Making Cuts! - I just unfollowed 20 accounts and it feels great!

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Hello Friends and Faithful Steemians!

I recently came upon a post about Steem.Agency. It is a simple tool you can use to determine how many of the users you follow are still active, based on how long its been since their last post. This is the brainchild of @RhondaK and @SirCork. Clearly, they are doing their part to enhance our experience with this social media blockchain, and that's what it really is about!

Many of us have put in considerable time and effort into this platform, and beyond upvotes, the validation of our efforts is also manifest in followers. I don't have too many, but I truly appreciate the ones I do have... so much!


I feel a bit obligated to earn and maintain that following with thoughtful posts, commentary, and a somewhat regular posting schedule. My goal is always at least 5 days a week, but I am confident that even if life gets in the way, I can at least manage 1 post per month. So when I learned that a good chunk of those I chose to follow hadn't posted anything in 3 months or longer, the next step was clear!


I'm now off to find another 20+ awesome & ACTIVE users to follow and support! I'll begin by taking a closer look at my brothers and sisters in #steemsilvergold, and go from there.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Steem.Agency:

Keep On Steemin, baby!



I will go immediately to Steem.Agency. I follow all the members of #steemsilvergold plus several outside it. It will be very good to eliminate those that don't post. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip.

It seems that I get a few new followers every time I post. It’s nice to see the number moving up, it makes me feel more seem.

Thanks for stopping by, @metzli! Also, I took the liberty of reading through some of your blog...lots of thoughtful stuff! Please keep doing what you do!

You're in the flow @nofiat!!

Since I joined steem, the number of my followers reached almost 1000 in less than 3 months but when the time comes to upvote me, they disappear. This is very funny. I think most of them are bots.
Also I followed more than 400 users but I found only a few of them worth following. The tool you mentioned will be useful for me to do the same thing what you did. Thanks for informing about this tool.

Thanks! What would be really nice is if we could forcibly make unwanted followers go away somehow. I too, suspect a good chunk of my followers are bots. While not all are bad, many add ZERO value. Oh well. Glad you found it useful. The credit goes to the original poster who alerted me to this. Sadly, I forgot who that was...

Steem environment doesn't discourage bots. Bots have become inseparable part of this environment. You cannot force anyone to follow you but you can mute them.

Yes the same problem is with me too. They disappear at the final moment. I also have only few with whom we are still connected. You took my thought from my mind...

@punkblogs this is an irony of this environment. However, it applies to every social media platform that not every follower like or comment your post. One reason is that we see trending page first and for our feed (posts of people we follow) after that. Also, this platform is not confined to a single time zone. When you post something, it never reach to many followers as they live in different time zone or they may not using steemit at that time.

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Good work. My intention are also clear about connecting in this platform. Now i am posting atleast 1 post a day but when works come in betwwen its not possible everytime. But still i will make some time and use the platform atleast once in 2-3 days. If you feel your love towords steemit you will definately find a way and some time for it. But for now its going cool and there's no pressure of work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Feels good to know about it.