Physical Steem coin, ready to be shipped!

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 I am pleased to announce that Steemit now has the physical coin too! It is a project that I started last year with @masterinvestor and it is one of the projects I am most proud of.   

The challenge   

It all started last year when @masterinvestor saw a logo I made for Steemit and wondered if I would like to accept a challenge, to create a unique design for the first Steemit coin.   

As I usually do, I was scared at first because it was the first time I would make a coin but then I was delighted because I have never been one to run from a challenge. Not long ago, I realized that challenges are those that make me feel fulfilled. I have learned that if you manage to jump over the obstacle of fear, beyond it awaits accomplishment and skill.    

I am a slow walker but I never walk back.  Abraham Lincoln    

@masterinvestor is the one who trusted the platform and has begun a beautiful and long-lasting project.   

Are you wondering why "long-lasting"? 

Well, making a coin is much more complicated than you might think. In terms of graphics, I first made an example, from which @masterinvestor came up with more ideas and so the final result came out. The first attempt and the first idea are not always the best, but @masterinvestor had a vision and knew exactly what to change. I've never had a client with a vision as good as his.   

However, the most important aspect is the materialization of the graphics. There have been many attempts until masterinvestor has found the best fitter. And I guarantee that the difference in quality from one producer to another is overwhelming.  

Last but not least, the delivery process needs to be developed. There are several aspects to consider, such as the fare or delivery deadline.   

Finally, I told you about all this so you can understand why I'm so excited to finally announce the launch of this great project! It was not a superficial job, but a well done and thought project by @masterinvestor.   

Final product   

Last but not least, let me explain the coin symbols and the graphic concept behind it.   

On the front is the steemit compass, where the numbers have been replaced with the letters "C R E A T I V I T Y", while the arrows are represented by the emblem logo. Why compass? Because it is generally associated with a sense of security about our direction. We know and trust its guidance. It is an old symbol of safety and security. It is also a symbol for adventure seekers.   

On the back, there are several keywords for Steemit, integrated into a honeycomb. So, we have the words: earn, invest, vote, mine, post, blog and, of course, in their center, steem. In a beehive, each bee has its role, just as each steemit user assigns a role: to write, to vote and comment, to trade or to contribute. The honeycomb is Steemit, the place where the best people meet, are gathered the most ideas and are shared the deepest thoughts.   

Enough of this. I bet you are more interested in what the currency looks like, from where you can take it, and how long it takes to arrive.  Here you can find all the information you might need: Amazon link.

<Also, you can ask @masterinvestor in steemit chat if you need more information.

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Hey there Diana, this is a great project, it's funny sometimes just how big steemit is! We actually minted a steem round/coin (well not really coin, but that no big deal) last year in September. I'm surprised we never cross paths or were not aware of each others project, but just for clarity and accuracy this is not the first, but no biggie.

Ours was a 1oz fine silver round. It was a community inspired design, it was also very popular and I'm sure yours will also be. We are actually right now hosting a contest to have design submissions for this years round if you want to check it out here.

Anyways good luck with your project.

Hi, @phelimint! Yeah, I've just found out that you already made a physical coin which was popular. Great job and thanks for showing interest in this project too! I'll follow you. :)

Cool coins both of you! Do you know if anyone is trying to create a coin that stores Steemit (in the same way that the the Satori coin stores Bitcoin)? Is that something you would consider?

Very fany, great job :) Quite funny project, keep on.

I am simple man shirt ask money therefore upvote.

Good work by the steemit team. You guys are really changing how things work. Steemit all the way.

From what I remember of physical bitcoins they had a peel-off sticker on them hiding some wallet information. I think the wallets each had 1BTC in them (Not worth much at the time of the coin's creation, but a fortune now)

Any plans on doing something similar for Steem?

Weldone @phelimin with your project too. Thanks for such a friendly comment on Diana's project post.

Wow! both Projects are Just amazing :o

looks nice! gr8

Thanks Diana for assisting me in taking an idea and turning it into physical object. Your creativity as a designer is a real talent...and I highly recommend you to everyone.

The project took a long time to bring to fruition. The first manufacturer delivered a pretty good interpretation of the design but the coin was too large and lacked the detail that I have come to expect from a coin. So that initial order of 100 coins never made it to market.

It took a longer time to source another manufacturer who could fulfill my requirements.

Once the coins were delivered the next thing to tackle was to source a method of selling and delivering the coins.

Logistics allowed me to set things up on with fulfillment by Amazon. I could not find a reliable alternate for delivery as I spend my winter outside of Canada where mail service is very slow. Anyone interested in being a distributor in other parts of the world then please contact me.

This was a fun project to manifest and the possibilities are endless when it comes to design and what the coins are made of.

Again, my utmost appreciation to Diana for making this dream real.

No need to thank me, as it was one of the most entertaining projects I took part in. Thank you for finding me on steemit and for giving me the opportunity to design a steemit coin!

guaao!! hermosa la moneda, un diseño muy elegante, te felicito por tu gran creatividad!!!

Hey there @masterinvestor this is an interesting project, I was just curious about the mintage, are you committing to a max mintage of 100 total? Or will you be striking more. Also I see your having trouble with some logistics and distribution, please feel free to reach out to me on discord or if you want to talk further.

It looks simply amazing. You did an amazing work.

Oh yes ,That's awesome. great job

Thank you, @brotherdave!

Put me on the list !

I like your post if you have time to visit my bog because I am newcomer in steemit

೦୦ Awesome project and ೦⓵〇೦୦ I like the mininmalisti!c artwork! ୦
But why isn't Amazon shipping to Germany??


Put me on the list !

Wow nice going to take a look now!

Is there a value with this coin?
As a gift it looks good.
How can I get some ?
Keep on steemin'

453 Upvotes and only $23.81.
OMG let's change this, here my $0.82.

100% upvote!

I know that, you give so many efforts and receive so less back :(
Hope that steemit will grow of value and change the world.
Wish you all the best. And if you like my comment please upvote and check my posts :D Hope you will love it.

Kind Regards @steemit.vlog

Thank you so much for the support! Seems like it somehow doubled. :D I will check your posts. :)

Your welcome :)

any coins in puur silver?

What about EOS and BTS ? Would you design them too ?

This looks good. Great job on the design.

I can't say it's a first though. 4 months ago, Steem coins were minted and were sold. They were made of silver and a little over a thousand was sold. References: One, Two, Three.

Is this different though? Like, does it contain real Steem in it in way? (BTC has those coins that have real BTC in them)

Hey thanks for referencing our project here @deveerei, we appreciate it. This one is definitely pretty cool too, albeit a bit different, so you would need to use a different minting process.

I'd like to weigh in on your discussion regarding adding a crypto value to a coin, it can certainly be done, depening on the keys associated with each currency, for example if the coin had a QR code to private keys for a steem account/wallet it would be simple enough, but then each one would have the be different.

There are additional potential legal problems with this as many countries have strict laws about creating of "physical currency" and with the new legal scrutiny around cryptocurrencies in general it's was to proceed with caution.

I'm not familiar with how coins are minted, didn't know there were different process depending on the materials and design. I haven't joined our field trip to the bank minting coins when I was in grade school haha.

I just find it cool that some currencies like bitcoin can be added physically into a real coin. Didn't know about the legal process and stuff like that. It's just cool, especially for gifts or souvenirs.

I wanted to buy your coin but I didn't have means. (Never really bought anything outside the country).

Hmm no, it does not have real steem in it. Anyway I appreciate your compliment about the design. And... I think it's still first... my first design of a coin. :D

I see. It will be great if we can somehow put real Steem in it too. :D I think there's a way to do that, just haven't done enough research for it.

I would love to buy one but I haven't tried buying things overseas yet.

Usually the add a code to it with a sensor, I guess.

Oops.. my bad. I admit my mistake and I'll change the title. Thank you for pointing that out.

It's alright. Just wanted to point it out cause some people may look at it in a bad way.



GL @diana.catherine

Dunno bro, read my whole message there's another sentence there. :) Not everyone use the same words as well, so yeah, it looks good!

It's a coin only. The coins were minted about a year ago but logistics made it take longer to bring to market.

It looks amazing, I want to buy!

Wow i loved the design of this coin and the thought behind it. I would definitely like to buy this coin if you produce it in pure silver!

Thank you! 😀

Cool stuff. It looks beautiful if you ask me!

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Very detailed and well made coin.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it.

Very cool!
Only thing that would make this even better for me is if they where made from silver (tax free silver investment with a great looking steem design)

Dont get me wrong im sure it took huge amounts of work and dedication to make this happen! :)

Why not... it's a good idea. Maybe that will happen.

It looks so classy. I wonder when will I have one. I also love its design.

I really like the physical currency that you created and I also want to congratulate you on how creative you were to make it. I really like a lot, is super fantastic. I would like to have one coin for me. We are a very fortunate community because we have the presence of enterprising people like you.

Thank you very much! I'm really glad that you like the work we've done.

hi , how are you

imagine if these physical coin will have value as well!!

Design of coin is fantastic, really liked it.

Wow! I would love to own one of this!

nice coin ......

AWESOME. Great gift idea.

Awesome work Diana , #TmSmile😀 on Twitter smiled on your post ~
Tweeted and UpVoted you 😀👍

Thank you so much! 👍👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Will there be actual steem held on there like some of the Bitcoin ones?

Well, I am really impressed with your work and congrats to you for your work. I loved the geometry used in coin especially the circles with some angle that make people watch out the coin. Coming to 3s that looks amazing concept and remind me of parallel lines which can be seen but cannot touch similar to that these coins are virtual but can be seen. And there are 33 small rectangles and 3 is my favourate number.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it and it's nice that you've seen so many details in the design.

What a lovely thing that coin is. Well done young lady.

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)

That's awesome, never saw this coming. Unbelievable details. Great work

WOW, Very good article

Great job!! How long does it take to make the coin? You should YouTube it!

youtube is disgraceful and greedy. so no she should it

Exactly! Dtube it! I bet the writer will embrace dtube from today

Thank you! The coin is now ready. I designed it about an year ago and I don't know how long it took. I don't remember. :D

:OOO i really like the desing of the coin, this is a great job! congratulations🤓👍

That is a beautiful design and congratulations on getting the challenge and completing it. I've just joined steemit today so very new to this but great to see it's already doing so well. Look forward to see more of your designs and posts.

Thank you and welcome to Steemit. You made me think that I should ask my clients if they have a problem with sharing my designs on Steemit. I'll find that one out. Thanks for the hint.

Wow..Great work!

Ithank you for this effort, I started follow you for more useful articles.

Wow, very very beautiful coin

This is AMAZING!

...keep up the GREAT work!!

cool looking coin. would be great to add to my coin collection. ;)

Wow that is really cool. You should be proud of this.
I will buy these and use them to pay for my next car!

Very nice design, I like it actually has meaning, brilliant work you've done

Maybe should add a private key of a wallet, in which there would be some coins inside :D? Cool coin!

I'm impresed coin looks great you defenitly put some effort to make it .

Congratulations! great creative and intellectual project

Beauty 😍 with 🧠 ‼️ Nice coin 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

cant wait to see this in Nigeria

That is a beautiful design and congratulations on getting the challenge and completing it.

Thank you! :)

That seems like a interesting idea, im glad that we can already see not only BTC physical coins, but also steem ones :D
Well, I might even say that making physical SBD or Steem will be more useful, because you can just use it for visualization. After all, Steemit will become really strong and helpful if it will be extraordinary popular!

I really wish to see our community get larger than other social media, but the Facebook supremacy is just enormous :( No rewards in there haha!

Very nice, I would like to have one.

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