Steemit: The Future of Social Networks Has Arrived

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This is the first of many videos that I will be making in an effort to help bring Steemit to the masses

I want to help new users understand how Steemit works and what the future holds for our new favorite social network.


God bless the nerds for Steemit and Bitcoin!

Go Heidi, GOOOOOO!!! You rock and I keep expecting you to come up with a lot of goodness for us all on this platform. All for one and one for all!!! Namaste :)

Great video! I love your enthusiasm :) Resteemed and tweeted

Great Video...... As fake news is noted by the masses (the main stream media) and Facebook / Twitter gets hit hard... the blockchain based social media is going get the next leg up.

Great information.
By the way Happy New Year @heiditravels.
I wish you good health and much success on steemit :-)

Happy new year to you as well @lichtblick!

Thank you :-)

Upvoted and resteemed ! Great way to bring more people to steemit , thanks for all that you do ! I love it 💙👍😉

Thank you for that! Much love and appreciation @karenmckersie :)

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Nice video. I think your video skills are continually improving. Keep it up!

Thank you for that, I am feeling a bit more comfortable in front of my little camera now. Soon I'll need to up my graphics!

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Well done Heidi. Shared this on FB & Tweeted it out. Thank you for taking the time to develop a well presented representation of the network.

Ps. ::Heart:: the Stemit Africa shirt! I have some very good friends there who could benefit from this platform. Again well done.

I have just wrote a post asking for help, :) thank you :)

Great Video! Thank's for that and I wish you a great start into the new year.

Steemit never looked sexier than this moment. 😀

Great video @heiditravels ! This will really help more people become aware of this great platform.. Upped and following!

Thank you for sharing!

Good post Heidi. Very helpful for all. Upvoted and following

Great videos Heidi! Keep it up! :)

nice sharp images,great publicity thankyou

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I will resteem! good stuff