4 Years Of Testicular Cancer

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Hey Steem Family,

I am writing here because this is one spot where I have not been so open about my story. The rest of the internet knows that I had surgery for testicular cancer in 2014, had radiation in 2015 and chemotherapy in 2017. I remain alive and well (ish), but its hard.

Its hard in the sense that even when I don't think about any of this, or try not too, the rest of the internet reminds me of it. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I have been able to help so many people out there with Testicular Cancer, but sometimes you just want to forget about it all, but you can't.

The internet can be a wonderful place and it has started many of my businesses. But when you put your entire life online, it can get difficult. at times.

Next week I have my one year follow up after chemo. As much as I am positive and optimistic, I remain a little scared. Its tough for me to say that sometimes as I am supposed to be strong role model, but being HONEST is something very important as well.

Anyways, just wanted to say Hi, appreciate you all. Let's keep growing this platform.

Me before surgery in 2014



I hope all is well.

Hey Pete, I wish you the best brother! I've been a long time youtube subscriber and you're truly an inspiration.

Best of luck on the one-year follow-up, Pete!

Będzie dobrze! ;-)

You not getting rid of the cancer? Good luck!

Best of luck dude! I’ve been following you on YouTube for years and years now, from the cam videos of your world tours just smashing the competitions to your home challenges, again which you always smashed! Me and my mates love your videos, we used to all watch them together at university and crack up and be amazed at the speed you can chow! Love it!
Plus your workout vids are epic! I watch them too, and you train furious for sure! Smashing those weights, making gains and increasing strength!

Love your whole story too bro, very inspirational. Best of luck again man, keep moving forward!!! Keep on killing it every day!

Oh yea, and remember...

Stay sexy, stay hungry, and of course.... GET LAID!

I already feel anxious when I go with my dad for his checkup every year. Feeling a little scared seems only normal to me. Good luck man.