Thank You a Thousand Times

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Followers are paramount to any label on social media. Without your followers, you would have no one to share your content and engage with, causing your social media presence redundant.


When I started this blog in July of 2017, I intended this web page to be a place where I could express myself; share my notions, stories, and verdicts. I commenced because of my passion of creativity, writing, and photography. I am a massive travel and lifestyle enthusiast, so I thought it would be fun to scrawl things down the things that I love and get exhilarated about.

I’m just a young lady with a lot in mind. What I choose to write about is stimulated by what rouses me, intrigues me, and delights me. I was never confident in my writing, and to be honest, not even now. Steemit has changed my life. It has given me friends worldwide. These friends gave me enough hope to keep the flame burning — that is, to keep my love for writing alive. They have inspired me to linger and persevere in my craft. Their continued support have helped me keep this blog running.

It’s amazing how much this website has progressed over the past few months. What an honor it is to be followed by 1000+ Steemians! I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and I’m eagerly anticipating a future full of possibility and elation. Being able to attain this goal is so fulfilling! You may not think much of pressing that little follow button, but, I cannot tell you how much it means to me! I could go on and on because your nobility and contributions are limitless!

Steemit is by far my favorite social networking website, and although I don’t post nearly half as many images as I’d like to right now, the amount of support you give me is incredible! You are heartening a small-time blogger, a struggling yet striving writer like me. You gave me enough determination to persist my dream of blogging. You make blogging a whole lot more enjoyable which is what it’s supposed to be. I’m overjoyed that we’re all relishing the community of reading and writing.

I have been trying to conjure up the right words to express my appreciation to you all, but the words are difficult to find and aren’t enough. I wish I could send each and every one of you a personal note to show my gratitude, but that will take me a long time to do. So, please accept this post as my way to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, for your time in following me. I am truly grateful for all of you who have brought in so much warmth into my small blogging world.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to these people for inspiring me; for making me think, believe, trust and learn. :

To my family,

Thank you for allowing me to flourish into who I wanted to become. You never mandated me to be anyone I wasn’t, instead, encouraging me to become the person I really wanted to be. Thank you for always believing in my capabilities when I didn't. Thank you for helping me through all the tough times and for cheering me on during my achievements. You are my all and I don't know where I'd be without you.

To my supporters,

Thank you for doing something as simple as telling me I did a good job while working the things I'm passionate about. I owe you a lot for helping me stop doubting my abilities. That’s why, I want to take this moment to praise you for all your efforts. Why? Because you deserve it! I love to read your blogs. I love to connect and share thoughts with you. I value all your upvotes, comments and resteems very much! This blog has been viable only because of all the influence and motivations that you provide through your feedback and interactions. It brightens my day, you have no idea!

Here are a few awesome Steemians you can check out in your spare time :

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to send me uplifting messages! Thank you for your confidence in me, you have really helped to make things run smoothly.

Thank you for all your fantastic travel tips and advices! I’ll definitely be using them in the future!

Tom delivers art and literature with ease. I fell in love with his blog because of his brilliance! His generosity is authentic, too! Plus, he exemplifies best practices in quality posts and blogging protocol. He doesn’t bounce from site to site giving out “upvotes” just to collect followers. He cares about the blogging community and set standards. People come and go, but he never left me. It is great to always have a constant. Thank you, Tom, for being that constant in my blogging life. Thank you for recognizing my works when I felt like I did not deserve it.

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done! I love the comments I usually receive from you and when you resteem a post I’ve written. I’m glad that you’ve come along with me on my journey!

Thank you for being one of the most committed, compassionate, and intelligent followers a blogger could ask for! Thank you for being a mentor to me and guiding me down my own path to success. You have assisted me through some amazing significant changes in my career. I appreciate the role you played in helping me get here. I promise to work hard to maintain the trust you have given me.

Thank you for traveling with me for the past months! You have been there to take my photos, watch movies and eat with me until all hours. I thank you for your part in my journey!

This remarkable author is one of the few whom I look up to. I read his positive comments on many sites, even those of beginning bloggers. He is genuine and thoughtful! I have witnessed everything, from his followers consoling him during his sorrows to congratulating him on his triumphs. Thank you for setting an example of how to lead and inspire, Terry!

The sweet lady named Sweetsssj is a storyteller par excellence! She captures the heart of many with her beauty and character. She produces astounding articles consistently. Thank you for being a humble and inspiring influencer, Sweetsssj! You have helped me bloom in this community. You are a treasure; and I want to acknowledge what a great person you are and all the marvelous things you do to make this community a brighter place to write in.

Thank you for all of the advices and wise words you’ve provided me over the past months. At first, I was a bit intimidated by other amazing blogs I’ve seen around, yet you encouraged me to post whatever I want to. By then, I slowly began to grow as I post increasingly.

To these people and more, thank you for making me realize that life is worth writing and dreams do come true! To all of those who followed and read some of my posts, I hope I’ve been able to help open your eyes a little, encouraged you to make your own bucket list and do the things you’ve been scared of or have been putting off for a while. I will keep on writing and I look forward to welcoming new followers and continuing our blogging journey together!

How many people have helped build your foundation? Who would you like to thank? Share it with me in the comment section!


Honey you are very very very very beautiful 😚😘 btw i agree that all those listed seniors are very very inspirational motivational and helpful seniors especially surpassinggoogle terry 😍😘😠

and many many congratzz 😊

A big thank you! 🙏🏻

Well-done @belvaj, been followed by +1000 followers on a blog shows the blogger is doing a great job and definitely affecting lifes. I love to congratulate you on a work well done and also appreciate those one that have helped to achieve this landmark particularly @surpassinggoogle, well-done and keep up the good work.

Agreed 😊

I totally concur with you on this....

Hi Millerkay! That’s so kind of you. Thank you! ☺️

A really good story. I love your picture as well. Steem on dear and I would like to thank @surpassinggoogle for his extending the hand of love to even people he doesnt know at all. He is my hero and I think that is how we should think as human being. Living to help one another rise

He is just a very simple and generous person.
God bless him

Thanks a lot! Yes, I completely agree with you. 😊

I am certain that I'm going through the very phase you are portraying here. The phase of not being confident about your content.

When I joined last month after dilly-dallying for a long time, I was excited about the idea of scribbling your thoughts on issues and sharing it with the world 🌍. However, the moment I got to read works from finer and better writers, I lost my excitement. Ideas flew from my head.

How do I overcome this stage please? @belvaj

Hi fada.emma! Well, self-confidence is a quality you can actually develop. Trust yourself and act! Make the effort to enhance your skills through continuous learning — read good books or blogs everyday. You should never stop learning, improving and sharpening your abilities and knowledge. Plus, surround yourself with positive people. Those people who will lift you up with their words and actions. Give these things to you and you’ll reach your goals in no time. 🙂

O dearest @belvaj!

Would I take your advice? You bet I will!

For a start, I've downloaded a couple of stuff on 'setting out confidently' plus some short videos on boosting confidence.

Thanks you so much for taking out time to reach out. I really appreciate it.

Keep soaring and spreading love.

My pleasure! 💙 If you need someone to talk to, I’m always here. 🙂

You're so kind.
Thanks again.

God bless you abundantly @belvaj

love u both beautiful people

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another achievement for you haha 😊 congratz

Thank you, Hassanabid! ☺️

Very good picture and your story

Thank you so much! 🙂

I would like to thank @themanualbot! For the never ending support. He is one of the reason i became a steemian! :) and of course @surpassinggoogle! Thank you so much.
Upvoted and followed

That’s good to know! I’m glad you’re here. 😊

wow! congrats!

Thanks a lot! 🤗

Congratulations, I'm just getting to 200 but with a lot of effort I know I'll reach 1000 as well.

Thank you! Of course, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it! 😉

It was always fun to watch your blogs @belvaj :) Always fun. I'm honored to be part of your journey in Steemit.

Steem on and good luck to your future endeavors :)

Aww, Jassenn! I will be forever grateful for having you. 🙏🏻

Aww. That's sounds so cute. See you soon!

May God bless you both and forever keep loving 😍

This is inspiring for a newbie like me. :)

Thank you! I am humbled. 😌

hahah wow belvaj you achieved many goals in this post 😍

WOw! Thank you for staying with us. Congratulations.

In the same way, I want to thank you for being here! Lots of love! 💕

Congratulations may be more successful

Thank you very much! I wish the same for you. 😊

God bless!

Thank you! May God bless you more. 🙏🏻

You own it, your dig your passion and the person you want, just try and try until your goals become reality, just defend your race voice out your inner ideas

I will surely do that! 🙂

Congratulations, hopefully the future will be more successful

Thanks a lot! Believe it, and it will be so. 🙂

Pa fansign lodi! Hahaha!

Haha! You’re so funny! 🤪

Mao na englishan ta hahaha!

Congrats to you @belvaj, I really salute you. Because you can get 1000 followers. I am excited, because this can be a very good motivation for me and I can follow your way to be as successful as you and can create useful works for the people so that I can get followers like you and can succeed like you to work in Steemit. Thank you for sharing and hopefully you will be more successful to work ... :)

Thank you, Reynakarina! You can definitely get more than 1,000 followers! Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe and work hard. Make it happen! 💪🏻

Congratulations dear.

Thanks a lot! ☺️

You are welcome champ.

It is that feeling you get from engaging with others, the vision, the dream to fulfill. The inspiration to continue doing what you love.

Thank you for being here. Together we are able to achieve anything we want. Words are spells.
Have a great day!

I should be the one thanking you! So, thank you for being here with me. 😉


Thank you! 🙂

Goodjob belvaj and congratulations for reaching a 1000+ followers, just followed you because I want to learn how to write blogs because I never wrote any aritcle in my life (except for school) until I became a member here. I thought, I don't get too much engagement maybe because I don't know how to write yet. And your article passed by my feed. So maybe its a sign to study on how to write articles first, hehe..

That’s so sweet of you! Thank you. ☺️

Congratulations @belvaj you did a great job! Steem on.

Thank you, Shara! 🙂

Well spoken.... Reasonable post engagement matters a lot to get followers.

Well done dear.... Your hardwork paid off. Keep it up

Thank you very much! 😊

I am now your follower number 1102.
Congrats for your achievements here.
So far I enjoyed reading this post.
Experience is the best teacher, so keep writing.

Wow! A massive thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. ☺️

Nice to hear your wonderful experience and journey here in steemits! I hope for more success to your journey! And hoping to experience the same feelings what you had as i reached to have 1000 followers as well like you! Your an inspiration to me!

Awww, thank you so much! I wish you all the best in your Steemit journey! Keep in touch! 🙂

Huge congratulations on your achievement and Thank you so much for a special mention in your post! So nice of you. See you at 2000:).... Tomas

You deserved it, you have inspired me in so many ways! For that reason, I will always be grateful to you. 🙂

Hey girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and good work and you are lovely and smart and thoughtful and life is full of possibilities but it takes patience and endurance. Good work. Keep going. We love you.

I’m really touched by your comment, Joey! Thank you! I love you guys so much! ❤️

I'm your fan. Have a lovely day, girl.

Nice. Keep it up!

Thank you, Steemcebuanos! ☺️