Steemdrive: Who has enough puff? (I alone, am not enough!)

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I was reading a lovely book to our boy and girl today; it was wonderful, snuggly reading. This story really touched me because it reminded me a lot about the Steemit community and how many authors struggle on their own, some consider quitting due to the little support received, but as soon as they join a community like Beyond Bitcoin hangouts, or as liaison to the @steemdrive worldwide billboard campaign or even the newly formed @robinhoodwhale as per @repholder's intro post seen here, they start to flourish and grow with the mutual support of their chosen community circle.

All three initiatives have a common goal of becoming a "Whale for the People", powering up through community supported projects and giving back to the community.

I am proud to be involved in all three, and the SBD proceeds from this post will, in accordance with its terms and conditions; go towards the @steemdrive campaign to supplement billboard initiatives that fall short of their target payout; @steemdrive, in-turn supports @robinhoodwhale and @beyondbitcoin and their community members with its growing voting power.


TLDR: This book entitled "Snail Trails and Other Tales" is a South African authored children's fiction novel comprising of a compilation of short stories, one of which is called "Who has enough puff?" which depicts a family of mice holding a birthday party for Benny mouse, he tries to blow out his candles but does not have "enough puff", several family members try as well but cannot do it on their own; eventually they all blow together and succeed in blowing out the candles, in true Steemit community style :)

So as not to infringe copyright, I have included parts of the story as a preview, the full book is available for purchase here.

Wouldn't it be nice and convenient if publishers created content in a childrens' stories tag on Steemit where we could easily find bedtime stories for our kids and upvote the books so the authors can get paid by their publishers? (if this post does well, I will email the post link to the book's publishers)

In the meantime if anyone is looking for post ideas, why not summarise a book from Amazon on Steemit and post your affiliate link to the book to earn that way too for all purchases made? I don't however recommend posting the entire book without permission.

Sample Preview: Snail Trails and Other Tales - who has enough puff?

Today is Benny's birthday and his whole family is here to celebrate his special day with him. His mother has made a beautiful cake with three candles for Benny to blow out.

The family gathers around to sing "Happy Birthday, dear Benny" and watch Benny blow out the candles.

But Benny is so small. Can he blow out all three candles? Does he have enough puff?


In the pages ahead, the book depicts Benny being unable to blow out the candles, and various family members try their luck. For example:

"Wait! I can do it! I am tough enough," says Dad, "I have enough puff. I can blow out the candles."
The candles are still burning. Dad wants to help but Dad has a crooked mouth. He can't blow straight. Every time he blows, the air goes out to the side. [...] Who can help? Who has enough puff?


"Wait! I can do it! I am tough enough," says Grandpa George. "I have enough puff. I can blow out the candles."
The candles are still burning. Grandpa George wants to help. But Grandpa George has false teeth. Every time he talks or whistles, his teeth fall out.


[Many other family members try their luck as shown in the full story, but do not succeed on their own, eventually however...]

[...] Who can help? Who has enough puff? Nobody! There is no one; everybody is just looking at the cake. Then suddenly Mom says, "Eight single puffs may not be enough. But together our puffs will be really tough."

They all come closer and start to huff and puff together. In the end it takes Benny just a little fffff . . .
And what do you know? Mum was right. Together they are strong enough.


Dedicated to my wife, who is always right :) and to my kids who hold me tight! Love you guys!

@fuzzyvest and @cryptoiskey show this to your kiddies! :) @lukestokes I believe it's your little daughter's birthday today...happy birthday!!! Puff that cake out!!!

To all: Together we are Steem!


Book reference:

Snail Trails and Other Tales (Paperback)

Author(s): Pierre Coetzee, Leighton Jones
Illustrated by: Shan Fischer
Published By: Human & Rousseau (Pty) Ltd
Date Published:24 September 2014 (96 pages)
Country: South Africa
EAN: 9780798167666


Loving this and love the metaphor on this too, one day @robinhoodwhale will have enough puff to puff us all out )))

Thank you :) @steemdrive supports @robinhoodwhale all the way! Future whales unite!

Yup ...Many hands make light work. Great post mate:)

For sure, thanks for being on @steemdrive and puffing with us!

Very good work dude!

You too buddy, just voted your spice!!!

Cheers man. I really do like this idea. I have been toying with a couple of ideas for stories that I tell to my daughter. If I could do a half decent illustration they might look not bad!

Hehe, if you make something put it on Steemit.

That was defo my first port of call!

Great stuff dude, keep up the good work

Thank you, will do!

I love this!

Dedicated to my wife, who is always right :) and to my kids who hold me tight! Love you guys!

Thanks for the shout out, Ricardo! Our little girl is having her third birthday today, and we'll be blowing out candles on homemade cupcakes @corinnestokes made. Perfect for this story. :)

Hey Luke, I think this is the first time I've ever been quoted in blockquotes :), nice! Oh wow, Benny the mouse was also having his third birthday in the book, what are you odds? You also having cupcakes; this story was meant for you buddy!

@corinnestokes just published photos of the party. Monet was able to blow out the candles all by herself. :)

Haven't seen you for awhile
Good job 👍

Hi, yeah I know...the billboard posts generally take some time to organise, we try do one every week or two but thought I would throw this in as a filler in the meantime.

There is also a minnowsunite tag, payitforward and spreadthepower tags, which are essencially about the same things. First two about inviting people to look through your stuff and upvote, as well as share the links to their work for payitforward, and spreadthepower is about offering services or paying the post rewards as SP.

Hey @xanoxt I do visit the minnowsunite channels from time to time and vote and get upvoted, I was never too sure though how the whole thing worked. I also wasn't sure how to apply the tags, for example do you have to forfeit some of your five tag allowance, or do you put the tags as extra tags in the footer of your posts? If you have any links to inform readers about your initiative, feel free to paste them in comment here.

You have to forefit some of five tags, because even if you insert them in the body of a message it counts against those five tags. How #payitforward works is described here, how #minnowsunite works is desribed here & here, I also think that someone has some bots that visit minnowsunite tag, but I can't seem to find the post about it. With this whole thing about someone using bots to sell upvotes it could be no longer a thing or relevant.
#spreadthepower is tag for contest creators as well as others who offer any services and shows that they give/accept payment as SP, partially or in full. It is fully explained here.

Im interested in those groups that you mentioned because like the others, i also need support.

Hey friend, find me in my name there is thecryptodrive, I can assist you there.

Awesome idea! I have a grandson coming in September -- WOOHOO!

D161T4L W15D0M @digital-wisdom will be offering free programming services to support pro-social efforts like this one shortly (we're still getting up to speed and building our toolbox). Please get back to me if I don't contact you in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you very informative happened