Excited for this movement! :)

Thanks for being a part of it, look forward to your Chicago proof of flight!

Great news, congratulations, kudos, well done and fantabulous!
This benefits everyone and that includes YOU and I! UPVOTED!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Hey "Old Dog", thanks for the upvotes man and supporting the growth of Steemit.

Great more real add around the world about Steemit
Keep going!

We won't stop until the world is covered in Steem!

GRC Banner

The Gridcoin community is very excited to support @steemdrive's crowdfunded billboard campaign, the more users that we can recruit to Steem the better!

Just promoted your post $1.00 :D

Namaste cm-steem, I enjoy hanging out with you on Beyond Bitcoin hangouts on Fridays, your community is very cool. Thanks for the 1$ vote, every cent is a blessing, appreciated!

Just donated 2.50 SBD through the donation link too :)

That's awesome the button works thanks to @steve-walschot, appreciate your donation. I have logged it in the footer of the post.

Can't wait to see these everywhere!

Things are only looking up! Love it. :)

Thank you so much, I'm a fan of your posts as well!

Well done Durban!!

I spent so much time in your wonderful city and still have family there.

Hope to get back there soon. Miss the sun, surf and braaivleis!!

I really think this is a great idea and would like to see it duplicated in not so sunny Dublin, Ireland.

The Spire of Dublin, alternatively titled the Monument of Light (Irish: An Túr Solais), is a large, stainless steel, pin-like monument 121.2 metres (398 ft) in height, located on the site of the former Nelson's Pillar on O'Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland.

The city of Dublin has so much to offer, from the night life to the stunning Irish scenery.

Footbridge across The River Liffey, central Dublin.

The river Liffey looking towards O'Connell Bridge central Dublin.

I'm a newb to steemit so I wouldn't even know how or where to start with setting up something like this here.

Great Idea Well Done!! Totseins from Ireland! Congratulations from me and Team Gridcoin.

Hey that's great that you know Durban, I believe Ireland is beautiful my brother went there on a trip. If you would like to see a billboard there and want to help us organise it by finding us an agency there and writing a post about your country, contact me in, my name there is thecryptodrive.

Totseins Meneer!

I certainly will be contacting you on, well done again.

Spreading the Steem!

Well done:)

Thanks for the support!

Great job, Ricardo!

Thanks Luke, appreciate it buddy!

very cool, but I wonder why and not .com?

Have a look in the disclaimer section for explanation, it forwards to which is an affiliate code Steemit can track. Anyone can use such an affiliate code by substituting their blog name in the suffix.

Great work @steemdrive !!! Keep the billboards coming!!!

Look forward to Venezuela buddy!

I've donated 5 SD to the project!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Verified and logged! Thanks so much!

This is cool. Going forward for the future :)

Steem the future!

Go for GOLD :)

Seeing this post just makes me miss South Africa even more. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to follow me too.

Lol local is lekker. Im amazed we have this billboard here in unny SouthAfrica xP

@steemdrive a big hello from your friendly city Port Elizabeth! Please support the launch of steemit in PE it would be much appreciated. I am now following you, Cheerz!

Nice initiative with this billboard campaign, maybe this it's the pilot for spreading the word around the world

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If we could get these up all over the world... would explode in user growth!

awesome stuff from South africa love my country @rogerblu please follow me

Thanks for sharing this material, I like what you posted. Thank you so much


I downvoted the above user because they've been running in every thread pasting the same message. Could be a bot. Obviously they are harvesting upvotes for money and good reputation:

Hey @alexgr, I wasn't aware...I will remove my vote.

Yeah I wasn't either - until I started seeing the same in every thread. So I checked them out to see what's going on and my suspicions were confirmed.

English isn't his primary language..... maybe hasty?

The speed of posting the same indicated that they weren't even reading (4 times in 4 separate posts within a minute or so).