Steempress Support Tuesday #1 (unofficial)

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SteemPress Support Tuesday is about steem & steempress users supporting steempress publishers. These steem users that have their own WordPress blog and are promoting their content, along with steem, to content consumers off steem on a daily basis.

I have mentioned a few times that I wanted to support the steempress community more.  With that in mind, I have started a weekly Steempress curation post and I am also launching Steempress Support Tuesday.

Comments Support Week

This week is comment support week (I will try and mix things up every week and I am open to suggestions)

Steempress has a bidirectional comments feature.  That means comments left on a WordPress blog using steempress will be posted to the blockchain, and comments left on the post via a steem interface are posted on the Wordpress site.

Comments are extremely important for bloggers.  It builds a sort of social proof that you have a following and they are engaged with your content.  An engaged community tends to mean the author has some influence.  This leads to more comments, more shares, and more traffic.

How to take part

Visit the blogs of 3 other commenters below and leave a comment on their blog. Then reply to their comment below.  Once you have commented on 3 blogs and logged it below, leave a link to your WordPress blog that you would most like to see comments left on.

To get the ball rolling, I will share my own blog post and I will nominate 1 further post in the comments below.


  1. You much comment on 3 other blogs and verify it by replying in the comments below 
  2. No links to steem interfaces.  It must be your wordpress blog.
  3. You must have steempress bidirectional comments turned on
  4. Your comments must not be spammy.

Tips – How to leave great comments

Leaving great comments can be hard.  But here are some tips to get you started

  • Ask the author some questions around the topic of their post
  • Put forward counter-arguments or statements
  • Share how the post was valuable to you, did it resonate with you personally or answers some questions you might have been looking for?
  • If the author asked questions in the post, answer them!

Go forth and Comment…………………….


This is my own blog, which is tied to @theexcelclub. My latest post teaches Excel users how to make a workbook more accessible.

I nominate
Its a rather short post by @sharonsult however as she is a new steem and steempress user, it might nice for the steem community to meet her.

@paulag, Bidirectional commenting sounds effective process. And in my opinion we can see this as a productive tool of promotion too. Keep up the awesome work and stay blessed.

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Oops, logging in to the comment widget doesn't work via SC now. Node down?

Really, I gotta go check

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I have open comments on my blog would like to see a few more:

Read the gotta comment on other wp blogs before you drop a link 😉 let's all try support each other a little more

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Steempress is awesome. Great service. Resteemed.

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thank you

what an outstanding idea! I just installed steempress on my wordpress blog, and posted an article. The integrated commenting works!! It seems like I had to login to comment on each of the blogs. Maybe my shields are up a little too much on the brave browser? Anyhow, would love some comments here:

Odd that you had to log in each time. I am on chrome and I don't have to do that. I see your name in the discord channel, maybe you can ask in there if thats normal on brave?

Im really happy to see new people try out steempress if you have a wp blog, its the way to go. Nice blog by the way, its clean and easy to navigate.

@paulag and @blockops

On having to log in on WordPress sites: that is controlled by the site owner who can choose whether or not to have that option on. I used to have it on, but it discourages comments so I've turned it off. By and large, on WP, Askimet picks up any spam which was my major concern. Oh, and also on WP, there are filters you can use to pick up spam and/or the types of comments you don't want. All in the settings - Jetpack, I think.

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I hope I'm not late!! But I'm glad to participate!! :)
(Commented on @theexcelclub, @blockops and @sharonsult)
Best vibes for every project, @PaulaG!!

hay @leveuf. thanks for visiting the blogs and for leaving your link, let's try and grow support within the steempress community :-)

May this initiative brings to you lots of satisfactions, thanks for your efforts, @PaulaG!!
Best vibes!!

since you didn't answer on twitter yet: where do I see my referrals & stats?

I didn't get anything on twitter? Which twitter account did u send it too as I dont check them often, but I did when I seen this!

Anyway you need to log into to see your referral info.

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I know, but there are no in-depth stats available...?