Appreciate the comments guys!

My powerful friend

Great job, very inspirational and of course a strong lift!

Stay strong :)

Anyone that can deadlift nearly 3X their own body weight is a beast! You truly are an inspiration man. I just started lifting at the gym and I'm definitely the skinniest guy there, but I have the smallest gut though :-X

Hope all of your tests come up good. STAY HUNGRY, STAY SEXY, GET GAINZ AND GET LAID MY FRIEND!

DAMN dude, I did my PR deadlift of 120kg yesterday, not even close to what you are lifting, but one day I hope to. You are super inspiring man.

Damn son, BEAST!!!
Listening to your appearance on Mark Bell's PowerCast while at work. Would love to hear you on Joe Rogan's podcast! 3 hours of Uncensored banter about training, crypto and eating would be fucking great.
Any plans on an appearance?