Farewell to four years on steem and Hello to our new Journey on Hive!

I am angry, I am sad, I am shocked, I am appalled, I am disgusted, I am frustrated, I am in disbelief, but I am no longer conflicted!

You did it @justinsunsteemit, in just a few short weeks - weeks of sleepless nights, weeks of endless and pointless "non-negotiation" negotiations, you have managed to achieve what @ned couldn't, with all his incompetence and years of practise screwing over the community he couldn't manage it... But you did it! You managed to unite people who had been actively at war with one another for years, You somehow managed to unite an already extremely close community even closer, You made us rally around our elected leaders, You made us take to twitter on mass to call out your blatant lies and ignorance, You did what non of our leaders had before - You officially fucked steem!

@justinsunsteemit I have a question for you... Do you like Steem or you just want to FUCK it? Cause you have!

I have been a dedicated steemian since July 2016, I have shared my life with all of you - whether it be my love and passion for music, writing my own fantasy novel saga live on the chain, my views as a mother with two non verbal Autistic kids, I memorialised my grandmothers life on this chain after she passed, I have shared the highs and the lows with you all and I am honoured to consider so many of you to be friends.... even family, cause that's what this place has been for me, a home, a place I belonged and felt needed and welcomed.

It breaks my heart to see something we have built together for so many years, be destroyed so callously by @justinsunsteemit - he hasn't realised what he's really lost here...

For example in my time on the steem blockchain, I was a judge for the Open Mic contest - at our heights we had over 800+ entrants in a single week, this continued for months on end. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and whilst Open Mic had ended, we started up Sonic Groove Live and had just reached out 29th week when everything went to complete and utter shit.

But my point is even with Open Mic and SGL, it was always the people that made steem an incredible place to be - I have become close friends with people on the other side of the world, people who have deeply impacted my life in truly amazing ways.

@meno will remain one of my closest friends online and off, even with never actually meeting him - we have been through so much shit together, we ran a radio show on msp- waves together, he helped me no end when my little boy was in hospital for 6 weeks, he messaged me and kept me sane through some of the most difficult times in my life - including the loss of both my grandparents, he has encouraged and supported me through it all and it's all thanks to steem <3

@isaria another amazing friend over the years, she shares my obsession with cats and our love of music - we co hosted a show on the radio on msp-waves for years, not to mention the countless live concerts we co hosted, we started SGL to replace Open Mic, she has been a rock, a person I can go to and vent about anything, or have a laugh with, she encouraged me to sing again and has just been a constant friend through all the drama over the years <3

@pechichemena what can I say but you are a source of constant unwavering entertainment, whether it be by your fantastic musical skills or your cheeky sense of humour - you have been a kick ass partner in crime, always down for some mischief and a laugh... I will always picture you as the aged version of yourself smoking the cigar!

@joseacabrerav man what can I say, you have been a source of constant light in a dark world - you were always down for a chat, I remember when you used to struggle with English in our conversations and to see how easily it comes to you now is just awesome (especially when you realise I have really made no progression whatsoever with Spanish lol). I love our trippy conversations and our shared love of crazy wildlife, but I will always remember that young guy entering Open Mic with an original song that just blew me and all the other judges completely away, you have such phenomenal skills for someone your age, your talent is honestly breathtaking and without steem we never would have met, so I'm grateful for that <3

Ahhhh there are so many of you and I could write for days it's insane, I want to get this post out before the fork so I can start fresh on Hive - so I guess a blanket much love to all the entrants of Open Mic and SGL, you have all been amazing people that have impacted my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity you have given me <3

I want to let you all know that while we are still uncertain of the progression of Tribes onto Hive, no matter what I will find a way to support the music community on the new chain as well - for the moment I am not sure what this will look like, be it SGL continuing or for us to all start over again with a completely new contest... either way know that the brilliant musicians of Steem will be welcomed and supported on Hive <3

@Justinsunsteemit in just a few weeks you managed to...

  • Buy a company and confuse that with owning a blockchain and a community.
  • Not understand that the SP held by Steemit inc was not your private loot bag, but dedicated funds to develop the steem blockchain.
  • You called our community elected witnesses "Criminal Hackers" - whilst Roy admitted you said it cause you were emotional.
  • You then directly attacked the Steem blockchain by convincing exchanges to steal user funds and vote in your sock puppet government.
  • All the while saying you were willing to work with the community.
  • You constantly change your view and words depending on who you were talking to.
  • You then started voting in real puppets, with the exact stake we ignored transactions on in hopes to stop you doing this very thing.

But still the community held out hope things could be salvaged.... That was until you censored several posts talking about the hardfork to Hive.

This is why people came to Steem to avoid censorship, it goes against our core fundamental beliefs - downvotes don't even remove content, it's always just one more click away.

In case you weren't aware that was it, that was the nail on the head for anyone holding out any hope of ever salvaging Steem - you with one more of your stupid impulsive dishonourable actions fucked steem completely, you convinced the rest of the community to join the others already planning to go to Hive.

In case my views weren't clear enough, I believe steem is now on it's death bed - shhhh it won't be long now....

Farewell my friends on steem, now I am excited and eager to see you all on the other side aka Hive!

Long live the community, Long live HIVE!


You were part of the reason I stuck around Steemit to begin with. Well...Open Mic hooked me. Thank you for all you gave to that contest, and for inviting me to participate in SGL. I feel like I've let you all down with that, but I'm no less honored to have been part of it. 🙏

Curious to see how everything evolves here on Hive. Might just reignite my commitment to sharing high quality content – it's been so very long since I've felt inspired. Here's a start...a pretty little spring somethin' for ya. 💜


Hey lovely you are a perfect example of the extreme talent I was blessed to have found on Steem, you also became a trusted and amazing friend - I will be kicking myself for ages for all the people I couldn't mention specifically in this post, but I can now :P

It was a no brainer to bring you in for SGL, you helped us make something amazing and you never let us down pfft :P - even if it had only been running for 6 months, they were 6 awesome months of kick ass music and musicians we helped to support.

Without you none of it would have been possible, you have so much talent as a musician but also as a graphic artist and photographer - btw love the pretty above <3

It will be fun to figure out where we go from here, but always happy to have you involved in any way possible - I feel inspired as well not only with music but my novel and writing in general, I miss that buzz of wanting to get info out and it feels fantastic to have that energy again! Much love <3

Welcome to the other side! The free from censorship side.

It's great to be here, I am excited to see what we can create as a truly decentralised community - especially free from censorship, I'm ready for the ride!

We made it to a new chain, and our data is still backed up on the old chain. Win - Win in my book. :)

Absolutely, especially if Justin somehow pumps steem and Hive takes off as it should - we also just doubled our stash, nothing to lose but a moronic overlord :D

@krystle Our data is not backed up. It was a hard fork - so it's on the Hive blockchain too. It's a copy 🙂🙃

Nice to meet you in HIVE

Hi there nice to meet you too :D

somehow this feels like a bright new dawn my friend...


I absolutely agree, I feel energised and excited for the first time in ages - this could be the boost I need to get back into my stories and as always figure something out for our amazing music community <3 hoping to see you round more too :P

Can't help but be slightly grateful dude lit the match on Steem, as just about every single creator I cared about on the old platform is making the move. A truly community driven platform is just the sort of positive energy outlet creatives (like myself) need now that our income has basically been erased for the foreseeable future!

Yea well hopefully because of that fire he started, we will be better off here - think about it this way, he has over 90 million steem we still have all our steem... so we need to wait until he pumps to bail and sell into that, cause he will want to make some of his money back we just have to be patient.

As for the creative outlet, that is an absolute must - the music community from Steem was amazing and I hope to bring over as many as I can to ensure it continues here on Hive.

Also we not only have all our original steem, we now have the added bonus of Hive - with the hype and media attention we've been getting the price could grow very fast <3

Nice to see so many of the "original Steemians" being part of Hive!

I imagine Steem will continue on with its own set of rules for a while, but it will only be a ghost of what once was. Most likely, JS will put a lot of effort into indiscriminately adding users, in hope of pumping up the place with enough fluff that he can exit with something of a profit... It's my hope to exit my meager pile of Steem when that happens.

Meanwhile, I hope something awesome happens here!

Bright Blessings!

Absolutely agree with you there, firstly pretty much all the original Steemians would want nothing to do with a chain constricted by censorship - so glad he made that move to unite us all further to keep us mostly intact.

I also agree he will have to pump it to try and recoup his losses, so I too am planning to dump into those waves up :D should be fun!

I think people will figure this all out soon, it's a change and things are a little confusing but it will all come clear soon enough. :D

Hive on :)

Hey there now I can easily find you, thanks for that :P

This post got me so emotional and totally moved me. I am so with you and with the community 😊 btw. My brother is an autist. I think im rewired differently myself. Just followed you and i'm excited to read more.

Naaaww shucks... I have to admit I got a bit emotional writing it, I feel like my house was burned down by an evil dictator - but now the community has built us a new one :D

I know what you mean I think I may be on the spectrum as well, obviously higher functioning than my little munchkins - but still different to most of my peers.

Thanks so much for the follow and I hope to catch you round again and I will try and check you out as well :D

This was all just perfect. We will all be better off because of his stupidity and he will be better off when he realizes how much of a spoiled rich kid he’s been after this damages his “reputation” and therefore the price of his coin.

We all win.

I know this post is from last month, I wanted to stop by to find out about the old school and I came across this, your words moved me so much, to the point of having tears in my eyes, we always say that remembering is living and you you did it here with your words, but today I tell you calm, everything has its time and I know that you will be a leader in HIVE you are an excellent person, hard-working and creative, I have no doubt that you will bring wonderful things to this new window! so cheer up! Thank you for giving us so much love and so much support at Steemit! now recharge yourself with positive things for HIVE !. I APPRECIATE YOU!.