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Is it okay to re-post from Steemit to WeKu?

First off, WeKu is a Steemit clone with the bad things left out and the good things emphasized. There is almost a zero learning curve. (Even your previous Steemit tags appear in a drop-down menu when you post on WeKu!)

The first question I had when looking at the WeKu platform was that, since it looks and feels in every way like Steemit, why duplicate the work I have already done on Steemit? Some posts take a lot of time and after the rewards period they are locked away forever on the Steemit blockchain, are of no use to Steemit, and are buried so deep no one will ever see them.

Why not repost the Steemit version on WeKu?

I don't see how that will cause any harm to Steemit. I'm the owner of my posts and I have the original material that produced them, so it would not be a plagiarism conflict. I read the WeKu white paper and FAQs, and found nothing to prohibit a repost.

To make certain, I sent a query to the WeKu team to ask for a ruling on reposts. In part, the request read:

If it is allowable, I feel that it would help add to the value of the platform, and would encourage a great number of other Steemians to change to WeKu if they could reproduce their Steemit postings here.

If each post were marked at the top as "Re-posted from my @willymac YYYY-MM-DD Steemit original", would it be allowable?

I received an email from the WeKu team's Kevin Zou two hours later:

As long as stated as a Re-posted and you owns the original post. It is Ok.

I take that as a clear approval that it would be acceptable.

Is anything missing from the process?

Jumping Ship?

No, I don't plan to jump ship (picture of rats jumping a sinking ship here) and leave Steemit. What I would like to do is have a presence on a platform that emphasizes quality content above all, prohibits bid bots, encourages the flagging of poor content, and has a reporting method for users to report spam, plagiarism, and general bad behavior.

Steemit users can assist in the move quality improvement on Steemit by supporting


It is implementing a quality search algorithm to identify and reward quality posts, similar to the one built into WeKu. Unfortunately, the bid bots will still be around draining the rewards pool, although that may diminish over time as steem-ua gains membership.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Steemians who have strongly expressed their belief that emphasis on quality posts should be dropped entirely to allow single-line posts so Steemit would be a more fun place like Facebook.

I have delegated steem power to Steem-ua because it works harder for me there than it would in my own wallet, and I urge all Steemians to seriously look at supporting it as a great step towards getting support for quality content on the platform.


Comments from real people are welcomed.

About Me:

My Writing:


I delegated 100 SP to them and got my first upvote today. It was $0.30, which is about half of the total I have been getting on posts that do not get Curie votes. Delegation well made, in my opinion.

Now my next question is how on earth to get people to follow me so I can raise my frighteningly low score.

I have a lot of followers after a year and a half here. My tips are:

  • follow everyone you see who posts well or comments well - I usually follow over rep 40 only.
  • comment widely and be sure to follow those people.
  • ask for follows on your posts and sometimes in comments.
  • go into groups and guilds and communities and try to get everyone to follow each other while you are there.

My ua scores are around 4.4 and 1750 now. Is that good? I don't know what those two numbers mean. I have not delegated, but maybe I will. I'm not yet sold on this idea and actually just heard of us a couple of days ago, so I have barely looked into it.

That’s excellent advice, thank you very much for sharing your insights!

I'm there with the same user name. So are real-popa-pepper and ambiguity and a short list of brand names from Steemit.

Does not hurt to get an account before the names get growded. It's a "ground floor" opportunity like Steemit was in the beginning. Their stated purpose is to not make the mistakes Steemit did.

I just saw that Jaynie has set up STEEMITBLOGERS on WEKU with the name WEKUBLOGGERS!

That is going to start everything!

Good for @jaynie!

Never heard of them.. how long have they been around for ?

Not sure but they have a lot of activity from Indonesia and China. The English version has been around less than two months, I think. Didn't look at that part but spent time getting a feel for it. If nothing else, I did not find a single language error in their white paper or on the FAQ. Not something to be said about some others.

It's pure Steemit built for people who don't find quality offensive.

was briefly looking into signing up. just they require you to use telegram, i went to sign upto it via their web program, it asked to go via mobile.. hassle 😀 declined in the end.

I had no problem at all. They sent a confirmation email to me to verify and an sms to my cell phone for a second ID. The process took less than five minutes.

ahh.. i'd gone thru the whitepages link.. Wasn't sure if that's the official signup link. For now i'll stick with steemit..


over the long term, it may be worth your while. It's Steemit without the whales and before the ICO.

Thankyou 😀
Will give it a try..

Let me know. It works for me.

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sir willymac! does anyone know anything about the strength or the viability of the coin weku?

It does not exist yet; in the white paper only. It will NOT be "pre-mined" so weku will not have whales with so much power. The weku will be issued in an ICO and crowd funding and that is the best way possible to make sure it is a strong token. It will be a good thing!

They have taken the best of Steemit and made it better and left all the bad stuff out. It was built to be a quality-based social media platform instead of a gaming platform.

Note that @jaynie is newly on weku (as @jaynie)and has @wekubloggers registered! Really a very positive seal of approval, Tex.

I urge you to at least activate an account with your Steemit name. Lots of Steemians registered in the past few days using their same names. I have.

Check out

Thanks for the mention @willymac and yes I completely agree . It wont be worth nothing for long once they themselves setup on an exchange etc.

Most of our @steemitbloggers community are on there now as well @janton so it made sense to hit the ground running by creating a community spirit on that side too. @janton if you do create an account you will find all the necessary weku channels, footers etc. For the weku bloggers in our discord server.

As for the content side of things... I share the same sentiment. Whilst I have created some original weku content, I have also crossposted from steemit and really don't see an issue with that. As you say, it is my content. Although I have posed that question on a recent weku cleaners post, so will see what the feedback is.

Overall I think it will be exciting to see where it all goes... and may as well get in early.

@jaynie, I know you are up to your eyeballs in "busy" now, but I would like to have my name added to the Steemitbloggers and/or wekubloggers candidate list.

No problem @willymac. Am on my phone right now, but if you head to the footer of any of my posts you will find a link under the blurb about us which will direct you to one of our bus stop posts. Once there... you will find a link to hop on and submit your application :)

Hope that makes sense haha

Hi @willymac!

Your post was upvoted by @steem-ua, new Steem dApp, using UserAuthority for algorithmic post curation!
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In our last Algorithmic Curation Round, consisting of 441 contributions, your post is ranked at #433.

Evaluation of your UA score:
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  • Try to show your post to more followers, for example via networking on our discord!
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Feel free to join our @steem-ua Discord server

good to know. I still am thrown by how much it is just a complete copy paste of the steemit site appearance.

Yep, and the functionality appears to be the same. Discord loads the same with an icon foe weku. The only changes I see are the stance against bid bots and their plan to bypass the re-mining on tokens to avoid the "whale problem" Steemit has and to issue the WEKUs through crowd funding. Those alone make it a superior platform.

They are working on AI algorithms to identify good content based on preset criteria designed to look through everything and pick out the good stuff. They have people educated in that, and I've had some data mining experience and that is exciting to me because it can notify a poster that something is a trash post before it is actually posted. That would be a true spam and trash filter that would make it a great platform.

Good things are rolling!

Wow sounds great. So have you invested money into it?

There's no way to do that yet since the token is not on the market. It keeps the whales away!

They give you 100 weku to join and that is enough to keep us going. The rewards pool is a magic number now, so we can play and get in position for it to go live.

I didn't know about I'll check it out.
I'm planning to get off Steemit.

Weku is an exact copy of Steemit. There is nothing new to learn and you can repost your Steemit posts on weku. A lot of Steemians are moving to weku to escape the steemit bid bots that are taking money from the rewards pool and because of the great amount of Steem owned by the whales.

Weku forbids bid bots and is designed to reward good content. It really may be worth your time.

New account at

I used my Steemit name so friends can find me.

See you there!

Thanks, I opened an account out of curiosity. Wow, it's just like steemit.
But here you earn steem, do they also have a currency?

Yes, they have the Weku. It has not been issued yet, but it will be. There will not be any whales with millions of them, either. I'm working on a post for Steemit about it now. I think Weku is going to be better than Steemit!