ESTEEM8 - Light, design, and private web APP [Alpha release]

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Introducing alpha release

Today, we're excited to announce the official alpha release of the Esteem8 web application meant to be light, design and private.

The points below are like our Bible:

  • Accessibility: Application is accessible from any device with a recent web browser and is designed to be mobile first.
  • Usability: Application is meant to provide the best user experience and a native quality like application.
  • Privacy: Application don't take any of your data, it is given to your browser and from that you can choose the node you want to connect.

Mobile screenshots

More informations

Esteem8 is a community driven, decentralized and autonomous organization that want to provide the best open-source application available to browse the Steem network.

Esteem8 team and users greatly appreciate any contributions and thoughts on the way to improve our work.

Development contributions can be rewarded, see our GitHub repository to know more.

Thanks for reading :)

Edit: A chat was just set on discord app, it's free and there is no need to login. Let's chat


Community chat
Community questions

P.S. This post is 100% power up in order to raise funds to help us improving the current application features and its general quality.


Cool, #eSteem siblings :) Keep up the great work, guys...

Quick look of it, shows that you guys put some effort organizing github, any particular reason on choice of Polymer?! I have heard good and bad things about Polymer but have never fully engaged with it to create project. Glad to see it in action and will follow closely where you will take it ;)

Polymer is quit simple to use and extend, in particular by its compatibility with web components. The set of component available with it is just amazing.
Glad to see you having taken a look at the Github page :)

it's a fork of eSteem ?

Nope, just a name fork ;)

eSteem8= estimate ?
estimate how much attention you will get!

Yes, we'll see

Hey. This project is coming out without anyone previously on Steemit claiming they've made it. I'm naturally skeptical of this because your app will be taking people's master passwords, which people should not entrust to a pseudonymous person with no history or reputation. Who is making this?

A valid concern. Never EVER give out your master password.

The sixth rule: Do not tell anyone your password.

There should be no need for it.

That is a damn valid concern. Looking forward to see their answer.

History or reputation on steem is just a tool to evaluate the trust but absolutely not a proof of the app privacy or security. To be sure of that point, the best is to check the code base, the application is automatically pushed from the code base so nothing between the code showed and the code served is modified. You can trust me, the app will not share any data with a third-party without notifying users. This saying is also not an absolute proof, the best is check the code personally or have some review from different community members.
I hope that was the clearest possible, we're here to answers more questions :)

That wasn't too clear. I asked who you are. There's a good chance that you're someone who has used Steem before.

It's not a concern about trusting you not to share data with third parties, it's about being able to trust someone who is only using the name esteem8 here and on github with one's master password which can steal away an account's funds and lock the person out if the password is changed. That's not a risk that should be taken with someone who is only using a brand new account both here and on github. The crypto world has seen too many scams with fresh names.

If you implement Busy's Steemconnect or the upcoming Steemit Inc version of the same thing, there will be slightly less of a concern but there is still the possibility of exploiting your users.

The fact that you're so far only operating behind the @esteem8 pseudonym is a red flag for me and this response, either dodging or completely misunderstanding my question is red flag #2.

You've linked to your slack but not provided any invites either.

Happy to clarify some security and privacy points.
Sorry for misunderstanding your question, i'm not a native English speaker, i will try to respond as clear and easy as i can:

Real but not liked answer :

  1. I want to say that you can trust me but whoever i am and have done, this won't make me sure. In fact you can't trust anyone at 100%.
  2. Steem and Github account are linked, you can verify it GitHub, there is a link made (from GitHub) to the esteem8 Steem account.
  3. Code given is code shown on GitHub, you can verify it on GitHub too. (GitHub is the server)
  4. The only way to trust code at 100% is to read it, anyone can read it on GitHub and give his/her thoughts here.
  5. To be sure that code author are really these who are on GitHub, there no absolute proof that i can give, however i can tell you that the main contributor who's write 98% of GitHub content is the @primerz (on Steem and GitHub) and is in reality Matias Affolter. You can personally contact me on Facebook or by email, i will confirm it. You can also check the domain name administrator ( on a whois service.

I know that these type of answers are not liked because it prove that noting is sure, (i think that you want that i respond "You can trust me at 100% because of...") but it is not the reality of things and i wanted to respond as right and close to reality possible.
Within the case that code where stolen from someone, the only way for he/her to say that his code was stolen is to say it here.

Not real but liked answer:
You can trust the code and me because of ... Don't worries everything is fine (said in a sense that we think it's right).

P.S. Security is to know that NOTHING is 100% secure even Steemconnect, everything come from a purely personal trust on someone or group of people who are purely based on information that can be made in a sense to corrupt thoughts.

So you are @primerz, thank you. Is this project related to @steemapp/Steemy?

Yes it's my personal account.
Not at all, the code was built from scratch.

Another thing, you still need some way for people to be invited into your slack if you wish for people to participate. Slackin is commonly used for this.

Slackin is often hosted on Heroku

Our slack channel was replaced by the a Steem post.
You can find the chat here.

The slack channel replaced by a Steem post.
Here is the chat: ESTEEM8 - Community chat

I noticed you've moved since this message, but I'm still happy that you thought of chatting on the blockchain.

Hopefully @jesta will create a great forum for these types things. are also working on integrating direct messages on their platform, so maybe we'll see chat rooms there too in the future. =)

Flagged because there's no indication who's behind this.

As underline in the very first comment, it is good to see an eSteem sibling uprising. Looking forward to see what kind of efficiency this app will have while using my upcoming iPad Pro. Thanks a bunch for sharing the results of your progress and the philosophy behind it. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Tanks, we're actually working on efficiency improvement .
Some news will come soon ;)

Thanks for bug reporting ;)
We're working on, it will be fixed as soon as we can.

This looks nice. Really slick. Well done!

Thanks !
P.S. Thanks for your donation too :)

Great work! ES8 look's very cool :), happy to see the ecosystem growing.

Thanks, in particular for the API you made :)

My first impression is that you made something awesome!
Very impressed! Looking forward to find out more details and use it extensively to have better feedback and feeling... Nice!!!

Thanks, we are currently searching for some feedback.
Constructive feedback will help us a lot improving the current state of the application.

This is beautiful. Great work guys! Looking forward to more awesome developments from you guys.

Btw, mind having a chat about what esteem8? i.e for SteemMag

Thank you,
Edit: The slack channel replaced by a discord chat.

You need some kind of inviter app if you don't want to do it manually.

Don't have an account on this team yet?
Contact the team administrator for an invitation

Terrific work. Looks great!

Thanks, if you have any suggestions we'll glad to hear them !

All I can say his
Well done
Very impressed
Very good
Good mindset
This is beautiful
Looking forward to find out more details about the app
Great work brother.
Think big, dream well
That's life with understanding

Playing with theme colours made me some amazing combinations!

Though there have been legitimate questions raised, I think the interface looks really bright and charming.

ES8 License

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Great to see more interfaces coming out!

Considering the name, I just need to make sure I don't mistake this one for @good-karmas which is also a great app.

Quick bug report:

  • Profile doesn't count higher than 100 followers and following.
  • Also, my recent comments don't display ">" quotes properly.
  • The trending page sometimes won't stop loading.
  • In the sidebar, my profile picture seems to be repeating. It's displayed twice, one on top of the other, inside of the profile picture window.

I'm using Chrome from Windows 10.

These bugs have been added to our GitHub page, we are currently working to resolve them as quickly as we can.
Thank you for reporting, keep going !

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Thanks for support given ;)
Glad to see theses feedback, bug reports, up-votes and resteems.
Together we're better !

Letting you know that writing "What's that shit" come across as very unprofessional.

Edit: You're right, we'll rename this card soon

Yes, probably in the long run it won't work. But for now I think it's totally fine.

I think it's a bit more friendly.
I've turned it into "what's that ?", but if someone have better idea i will be happy to hear it.

We just set a chat on discord app, it's free and you can join without login.
Instant chat