Help Promote Steemit! Retweet @SteemServices for Steem Power!

SteemServices is proud to announce our Retweet for Steem Power promotion!


Effective today, each week we will be rewarding a minimum of 500 Steem converted to Steem Power to those who retweet @SteemServices posts on Twitter.

Tweets can be retweeted manually or via using the recipe we have created on

In order to ensure your tweets are counted and the appropriate Steem account is rewarded, please ensure you register here. Additional information, including a FAQ can be found on

Thank you for your support! Let's build the biggest Steemit retweet engine and help expand the reach of Steemit!


Amen brother. I've added the IFTTT recipe. Brilliant idea!

For those who dont know what that means, go to ;)

I just tweeted several of your tweets. I'll also be working on an article about this site which I will post to Medium, Facebook, everywhere......I have to find out about how to convert the currency first.

fuck yeah a $90 dollar comment upvote from @berniesanders these were the days

is @steemservices even still doing this??? It REALLy should be giving out at LEAST steem-engine tokens for giving out tweets, or upvotes, i mean theres gotta be a way to get people to FOR EXAMPLE take 5 second sof their lives to UPVOTE a reddit post... we all need to upvote the reddit posts of people like @acidyo @agroed and me, when we post on reddit and I have a 2000 karma reddit account from 10 years ago so i can take messages from teh whales or community and post themm a d we can all upvote them togetehr and remember I DONT MAKE ANY MONEY off a redduit post so DONT BE STINGEY just make the fuckng rteddit account and upvote it!

Retweet done

Do we need to retweet all SteemServices tweets to be eligible? Or can we cherry-pick those tweets which might be of interest to our followers? I know my twitter followers would not appreciate it if I spammed them with loads of stuff... they would just assume Steemit has hacked my account!

Feel free to retweet manually as you wish, just make sure you register in the Google doc.

When this campaign will end? can I use 2 twitters account to retweet? can I retweet anything from your tweeter account? if I retweet today when should I check my reward? what can i do with the rewards I got? can I trade the rewards? :-)

Thanks i need some power..

I'm onboard and have already started retweeting. And, I'm using ifttt too.

Perfect, you're making it easier for me :) I'll have to set up the ifttt option to auto those out.

Need API Apple to take this Mobile.. If this is to compete with FB and Reddit it needs to be Mobile

I finally managed to set up the auto-tweet I think. So every time there is a new tweet from @steemservices, the one is added to my queue at Buffer und automatically retweeted in the form of RT@.... ? And that´s it?

I'll gladly retweet some of your posts. I signed up on your Google Forms but couldn't do the recipe because Buffer said I do not have enough followers. No problem, I will retweet the old fashioned way, manually!

Just dropping by to say Thanks for the Steem Power you recently gave me for this promotion. Much appreciated!!!

I just looked at my wallet and I received some steem power which I think is from this retweet promotion, so coming by to say thanks again!
I did notice that I received 2 payments one right after the other. If this was done in error, please let me know and I will return one of them. Thanks!
3 hours ago receive 10.000 STEEM POWER from silversteem
3 hours ago receive 10.000 STEEM POWER from silversteem

I have this setup, happy to contribute in this way. Thanks for the opportunity

Is it still working or campaign is ended?

Same question here; i went to their twitter account but there is nothing updated!

I hope this is running even now. Need more power! need more steem!

Is this still running?