardenofeden, we're now returning to the West for more turns of the dharma wheel.

The vortex has been so intense that I have not kept up with my daily posts here. But that is irrelevant, because I hold this community and this blockchain and this Steemfest time of unity close to my steemy black heart, and I'm thinking of you daily.

Wish we could be in Thailand this year, but we're on the front lines.


Holding it down for values.

Holding it down for hope.

Holding it down for FREEDOM.

Holding it down for everything good and uplifting and exciting and inspiring that brought us to this blockchain in the first place - the unlimited potential of a better world for ALL.

Rolling across America to ignite and inspire - what IF we can actually live the life we all dream is possible???

Wish we could join you at Steemfest this year, Steem friends.

But even more I hope that by this time next year we can all celebrate the success of this, our greatest revolution.

We are living it with every step and block and word and breath and heartbeat.

✨💛✨ Sara!

For those who will be in SE Asia this year, we have discounted tickets available for Steemfest 4 in Thailand - contact me for details .


Such an epic photo, what a great event.

Sad to miss for sure, grateful for all the awesome opportunity unfolding!

Nice ice memories! Can’t make it this year either ! Yours @mammasitta 🥰