Share Trading Program with Steemexplorers

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Steembasicincome Share Trading Program with Steemexplorers

To everyone that visits our page and participated in our giveaways or to any newcomers looking to grow your Steembasicincome shares we are offering an open ended offer to exchange shares with anyone in need.

Now, with that said, this offer will only extend to the extra Steem we have on hand at any given time from our daily post earnings.

We have been giving away extra shares lately so our supply is low but check in periodically and we’ll let you know if we have any shares to trade.

We’ve been under attack lately from low-life, spiteful people looking to kill the platform like @ctime but we’ll happily take his 100% downvotes to steer them away from others.

Steemexplorers puts all of it’s earnings into share giveaways or toward growing our SP to help provide updates to others but we still have a very long way to go there.

Our sole mission is to help fight those attacking anyone connected to SBI or other upvoting platforms and we will continue to do so even in the wake of the downvoted we receive.

If you want to help our cause then let us know if you want to trade any shares whenever you have extra Steem to spare.

You can also contact @jonnyla08 on discord, the owner of @Steemexplorers.

As always, thank you for your support and we look forward to continuing to help serve the community.


Great idea. You have my support! ❤️

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Hey @steemexplorers so how this work, is it like if I send you 3 sbi you then send me 3 sbi back?

@simonjay that is precisely what I had in mind. This is a technique that I have admittedly employed from the very beginning of my steembasicincome journey along with some other friends that were also very into accumulating SBI and it’s one of the biggest reasons that we’re are approaching almost 8,000 shares under our account now. So you essentially send 3 shares let’s say to steembasicincome sponsoring us and we’ll do the same back for you so we would both then received a total of 6 shares double up our shares counts for the 3 Steem that we paid in. The only thing is, we are offering this with any extra Steem we accumulate from post rewards or whatever we have left over so either drop me a message here first or reach out to @jonnyla08 on discord if you want me to see it even faster to confirm we have the Steem to trade shares with before you send but I’m definitely up for trading whenever I can!

Nice I would also sometimes do that with another Steemian, but wow nearly 8.000 share's that is very impressive.

Hi @simonjay, I'd be ok with doing that if you would like to. Just let me know when you send anything over and I'll get on it as soon as I see it.

Awesome I will send 3 over now, and will collect some more, thanks @steemexplorers.

@simonjay sorry for the delay if you’ve been waiting, I’m fighting a cold right now but I just sent the Steem over to SBI. I gave you an extra one too. 😊


No problem thank you very much for confirming, and thank you for adding the awesome extra it's appreciated. I will now hunt for some more Steem and send it your way when I have more, I'm sorry to hear you are unwell @steemexplorers I hope you recover soon from your cold.

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Right on! It is awesome that you are doing this to help others out. I have been getting hammered by those guys for more than a month now I think. Luckily my post rewards are big enough that their downvote doesn't really impact me, but there are smaller accounts where it makes a huge difference. I hope you find a lot of people to take you up on this.

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The two super bullies really did a number on this one. But I feel strongly that all of us keep supporting and buying SBI as much as possible. Can't allow these guys to make decisions for hundreds if not thousands of people who fully see what SBI can, will, and is doing for us!

Thank you everyone for your support and words of encouragement! I’m glad you all support this idea too. 😊