Meet the woman responsible for cleaning up spam on steemit! Live today on DEAR LITTLESCRIBE

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On the agenda today: @patrice and @jackmiller.

@patrice is the witness responsible for @steemcleaners, @spaminator, and @broombot. She's also got a fun story about how she got here and where she came from professionally. The interview will be fun and informative.

@jackmiller is an up-and-coming witness, a rising force on steemit. He's from Australia and has traveled and lived all over the globe. He is highly technical in his understanding of the blockchain platform and what ours needs to thrive. He recently retired and he and his family are "all in" on the witness project. He's got your back. This interview should be very interesting.

Today 6/6/18


  • This witness has climbed the ranks at phenomenal speed, from 0 to 60 in less than 8 months. Originally from Australia, he has traveled and lived all over the world. He believes he has finally found his home with steemit. His wife and kids support his sincere and dedicated endeavors to make this platform a better place. Find out what he has in store!


  • Top 40 Witness, founder of @steamcleaners, @spaminator, and @broombot, former truck driver, home improvement diva, and mother! This woman is unbelievable. Her tenacity and great ideas have made this platform already a better place, as she cleans up the spam and motivates users to produce proper content. Be sure you know who you are voting for when you vote for your witnesses. This gal is on your side.

Wednesday 6/13/18:

@timcliff v. @sircork

  • "Kings of Steem" Live Debate between two of the most knowledgeable, passionate witnesses on the platform.


  • Get to know a top 10 witness on steemit and his ideas to help open up the lines of communication between deep-pocket share holders and...the rest of us.

Wednesday 6/20/18:



  • Find out who is behind door #1! This witness is actually a duo. They are responsible for the success of, running scripts for successful curation of MSP, and investing in fully 5 nodes (3 witness servers, a seed node, and an rpc node)! All of which bring better accuracy, speed, and reliability to the blockchain.

Wednesday 6/27/18:


  • The sweetheart of steemit, @coruscate brings charm, grace, generosity, elegance, fun, and wit to the platform! I can't wait to interview this darling dearest. She's smart, funny, and driven. We have a lot to learn from her success story.


  • Life (slash) energy coach. How do you know if someone is keeping a secret, and what do you do about it???

Wednesday July 4th

  • Independence Day here in the U.S. No show for today

Wednesday July 11th

April Meservy

  • Singer/songwriter, and old college buddy. Her cover of "With or Without You" was played at this years' Olympics in Korea during an ice skating event. Give a listen!

Past Interviews

5/30/18@timcliff and @bethalea
5/23/18 @mistermercury and @darrenclaxton

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I wonder how @themarkymark will express himself about it.
I guess that he is still patient and will always be.
steemcleaners is a tool for one of the whales here to make author rewards and curation rewards without seeming like a blatant bad whale like a few of his peers.
Steemcleaners also prefer to have spam, and to not decimate it completely, because if it would have been known for all that the Steem community does not tolerate spam, what need would there be for a whale sized account in order to fight spam.
An account that spends a considerable part of its time idle at 100%?
At least they do not fully self vote, so I guess that in their case, it is a semi bad sign and not a fully bad sign.

Not sure how @themarkymark come in.

I do get how you see steemcleaners as a tool for author rewards. However, two things: 1) @patrice is less involved with steemcleaners than she was when she started. @spaminator and @broombot are now her things, and I know at least with @spaminator, the delegations of SP she receives simply require that she not upvote or earn on curation. And that is really important to her. Her data is pulled by bots and then manually scoured for reliability. She has a high success rate of downvoting spam, and educating new users on the etiquette of the platform. I have absolutely zero complaints about @patrice. @steemcleaners I think is owned by @anyx, the same author of the @cheetah bot, both of which have been wildly successful, helpful tools to the platform, both of which have drawn some negative attention, and both of which have been modified over the months and years to accomplish the greatest amount of good, while funding the purpose that is behind. them. Not sure I disagree with your complaint, though.

I'd like to interview @themarkymark on my show. I had his top curator, @bethalea a couple weeks ago. I think he does some pretty fantastic things.


I will vote against @patrice every chance I get. She is a self righteous "hollier than thou" egocentric b1tch.

I was so surprised to hear you say this about her so I looked into it. Now I know what's happened. There is a bot going around mimicking her and being awful to new users to give her a bad reputation. I don't think she would never behave the way you suggest. She's pretty cool, and very kind and understanding to people, even when they spam. So double check and make sure it's her. If it is, let me know what the trouble is. And I'll see what needs to be done about it.

Wow! Really juicy stuff coming up! I just started to follow you! Spam is bad especially when they use comment bot just to earn that few cents. Great lady to have come up with ways to clean those spam. The fact is I had lesser spam the last few months as compared to earlier months. Cheers and thanks for all your effort in your well scheduled interviews information!

Looking forward to seeing you today! Should be a fun show. Thanks for the follow!

What a star-studded line-up you have here!

Hopefully I'll be awake to listen in :)

What time will it be there?

Dang @llittlescribe Barbara Walters would be jealous. Are you her daughter? How did you do all this? Are you part of the Illuminaughty?


Book marked steemstar network, never been there, will see how it works in a couple of hours. Actually in less than an hour I guess.

I like what you do @littlescribe, I hope to be part of the audience of each of the interviews. My best wishes to you, God bless you always.

Thanks sara! Sorry we missed you today! You'll definitely not want to miss next week...

@littlescribe I know am a lost sheep but I will be back to steemit full time and attend all your programs soon I love your shows God bless you go on with your good work.

Dear @patrice,
I have a question for you, can you explain to me why @myominaung gets downvoted everytime he post something? Is there a way how we can solve this situation, hope to hear something from you soon.
This account didn't make any spam post.
Thank you for your reply!

My question is for @patrice or anyone who may be able to contact her. I left a comment on her page but several other users had left a similar comment without response so I'm assuming she will not see mine. Anyways, your bot is downvoting my posts and not that I'm calling my content excellent or anything but I spent 6 hours yesterday writing a post, thousands of original words, just to wake up to a downvote from her bot this morning. I have never created anything other than original works and I would really appreciate her bots not damaging the $0.12 an hour I make pouring my heart and soul into words. Please can you change this? I know I'm not the only one being targeted, and that others have been victims of downvotes from her bots on posts they put quite a lot of effort in. I understand it's probably not intentional but if you can't fix that do you think maybe we're better off without your bots?

I don't see a downvote on your posts from @spaminator, @mack-bot, or @prowler.

@usertelor . They have tagged you as their creator. Excuse my ignorance if I'm just gullible but I figured that as a prominent member of the community, you'd at least care to know that someone is creating random downvote bots under your name.

Sorry, for being abrupt. I'm trying to research this and another group and deal with a lot of false complaints.

There is some more information here:

Ok thank you! Didn't mean to be hostile just wanted to figure it out. Thanks a lot for getting back to me :)