Good news for you under 500 SP who have not been earning Curation Rewards! [UPDATES]

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

You may have noticed over the past few weeks in beta if you had less than ~500 SP you did not earn any curation rewards. You also notice by design steemit does not give you the slider "Power Bar" for voting until this point either. This is for a reason and we now adhere to it.

Starting now if you do not have over 500 SP all your votes will be cast at 100% power. This will ensure you receive curation rewards.


For those interested in the tech. Steemit calculates your rewards based on "Vests". When they consider your reward too small their algorithm rounds it down to 0, considering what they call "Dust". By forcing all Shadow Casters with less than 500 SP to always vote with 100% power, their rewards will no longer be rounded down!

More information and joining

Latest Release:



In conclusion, more earnings for all! Happy steeming!

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Auto Resteem was Spammy!
You put 3 resteems right in my feed. Why would you do that?

Take me off this list.

Why i don't receive any upvotes?

It's a mystery to me too.

I have my voting power on 39 % beacouse i vote for shadow casters, but i don't recive any upvote fom shadow bot. @shadowbot why?

I would also like to be removed please!

Same here, please remove me aswell!

Folks. On the website on the left hand side you go to resteem and set it to off (Where it shows the %) Unfortunately i also got resteem spammed. Best thing you can do is to set it to off and it wont ever resteem on your behalf. Have a great day!

I get flaged for this kind of comment. Be careful.

These news are very good !! Thanks a lot!!

Glad to have you with us! We are just getting off the ground with the first public release and fine tuning everything the next few days!

Thank you! :D

Finally after losing out two weeks of curation rewards, it is good you decided this.

Was one of the big things asked for and decided upon as a needed upgrade for all! Thanks for being part of the beta it helped us grow the system greatly!

I hope Shadowbot will be profitable now.


Thats incredible, thanks for the new info! hopefully this will help us smaller steemians work our way up!

That is the mission! We are constantly growing and learning from eachother implementing and changing what we are to best benefit the community we are! Learning to earn together is our motto! Keep on steeming!

Thank you guys! I will be doing my part by adding valuable and origional content.

Glad to have you aboard! We are all growing together and it is great to see the feedback we get so we know how best to tailor things each update we make! Thanks for being part of this!

That's awesome so I will have a little more pull now. Now if I could just work on submitting content I would be good to go.

lol! just be yourself! Everyone loves you!

When you are new and under 50 rep or so, it is much more rewarding to comment more and post less. I do much more on commenting than posting. With only 2-4 posts a week I have 1400 followers and lots of interaction and learning going on. This is because I comment about 50 times a day and reply constantly.

I just wrote a post with many ways for us newbies to do better here in the beginning. Maybe some of these tips might help you too.

One of them is to use delegated steem as soon as you can afford it. I'm doing this now and so I am over the 500 sp limit even though I only have about 90 sp of my own. I'm sad to miss the 100% voting, but glad I made it to the other side!

thanks for sharing these tips i was wondering why i don't get much now with your post i hope will get better. thanks

You will! I promise. Keep in touch with me and use the checklist and just keep trying. Ask me a question anytime. I have faith you can succeed.

thank you for the tip as far as commenting

You're welcome. At least you are seen if you are on other, more popular posts :)

I fully agree with what you sayiing @fitinfun where is the social if you do not visit in person?

Learning what others are doing you soon learn to overcome your own mistakes and many of us have quite a few.

I enjoyed your post and am leaving comment here for others to go and read.

don't we all pal lol

I would use python to weight votes before I reached 500 SP. TIL why that may not have been my greatest idea due to rounding. Lol live and learn.

We originally were doing that and found curation rewards land up rounding down despite votes being cast and rewards being earned for the author. We opted for this solution going forward as it is in line with how does things. Thanks for the input!

Hi @shadowbot, I'm wondering why Im getting these "Claim Rewards" automatically, is this one of your feature? 😎😎

Hey, you're the first I noticed that mentions this too, I seem to be automatically claiming my rewards too, even 0.001 SP

Yes we auto claim all rewards for you. This ensures every trickle of SP you earn hits your accounts ASAP without you having to worry about it! This is a built in feature and benefit of being part of ShadowBot!

Hey, I don't want to claim every other 0.002 or so reward. Another feature I didn't know about and once more you make decisions that are ours to take. Please take me off the list. Thanks for your efforts.

Not sure how claiming your rewards harms you but okay we removed you.

Thanks for that, and also for replying. It does no harm but it floods my transactions-overview. As I said before: I appreciate your efforts, and good luck!

Just so you are aware that feature has been in effect since day 1 I don't see how it is now suddenly a problem for you please enlighten us. We have had this feature since day one...

I love that feature it's been around from before beta.

Our system will automatically claim any outstanding rewards your account has. As you may or may not know when you earn rewards, you actually need to click the "claim" button in your account. YAWN!! ShadowBot every hour looks at your wallet and auto claims them for all members! If you want to understand how ShadowBot can do this without having access to your funds please read our older post:

Yes we automatically every hour claim any outstanding rewards on your behalf which ensures your Steem Power and SBD is always redeemed and increasing even if you are not around.

Thanks for the information, it really a great help for us who have under 500 SP. I've been voting at 50% , now I have to adjust it to 100%.

Glad we could help! The more you learn the more you earn! As we say here Learn together Earn together!

Why i am on black list?

Why i am on black list @shadowbot ?

@fbslo has been removed from @shadowbot blacklist!

Thank you

Would appreciate since you rejoined making a post making it clear you don't find us to be a scam.. we are working with YOU and EVERYONE else to fine tune this system to benefit everyone fairly.. If we did or do anything that you feel is contrary to that we ask that you tell us and ensure we can fix it! Our goal is to build a system where everyone involved who is a good steemian can earn together while we fine tune everything to balance what we offer and what is possible. Again we apologize for any wrong doing we cause but we are only looking to grow together, learning is a big part of this system. We only joined 2 months ago and are learning as fast as we can both the code AND what people want.. It is a tough balance.. I hope you can understand we are working to gather feedback and GROW not harm eachother! Glad to have you back!

Woot!! 🙌🎉🎉🎉

Woot woot! The steemit express is on a roll here! Thanks for being part of this!

@shadowbot please help the lower ranks. Grow,always know that we love what you do , your initiative is on point.thanks shadowbot.

terimakasih atas informasinya boss
vosting anda sangat masuk akal sehat

Looking after the popolo piccalo ^5

Thanks for this information @shadowbot. I will keep this in mind as in upvoting in the future.


Why this jus resteemed automaticly in my profile? i didnt that

@shadowbot please turn off resteems by default!!!!!

we have at this point made the default off. We were testing the feature and see even at 100% many want it off by default! We apologize to all!

If I might add, just add a auto resteem "tick box" at sign up where users can decide if they want to resteem your posts or not =) Thanks.

We simply made it off by default. We will work on educating and opt in strategy going forward. Thanks for the input! We are sorry for what ever harm it may have caused anyone!

Hurray! Praise the lard

Agreed! Has been much asked for and we now have it! Thanks for being part of this!

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Great info. How did this appear on my page as a re esteem ? Is a bot automatically capable of re esteemit?. Just trying to understand? Thank you in advanced.

It is a setting we have now set to off by default. We are working on developing a resteem feature to help others develop exposure! We greatly appreciate all the input you have regarding this feature as well as the over all bot! Thanks for being part of this, we are all working together to create the ultimate tool/bot!

This is wonderful!

One thing I found is that with Auto-follow-back enabled, I can't 'un-follow' someone who is following me. I tried the 'mute' button, but he was simply re-followed.
The most useful feature of the auto-follow-back is simply KNOWING when someone new is following you. Could we have an option either to allow the Mute button, or to simply provide notification of those followers you are not following back?

Good point, thank you for bringing this up. I will add this to our bug list for this week's minor release update! We need a way to honor the mute button I agree 100%! Thanks for the input!

Strange, but it seemed to me that I always received awards for the supervision. A little, of course, but they were.

The closer to ~500SP the more curation rewards were possible. We find moving forward this will smooth our transition to scaling support for more members! Thanks for the input I'll take a peak more into the last 2 weeks in your account specifically and see what I find.

Thank you SO MUCH!

Thank you for being part of this! Please be sure to add any input you have as that is how we make things better for us all!

I was wondering why I didn't have curation the last couple weeks. Thanks for sharing!

Yes we realized this after debugging for about 2 weeks through all our code! We came to the conclusion that we should be inline with the same concepts is by forcing 100% power votes for users that would otherwise generate "dust" level curation rewards! We greatly appreciate you being involved and all the input we receive to help us get this all working perfectly!

Hey @shadowbot, I appreciate the effort, but could you remove me from the list, please? I'm down to 85% VP and I don't seem to be getting much rewards. Also, I don't want to reset my passwords as I have read which is the only other way of getting out. Thanks in advance and good luck!

Under settings there is a form to remove your account completely.

There are a few problems, It seems its upvoting my own posts that I already upvoted for.

Yes we are rolling out the option to enable self voting this week. It will be OFF by default so after this next minor release no one will self vote posts unless they specifically enable it! Thanks for being part of this project we greatly appreciate everyone's feedback and input as we fine tune everything!

Congratulations @shadowbot!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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I think we need a way to deactivate our ShadowBot account. I want my account to be at 100% when Upvoting and still be able to post new stuff.

Last night I published a few posts and my account was at 88% and now no matter what my account is struck at 88-90% as Shadow bot now upvotes every 5 hours, thereby hindering my accounts ability to reach 100%.

Can you help me?

Yes the next update we are rolling out will allow you to turn on/off ShadowBot as well as remove yourself completely if desired.

thanks for the info, any idea if this is going to be fixed soon ?

What is not working for you?

realmente buena info! si no la publicaras no me iba a dar cuenta gracias, voted!! :)

Apreciar MAS tu beneficio! Esta bueno union! Mi espanol petito tu excusa! (Learning Spanish please excuse my terrible ability)

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@shadowbot is good for auto curation and tit for tat system

Our goal is to help good steemians earn more and get more exposure on steemit! Thanks for being part of this!

Really an excellent information. I am proud to follow you. I am resteeming it. So that more and more comunity members can know this good news.

Thank you for the kind words! Our goal is to help as many people here as possible!

Ah, I didn't know that. So my votes had zero power :-(
Thanks for the upgrade, that will really help us newbies :-)

Your votes didn't have 0 power, the author still did get benefits of your votes and for that your posts got upvotes in return from other Shadow Casters. However, now you will also earn curation rewards for placing up votes! This will greatly boost and benefit those with under 500 SP

woow that sounds great @shadowbot but whats wrong with my account

Just took a look, seems somewhere along the way your account got disabled for some reason. I re-enabled and seems to be running fine! Sorry for the issue was probably bug related from beta times! Thanks for being part of this!

That's great news! Thank you!!

Most welcome! Glad we can offer more to the community each update!

Yes, thanks again.

Please remove me from your services ,Since I cant do it from the website =)
Thank you

You have been removed. Sorry to see you go.

Do we have to subscribe to the bot for this ?

Have you altered the way shadowbot loads new posts? My latest 2 post haven't shown and i'm only posting at most 1 post a day so not overloading the system.

No we have expanded the system and caught another bug in the part of the system that fetches new posts. We are going to back run it today to re-fetch any missed posts and roll out the patch once it is fixed! Thanks for alerting us to this!

Thanks for the quick update.. Glad to know you're on it and tweeking the system for the best results

This weekend we have a number of minor updates/bug fixes that either did not make it into the Erebus release or were found this week! This was the most critical and is now fixed! You should see your posts appear that were skipped and we have implemented the fix on the live system so this should not happen in the future.

yes all are there.. Thank you for the quick response

Awesome! Glad we got that fixed!

Pulling all the missed posts now! Patch is live!

@shadowbot you guys should also upvote the posts of the members, not just your post always.

We do, If you look at the ranking for Shadow Pool it weights first by Shadow Rank then by Expiration date. We promise to limit our posts (only 3 the last week) to ensure everyone fairly can get posts AND in your settings you can limit ALL users to 15 up votes per week from your account!

"How does ShadowBot decide what to vote on?
ShadowBot works on a pool mentality. Every Shadow Caster is given a position in the Shadow Pool prioritized by their Shadow Rank. Authoring high value posts will increase your Shadow Rank leading you to see more of your posts receiving priority in the Shadow Pool."

Also do remember we use the rewards we generate here to pay for our servers, development and marketing costs. That is how we are able to provide this service to the community without charging! Thanks for being part. If you have any more feedback don't hesitate to tell us!

Sounds good

I like your post

Very nice ! That red car was cut very nicely.

At certain posts I feel like my upvotes are still rounded down hence I have posts that result in zero rewards. I have learned to reduce self upvotes has helped. I only self upvote a post if I feel to promote it.

THnks for your vote

Pla upvote me ................... Good information

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