Steemit Partners with Morpheus Labs for Steem-as-a-Service

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The Steemit Team is excited to announce our partnership with Morpheus Labs. It is Steemit's mission to make Steem the easiest, lowest cost, and most powerful blockchain protocol in the world for powering applications, because we believe this is the key to onboarding the masses to the blockchain.


That’s why we are excited to be working with Morpheus Labs to make Steem a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service (BPaas), making it easier than ever to power applications with blockchain technology. We look forward to Morpheus Labs bringing even more great entrepreneurs and developers into the Steem ecosystem by making it easier than ever to quickly integrate blockchain technology into web applications.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for both Steem and Morpheus Labs to make an impact in the social media industry with Blockchain adoption. With this partnership in place, Morpheus Labs and Steem will move forward integration, offering both enterprises and developers a convenient and powerful tool for building their Steem-powered or Blockchain DApps.”

Dorel D Burcer, CIO

To learn more about this partnership, you can read the announcement by Morpheus Labs here.

Morpheus Labs invites you to become part of their community by joining their official Telegram group chat:

Stay Connected to Morpheus Labs

$MITx Trading Channel: @mltrading

The Steemit Team


This sounds like good news. How will it impact steem directly?

Good job, I like the Morpheus Labs team. I interviewed the CEO Pei-Han a few months back.

Great video. That actually explains a lot more of what "integration" means than this post, unfortunately. 🙂 So, it looks to me like Morpheus Labs provides a "blockchain workbench." You have an idea for an application, Morpheus Labs provides the ingredients and glue.

"Integration" means so many things and it's hard to describe what that looks like.

We must admit that this is a promising partnership for both Morpheus Labs and Steem!

The open and decentralized nature of the crypto space means that collaboration -not competition, is the way to progress.

I completely agree with you, @coingecko: collaboration is the key for an awesome future! 🔮

!giphy awesome+future 🤗

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Great News
Do you happen to have a list of their DApp's created so far?

This press release sounds very rushed, almost as if its only purpose was to put a halt to the price that keeps falling and falling to the pits of hell. Get your shit together. This is not 2017. Shenanigans like this won't be enough for a 300 % pump.

$MITx Trading Channel: @mltrading

leads to a broken link. Good job idiots, you even fail at making a proper link.

Is MITX is planning to sunset their ETH contract and move over to SMT, with a proof of burn on ETH and a corresponding SMT airdrop. Because that'd be interesting.

And what exactly are you doing with em?
Or what are they doing?

Now I only know that ure partnering..

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Morpheus Labs BPaaS simplifies and expedites the DApp development and gives you the flexibility to choose between available programming languages and blockchain runtimes that better suit your needs. You get unparalleled benefits from an integrated collaborative development environment, workspace management, version control repository and many preconfigured tasks.

Entrust our platform to do the heavy lifting while you focus on other value-adding work and experiment with the blockchain technologies at a fraction of the cost and time.

Which languages do they support?

edit: ah

The platform supports 7 programming languages such as Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, C++ and many more. Do drop us an email if you have specific requirements to fulfill.

Best marketing :D "and many more." - you mean two more? ^^

Well said - working in PR i tell my clients usually such press releases make no sense as they miss the part "added-value" - but US PR is different as European where we want facts, details and clear vision.

We want details in the US too. We just don't get them...

But you know what Power you, as client , have?

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Yea.. Im getting exactly these impressions

Have a nice day :)

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I don't get it. What type of problems require Steem solutions?

(protip: "solutions" is marketing jargon for "How to do stuff with this")

I love it when you guys engage with others.

Thanks! We'll make sure to do that more often!

Would be cool :)

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Id love to see the forums, which I use, combined on the steem ecosystem.
Every forum can also still have it's own separation.
They can safe money which they pay for the website and diskspace.
No censorship.
And the communities would hopefully (cuz monetizing) prosper.

Like next level forums

it wouldn't be "require" but one might say "would be better served with" or "run more efficiently using" or "would certainly benefit" from ....

i used to speak the language ....

look at all the positivity here suddenly @steemitblog #steemit


ohh comon read the sources

"$MITx Trading Channel: @mltrading"

and klick on the lin...👀

New PressRelease.

@detlev will have a BEER this evening with @beerlover during sunset

Says more or less the same.

Greetz to my friend @uwelang who should do PR for Steem - we would have a more clear message.

Anyway, if we get a nice toolset to build more dapps, it would be a good message.

Anyway, if we get a nice toolset to build more dapps, it would be a good message.

That's true. More tools-> more dapps...

Please do not take it is negative or bashing. I appreciate that ongoing comms for sure improved in the lasts months but working in PR since over 20 years such news need more facts. Usually i tell my clients that such press releases (ok it is internal only but could be picked up) make no sense as they miss the part "added-value" - but US PR is different as European where we want facts, details and clear vision.

Agreed. I found myself surprised I had reached the end of the "article", without having read anything of substance. "Where's the info?" I asked myself. I read the links provided, but again, almost no information. Just bright outlooks and big promises.

Right. Looks like they need our (European) managing assistance. I always look for things you wrote in last sentence.

Viajes por el mundo

Bla bla bla 0.18$

Amazing man!

Seems a bit weird to link to Medium where the actual announcement is when you're attempting to bring over the masses to Steemit. Why not just post an actual, detailed announcement here?

After reading the article and doing some research I agree with many of the reply on this post that the announcement says nothing, it gives me the impression that this announcement was a task assign to someone on the PR team and they did it at the last second before it was overdue, I had to go over multiple videos and blog post to understand Morpheous Lab because there is not much about how their platform works but an interview with their CEO on youtube gave me the details I need to understand such partnership between Steemit and Morpheus Lab. please provide more facts of this partnership so we dont assume or get confuse of what to expect out of this partnership, also provide goals that will be accomplish as the result of this partnership, there is a lot of people supporting Steemit despite the price dropping, I like it because its a working product with a lot of potential and expanssion

I read both announcements, but couldn't find anything to answer the most basic of questions: What is it about these two companies that make them such a perfect pair? We heard (several times) that it's exciting, and perfect, and meant to be, and all that. But no actual reasons why such a glowing outlook is warranted.
In short, why are we supposedly celebrating? In plain English, if anyone's able, thanks.

overall good news for Steem, lets see some big projects come out of this partnership. Think we are close to rock bottom, the only way to go is up!

Welcome to the Steem matrix, Morpheus.

ha, looks like a comment from Neo. ☺

A welcome development. I wish it dovetail into a much more valued Steem ; to out value the US dollar?

Thanks for the announcement, ! I'm gonna cast a glance at "Morpheus Labs"'s processes, through their social media channels. By the way, do you know when they'll create their Steemit account? :-p

I really like how steemit is overcome every day and brings something good to the world!

Looks like things are looking up! All these new developments at these low prices, I guess it’s true what they say the real work is done in the winter

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Very nice work!

Coinbase may be more open to a Steem listing now that they are adding all kinds of coins.

Applications mean adoption which means more people will join this incredible plateform

yes this is very helpful for me because i am new here i need some help from from like you people

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I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel... Steem had finally making a real traction to leap forward. Hope you have more of it in the future.

There's the partnership with Typerium coming up too. I hope both adds value to the chain.

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I'm working with a small team to make a PC survival game, but still yet to get to looking at the integration part with Steem (I want to build the product first, then improve it by using Steem, not build it for blockchain per say; are we saying Morpheuslabs can some how help me with this?)

How would this partnership enable me - or is this going to enable other things, and if so some example use cases would be good.

Cheers and best of luck with the partnership

新人报道,多多支持, This is great news and in my opinion boosting aspect for Steem Blockchain because Steem spreading collaborative aspect more than Competiton which makes this space more attractive and opportunity building. Hoping for effective journey ahead.

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Great news. Cheers

Great job :) the almost tireless work behind the scenes is what is going to make this the most formidable platform there is. It already is quite something, this will just stabalise a very solid foundation so that the icing can finally be placed on the cake

Good work, That was awesome!

Excellent.... you should also be sharing your posts on Publish0x.... earn Free DAI and BAT tokens. Let me know when you are there and I will give you some Free tips....

Glad to see that Steem partnering with other blockchain players. This should help Steem get the traction it needed within the blockchain dev and business communities. Kudos to the people behind this initiative and I hope this will be one of many positive development in the steem ecosystem!

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Wow !!its very interesting

Good choice! With this SaS concept, it looks like it will have a good impact on the development of the platform. ガンバッテ!!

This is amazing just knowing that it can only go better and the fact that we are at such a young stage ..

Post seems kind of vague

This a good news but how will this affect our as your users?

Does this mean that there is currently no available Steem apps? Or just any apps powered by Steem?

TIme to steem 1$ again boom Boom Steem


yes very much :D

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