ShadowBot feature update! All accounts no longer up vote their own posts! [Declined Rewards]

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

After much deliberation we have decided to make ShadowBot no longer up vote your own posts automatically. If you still wish to up vote your own posts you may do so manually, but from here on ShadowBot will only up vote OTHER member's posts!

We hope this helps everyone who is part of this!

As a promise we made we are DECLINING REWARDS on this posts so all our curators receive the payout instead as we have already made more than 3 posts this week!

Hope this gives a little boost to all our minnows out there!

Happy Steeming!


Yo @shadowbot, I heard okoro wants to be removed...

He has been removed already. You can also self remove yourself in Settings if you desire to leave ShadowBot.

I do not desire to leave, I'm sticking with you shadowbot.

Glad to have you on board! Let us know what we can do to make things better as we are constantly working on this project! We just don't want anyone feeling like they are being "held hostage" by us!

I've got Stockholm Syndrome, it's all good.

How can I remove myself?

In Settings at the bottom there is the delete account form. We also recommend if you do leave to reset your password to ensure your private key is reset as well. This always best practice when you wish to leave any service that you provide a private key to.

Thanks for the update. I think removing the self vote is a good idea as some people use the self upvote in the original post and then that gets over-ridden with a percentage vote from within shadowbot.

Thanks, agreed and some of the bigger fish don't want to self up vote at all as they are trying to spread the love! We are growing the system as we gain feedback each week thanks to all the great Steemians part of this project!

Remove from me this autoreteem now

Auto resteem is in your Settings in ShadowBot. Simply set to Off to turn off Auto Resteem for your account.

Pls remove me

We have removed you. We are sorry to see you go.

Why i don't get any upvotes from shadow bot. I spend 15 % voting power for shadow bot. I am low on power, but i don't get nothing.

Don't worry your posts are in the pool and will get up votes!

Thank you for the update.

please remove me also

We have removed you.

Yay! No self-upvoting! I haven't looked into your bot yet, but now I'm incredibly intrigued!

Was one of the biggest features requested we just weren't able to get rolled out fast enough! This will help people have more control of their account while using ShadowBot!

I just hold the belief that ALL bots should prohibit using their service to game the system for profit. It's literally one of the things mentioned in the Steem Whitepaper, but everyone ignores it.

Agreed! Couldn't have said it better myself! After all our costs we have lost money providing this service to the steemit community, but despite that, we are proud of what we have and what we are working to build for everyone on steemit! We are not doing this to make a profit of "get rich quick", but rather support the long term growth of steemit!

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why you prioritize some of the members?
i onlu upvote 3-4 members and rest are at the end of the queue. is that a new feature? or just some bug?

We prioritize posts based on shadow rank first, expiration second. We also limit daily up votes per member to 2 posts, so any given Shadow Caster can only get 2 posts up voted by another member in any 24 hour period.
"How does ShadowBot decide what to vote on?
ShadowBot works on a pool mentality. Every Shadow Caster is given a position in the Shadow Pool prioritized by their Shadow Rank. Authoring high value posts will increase your Shadow Rank leading you to see more of your posts receiving priority in the Shadow Pool."

I have not got any rewards since 8:00 AM Sunday on September 24th. Is there something wrong.

You will not get up votes immediately after joining, our system works off a Pool concept.

I joined three days ago and the first two days I was getting rewards. How long should it be till I start getting rewards again.

We work off a pool mentality. Don't worry, take a look through other member's accounts and see each week you get up votes. It doesn't all come at once, but we all earn more from ShadowBot than without!

I'd like to have my shadowbot keys reset... there's no function for that!

ShadowBot does not have the ability to reset your keys. You need to go to your Wallet and reset your "password" which will reset all your keys on (or use a cli program to reset the key if you know how to).

That is preciselly what I did, but I'm not able to change them at
PS: Forgot my old key!

I do not see you signed up currently (you possibly were removed due to your key being invalid). If you are trying to access simply re-signup and you should be back in action:

seems like re-registering did the trick! thanks! :D

Curious I don't see you on cheetah's blacklist, yet seems they are downvoting your posts..

I do not see you signed up to ShadowBot currently

We do not have you in our system, which would be why you can't login. If you want to join feel free to re-sign up!

I'm not sure why but your account was displaying odd behavior during casting votes. Specifically:
Account: thauerbyi bandwidth limit exeeded. Please wait to transact or power up STEEM."

We believe it is some form of error as you seem to have sufficient bandwidth for simple up voting. We will dig deeper into this, for now feel free to rejoin and we will monitor this issue if it continues!