Update on the SteemSports 2000+ Followers Giveaway

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Alright everyone, the 5 days are up! I’d like to thank everyone for participating in this competition, It couldn’t have been more of a success! I’ve read each and everyone one of your submissions and they’re all incredible! It’s clear that this community all has at least one thing in common, and that is our passion for sports. You have written about everything from your own personal journey’s in your sport, to how a certain team has helped bond your family together. It’s some really powerful stuff!

What Everyone’s Been Waiting For: Our Top 20 Entries

If you are one of these top 20 entries and would like to sport a SteemSports t-shirt or hat, please message @theprophet0 on Steemit.chat. You will have five days from now to claim you shirt or hat. However, you’ve all got the opinion for MUCH more than that.

Here’s the Next Stage:

  1. Resteem this post, tell all your friends!
  2. Vote for your favorite article by commenting the username below (@username)
  3. Ask them to vote for your article by commenting your username in the comments (@username)
  4. In 5 days time, we will tally the votes and present our top 3 winners!

Remember, This Is What’s Up For Grabs:

First Place: 75 STEEM, 125 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Second Place: 50 STEEM, 75 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Third Place: 25 STEEM, 50 WhaleShares, Choice of SteemSports T-Shirt or Hat
Good luck to everyone, you should all be proud of the posts you’ve submitted! We’ll see you all again in 5 days, and on behalf of everyone at SteemSports, I’d really like to thank you for your support!

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Thank you very much @SteemSports! I am very honored to have been selected for the second step in the contest. Thank you for the opportunity to share what sports mean to me!

Please read my post and vote for it if you like it!

Personally I have to give it to this guy, ever since I've started Steemit, I have not seen someone who works so tirelessly to help give back to the community in the way that he has, we both have been working to build on our communities slowly and I met him along the way. very much deserves it, the effort that goes into each post is unreal and it's deservant of greater exposure. See you at the top buddy!

P.S. I request you all to vote this fella and read his work. Not degrading anyone else what people give the community is amazing I just think he edges it.


thank you really very much didn't expect such a nice voting comment!

we'll be at 70 rep this year ;) !

great work!

I would like to vote for @uwelang!

cool contest, giving my vote to @doggedfi !

Good luck everyone

By just writing "@uwelang", you summoned the blockchain info bot:
99.754% of steemers have lower reputation than uwelang.
78.672% of steemers signed up later than uwelang (2016.08.08 at 17:13:12).
68.938 was the exact reputation of uwelang 4 days ago (update Fridays).
6 steemers are followed by both of you. Like @arhag, @araki,..
25 steemers are following both of you.
Hope that info helps, achim86. You can ask @qed for more details. Take care!

I vote for @nepd

I vote for @nepd

I don't know about you guys, but I'm voting for @mrray :p Thanks for the update guys!

I vote for this cool cat @doggedfi

I vote for @wickedcute!

My vote goes to @uwelang
I liked his article very much.
And besides, he is doing a lot in favor of the Steemit community, especially the German one.

I vote for @dillonford

Ok guys! @fingersik announces that his Steemit friends are rather scarce and that he would be most honoured if even those that don’t know him would spend their 5 minutes to read his article:) peace!

great reply buddy, good luck

praise from the competitor is more than welcome:P :)

I vote for @costopher, League of Legends is the best!

Me too! @costopher is a nice diversion from 'real' sports. Mind is what counts too!

@costopher is the hero we all need , he's got my vote!!

@costopher thanks for stopping by my post! Updated @coffeedrinker51

voting for @doggedfi

My vote is @uwelang

Hello @steemsports, Zagreb is calling... 🙂
And my vote 👍 goes to... Simple German Guy - @uwelang

Yaaay! @irime here. I'm so happy to have made it into the Top 20, thank you guys.

Being rather new to Steemit I have just a handful of dedicated Steemians following me, so I would like to invite those who read this message to take a look and cast their vote if they like my entry - it's about martial arts!


Cheers! I am off to take a look at the other finalists...

I vote for @casparleuzinger!

I vote for @costopher

I vote for this old dude @uwelang ! He might be older than Gandalf the grey! ;)

I will be lookin forward to the next one :)

Just finished reading all of the posts and put my vote in for @irime
It was tough, I loved the pieces about social media ties in the bundesliga, the passion for ultimate, esports as a legitimate sport and the coaching aspect of sports. I'm don't practice martial arts, but somehow this post about how practicing your sport by bringing your body and mind into a singular focus and pushing out all of the 'noise' the world throws at us, sold me on this post.
Also, thanks for putting this contest out there guys (and gals). I really enjoyed a lot of the posts it created!

@swansed Thank you so much for taking the time to read! More than your (very appreciated!) vote, I am grateful that you found something meaningful in the post I wrote, a little aspect of my experience that you could connect with. I think this is what makes Steemit a great community. Greetings from Berlin :-)

Hey all. Would like to put in a plug for myself, @doggedfi!

You can check out my article about beginning to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu here! Please consider placing a vote for me if you enjoy the article! 😄

I vote for the amazing @irime!

I vote for @doggedfi

My vote goes to @irime

I vote for @doggedfi

Beginning My Jiu-Jitsu Journey

only because he's the best

I think @doggedfi deserves to win because he kicks ass.

I vote for @irime 's homage to martial arts and her view on how it becomes a partnership with your opponent upon continuous praxis.

Let's go @wickedcute!

Hey steemians this is the link to my article! It's about my first backflip🏂
I appreciate every vote! ✌ 😆

i would love to watch the full video, looks interesting

i couldn't make the gif longer unfortunately :/

I vote for @doggedfi!!!

Hey guys!
It's so awesome to have been included in the Top 20! It's an honour, thank you very much!
Check out my entry, maybe my account as well and cast your vote, there's some great entries here!

I hope you win, dear beer buddy @costopher! @steempub-trail could support you too!

Great stuff, you did not spell my profile name correct, it is @uwelang

I have messaged our staff and will have that changed shortly! Remember to spread the word! Best of luck!

Thanks for the help buddy, spreading it when name is correct :-) - the link works at least

It's fixed - thank you for spotting that. :)

Cheers - mentioned earlier already - just in order to play fair - another user there was also a little typo in the name @casparleuzinger - you missed an "s".

thanks @uwelang for your help! really appreciate it :)

All good mate - good luck

We've made the correction! Goodluck and thanks for participating!

Thanks a lot! In order to be fair - another user there was also a little typo in the name @casparleuzinger - you missed an "s".

I support you entry, buddy @uwelang! Hope you win! If the payout of comment counts, say and I'll up it!

Thanks a lot! I think you just need to comment with the steemit account name of the one you support and they count the mentions

I vote for @mrray!

Thank You so much for featuring my post! I wasn't expecting it to go this far.

My vote: @dillonford

Thankyou very much!

My vote to @doggedfi

oh that's great,,,i am in top 20,,,vote to me @haseebjadoon :p :p
i will be thankful to those peoples who don't know me will read the post and vote me @haseebjadoon

If you have ever rooted for a guy to suffer a minor injury because you did't really want him to be seriously injured but you just wanted him off of:

  • your team
  • your arch rival's team
  • just your television in general

Then you should vote for @theregularguy.

Here's the post.

hey guys! you wrote my name wrong! but i'm super stoked to be in the top 20, thank you very much! :D

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