Get Paid for Signups with the Steem Ninja Referral Program, Discord Bot & API for Developers

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At the beginning of 2019, we released @Steem.Ninja providing an account creation service where anyone can buy an account for $2.50 using credit/debit cards directly. Please check our introduction post here. You can access the service here:

We also provided increased security by enabling the keys/passwords to generate on the client side itself. You can access account recovery system so in case your keys or password were compromised or stolen:

Steem.Ninja in a Nutshell

Steem ninja provides the following services as a complete turnkey package:
• Easily purchase instant Steem accounts for $2.50 (minimum) with card payment
• Each account automatically delegates 15 Steem Power to each new user for 90 days.
• Easy purchase of 90day Steem Power delegations in varying amounts with card payment
• Instant purchase of Steem using USD credit card payments (coming soon!)
• Referral program (anyone can earn money for selling Steem accounts)
• Account recovery in case your accounts get hacked
• API for easy implementation into any dapp / front end
• Easily sell Steem Power Delegations and earn percentage

Latest Update - Referral System

Go to to check your Referral Rewards and to get your referral link which can be shared over multiple social media & messaging services.
Users can now set the price they want to sell accounts and SP delegations for. The interface will then immediately show the estimated referral reward per sold account:


The rewards are send as STEEM to your wallet at the end of the month.

Steem.Ninja Discord Bot

To make it easy for Discord communities to integrate Steem.Ninja we provide an easy to use Discord bot.
This discord bot allows Discord users to directly buy an account through Discord. Administrators can use the $referrer command to set an account that receives referral rewards.

So for example $referrer wehmoen would send the referral rewards for each sold account to @wehmoen.

Users have the ability to use the following commands to interact with the bot:

$help - Prints a help message and explains the other commands.
$price - Shows the current price for a steem account.
$buy account_name - Replace account_name with the account you want to buy. If the account name is available the bot will respond with a brief summary of your order:

If the account name is not valid or already taken the bot will inform you about that:

To let Steem.Ninja join your Discord server you may use this link (and you also get referral rewards if you sell accounts through discord):

Steem.Ninja API

Steem.Ninja now offer various ways for websites to sell Steem accounts. One of the first projects using this new technique is @steempeak:

If you are interested in integrating Steem.Ninja into your website/app/dapp or project please contact [email protected] or join our Discord:

Please check out the
Introductory Steem.Ninja post for more information!

If you like what we do please vote for us as a witness:

For any issues or queries please contact us on: [email protected]

STEEM NINJA is powered by @Oracle-D.

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Easily purchasing Steem with a credit card would be great, especially if fees are kept to a minimum

Stay tuned! We will release such a feature within the next month :)

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 87% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice. will have a password or account recovery feature? this is an amazing solution. I really support this project. I am very sure this will be booming because it is so cool

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If your keys have been stolen, you need to act really quickly and we might be able to help you get access back.

Please note, we cannot help if you have lost your keys. This is just not possible.

For more information checkout this page on our website:

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keep crushing it guys. this is one of the best projects i’ve seen on steem and something that is going to help bring more people here.

love the update and can’t wait to share the ninja with others :)

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Great to hear! May you bring in many more little Steem ninjas to the Dojo, and may you be well rewarded for your folly

Those slangs ☺️


Incentivized referral program? Truly brilliant, and with instant account creation service. It doesn't get any better than this. Unless...

Instant purchase of Steem using USD credit card payments

👆 Game changer..

I've brought this idea up to a dev or two in the past, with some dismissive responses. Glad to know there are some real forward thinking folks around here, as purchasing crypto can come with sets of challenges for certain individuals.

This is great, I'm super excited. Awesome stuff!

Hi @futuremind

we are in the process of enabling the purchase of STEEM and SBD through our platform. For the latest information and updates on this follow us. We think we will be able to provide Fiat to Steem within the next month. We will keep you posted in our blog. Thank you for your feedback. It's highly appreciated.

Wow!!! This is awesome. I love the discord feature of this project.
Do you even know how amazing that is ? It simply means you've just won the heart of discord lovers. They can easily get a steem account while they are in their favorite environment.

Great project @Oracle-D

Cool initiative you guys. Love that we are both working on the same lines. The more effort there is, the merrier!

Funny we've been considering launching a signup competition for a while now, and we just did that today. Seeing your post is great!

Let's get tons of Steem adopters :)

Bring in the little Ninjas!!!

This is an amazing initiative. To add incentives to account opening is brilliant.

Now I'm tagging my friends to see this too
@menoski @tfame3865 @illuminatus @pearlumie @amec.

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Exciting updates Looking forward to setup my own account and refer a few folks I know locally. Buying a STEEM account directly through credit/debit card will make it very easy to onboard new users. $2.5 is not a huge amount to spend and get instant access.

This immediately ends the problems of sign-ups and the referral systems is even more juicier, what a initiatives, helping more people become active for such a rate, well done guys

Simple and easy, create account on a go, the feature for account recovery should act as a more and convincing tool to make users join and also the referral incentives increases or brings a higher chance of existing steemians seeing the need to invite others.

Nicely done guys and great work.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback @otemzi. We built Steem.Ninja to make it easy for everyone to onboard users while they get rewarded for doing it.

Doing away with the boring waiting time as the request gets verified used to cut oncoming steemians, now with the referral program it gets sweeter.

It's difficult to express how I felt the first time I saw this initiative by Oracle-D, this adds tremendous value to Steem, and is a crystal clear example of the power and utility of the Steem Blockchain (App-Based Blockchain)!

we are in the process of enabling the purchase of STEEM and SBD through our platforming.

Fantastic! This is very exciting news and looks very promising; what makes crypto even better is the ability to be able to use it with fiats without an intermediary, and perhaps we could also have this feature vise-versa i.e where any user can sell (create an order to sell and merger with other users) Steem or SBD and get paid in USD 😉

I think more users would have on board Steem if we had such services earlier on. Imagine Bill Gates having to wait for 14days of which he might not be confirmed in the end.

Great job and @oracle-d count me in to take this service seriously!

This is absolutely brilliant who best to help sign ups than the community themslves. We should be using each post we make both on and off the platform as possible recruitment tool and this is just going to encourage that.

Very exciting I hope to see a major uplift in sign ups :) come on steemians lets do this

The plan sounds great... The opportunity to earn while onboarding new users will make a lot of people participate more actively I am interested but I GOT A QUESTION, How much it is effective in terms of earning?

The earnings depend on the price you sell accounts for. The minimum price for a Steem account $2.50USD. As the referrer you would get $0.50USD worth of Steem. But if you choose to sell accounts for $3.00USD you would earn $1.00USD per sold account. ok I am in but is there any special package or deal like if I am selling a bunch of accounts? I am interested in it, one small question though, will there be any referring money I refer it some friends when they eventually come across?

Beautiful, this initiative is a brilliant idea. Got more future, most especially password recovery system. That's super dupe.

Just used this service to buy an account, really nice UX. Smells like freedom!

This is a mind-blowing innovation!
I wish this was here a year ago, we wouldn't have experienced so much discouragement while promoting Steem. Thanks to Oracle-d for bringing to us the easiest onboarding mechanism for new users. I and my team will give this a try.

I've tried to use it for making a new account of my project and it was cool!
Just waiting for 15 minutes then you can start to post on steem blockchain. Really nice service and not waste to much time for getting a new account.
And I love the referral program 😍

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glad to hear that you like our service. You should be able to start posting immediately after your payment was successful. Did you have had any problems?

No. I didn't had any problem. I thought it would take to much time, but I was wrong! It just took 10 minutes to sign up and wait for about 15 minutes to get the confirmation ☺️

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You don't have to wait for a confirmation :) As soon as you see the "Welcome to Steem" screen your new account is ready to use :)

Such an amazing account creation service it could be helpful for more people on board

but where is the ref link located?


if you login to your referral dashboard you see a blue box containing your referral link :)

Wow, this is great especially the feature which will be available. I really like the password recovery aspect because I have friends that have lost their passwords due to one mistake of the other but couldn't recover them. How I wish this can up earlier

This is great, I'm excited. Awesome

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Aye! This is some next level steem tech!

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cool service

That's really good. good job


This looks really amazing for the account recovery feature. Although I read your post several times...still having a hard time understanding how the referral rewards part works. Where does this bonus come from? The initial account creation fee? The referrer setting their own price to sell accounts for...seems like in some hands it could become abused. What about competitive pricing among power users? Not throwing shade...just genuinely wondering how this will work out in the long run based on my current understanding.

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Konishiwa @creativesoul, you have very wise questions. The chi is high in you. While we agree that some sort of competitive pricing mechanism can come in later. For now this solution will solve most instant on boarding problems. There could be some sort of power user input to the price as this moves forwards. In terms of abuse, if you are talking about people selling the accounts too high, we agree, and have set a top side cap so that people cannot sell too high. We will leave you to work out what this is inside the affiliate part of our platform. We feel that the most important thing is that the Steem Ninja helping to onboard new users, as well as sell Steem Power delegation should be rewarded for their hard work. this is early days and we hear your concern. We keep a close eye on the prices people are selling for and will be able to see any trends that move towards abuse. We have set the starting price low since we believe that onboarding should be affordable. We hope that we have set the price low enough so that the Steem Ninja seller can also make a respectable reward for themselves

Even a reasonable fixed referral bonus or 'markup' should be incentive enough to encourage the onboarding of new users...but yeah it's still early days! Very happy to learn about the topside cap. It just occurred to me that someone might feel ripped off...unknowingly buying an account marked up high and realizing later on another referrer is offering a link to the same service for lower. On a large scale this seems like it might make steem look like a scam and this probably won't help with user retention. Anyways...thanks for getting back to me. I have this annoying habit of trying to see fifty steps ahead of any given scenario. Interested in putting a few links on my website when it goes live :)

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This is something we will watch very closely, of course we want to avoid the 'ripped off feeling'. This is why we put the cap. however, yes, its early days, lets see how it goes. It may be that other users want to sell an account that includes other benefits / products for example. Thanks for this very insightful question. It is noted and we will adjust the way this works if required.

Good opportunity for everyone. Thanks for this post.

Excellent, this is a problem solving mechanism. User's who are finding it difficult will be able to get their account activated with the delegation it is in deed great idea

These are excellent news! It is great that you allow any Steem user to participate in the process of monetizing the creation of new accounts! Keep up the good work peeps!

I have got to try this!!

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We would love to hear some feedback once you tried our services :) Hope you like it!

I like the idea.
I like the Discord BOT feature.
All seems really amazing, but...

...cryptocurrency world has made me skeptical about giving my credit card info away to random sites. I feel a lot insecure about the fact that you ask for all of my contact information, address, credit card number, and security code.

How can you assure to customers that their given information is safe? And that your database is secure from hackers or that the information I provide won't end up being used by whoever?

I'd really like to see crypto/paypal paying options as well as those don't require me giving away personal information to a newly developed site I actually don't know anything about.


actually your card details never reach our server. We use Stripe. One of the largest payment processors. Your details are send encrypted to the stripe servers and validated there. We only store the following data about an order in our own database:

Username - The new accounts name,
Charge ID - A unique ID to find your payment in the stripe dashboard.
Time - When the payment was completed.

Steem.Ninja was built to allow to pay for Steem services with a credit/debit card to allow everyone, even people who are new to crypto, to join Steem.

If you have further questions feel free to send us an email to [email protected], join our Discord server at or reply to this comment.

Nice project & good referral programme.

Perhaps you can help me understand, but why is it that you have to wait days or weeks for a free account but you can get one instantly if you pay?

Is this because when you pay it validates your a real person vs a bot?


Let me explain it :) Steem accounts are not free. Steemit claims accounts with their RC. To prevent people from creating hundreds of accounts they require you to provide email and phone number and then manually verify that you are a real person and has not gotten a free account from them before.

The account creation itself does not take longer than a vote or a follow for example.

Steem.Ninja triggers the account creation as soon as the payment was successful.

This is OD 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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Nice blog amazing work 👍

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Sounds great! Followed!

I'm Just really New Here and this is awesome. Another way to earn here and be engaged.. Happy to come across with your post.

such an innovative idea using the steam Block chain, keep up the good work guys.

If account recovery is possible, does that mean that the private keys are stored, and can be hacked?

Also, if a user changes his private keys later by generating new passwords, is acxount recovery still possible?

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Steem.Ninja never receives or stores your password or private keys. A password is generated in your browser during the checkout and only the public keys are send to our server.

Account recovery is possible if your keys got compromised and you contact us within 30 days and still have the previous owner key or the master password.

Wow, amazing!
Thank you.

Hello I'm new here and I must confess seeing this is just amazing cause i had to wait 2 weeks for my account confirmation which if i had heard about this before now then i wouldn't wait this long but nevertheless I'm here and im gald to be here.

This ia s great opportunity to bring more people on the platform as I've got friends that are not willing to wait that long so telling them about this would definitely convince the m to get an account through Keep steeming and touching lives

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I joined steemit since lest year and I have been looking for this platform were Nigerians can meet share ideas get followers, upvote and the rest I guess with this it will be easier. Tank you

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good idea...create account on a go, the feature for account recovery should act as a convincing tool to make users join and also the referral incentives increases.Simple and easy,and also, the purchasing Steem with a credit card would be great...this is the best offer ever!!!!! it is a must try for everyone

How to get the API key?

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I am pretty sure they covered that in their post ;)

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