Okay, Flat Earthers hear me out for a moment

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The myths and theories about the flat Earth have become very intense lately, with different organized groups holding all kinds of congresses, interviews and very "fancy" statements where they try to explain in any case the "scientific" reasons why indeed the Earth is flat. However, you do not have to be too intelligent to realize that such a fact is completely impossible (right?), above all because it lacks a lot of technical and scientific facts that support that kind of statement. Well, let me say something to those who still support that theory, the earth is not flat, the earth is ... square and anyone who say something different can't convince me

All this flat earth theory born basically as a kind of conspiracy that like all seeks to hide the truth from humanity. In fact, no matter how absurd the theory of flat earth looks, there are people who take it extremely seriously to the point of belonging to groups such as Flat Earth Society or even go to the extreme of wanting to prove this theory by its own means, just like this man who launched himself from a rocket

So why we don't put on for a while the cape of those who believe the earth is flat and draw some interesting conclusions.

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As I had been saying let's assume that yes, that the earth is really flat. How would the constants and forces that rule and act on the earth change? and how would our life be so different if the earth were flat?

Well, let's start discovering it

Dragged by gravity

Here we would have the first problem, if we were to assume the theory of the flat earth instantaneously we would have to also assume that gravity does not exist in the way that we know.

Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass are brought to (or gravitate to) one another, including objects ranging from electrons and atoms to planets, stars, and galaxies.

Basically we would have to discard gravity as we know it because it would simply lose all valid sense that we know so far since in the case of a flat Earth the gravity would act so strongly that it would constantly attract us to the center of the earth, that is to say that wherever we are, we would be strongly pushed towards the center and in this way our bodies would have to bear a load similar to what we would feel when we climbed a very steep hill. And for those people who live far from the center of the planet, it would be impossible to move freely and would simply fall indefinitely until reaching a distance close to the earth's center.

Summing it up a bit, the gravity in the spherical earth as we know it is what keeps us on solid ground while in the case of a flat earth the gravity would prevent us from moving freely as it would force us to move in the direction of the center from the earth. Without counting the effects that this model of gravity of a flat earth would have on nature, who would feel effects similar to those suffered by humans.

Hell instead of a planet.

Suppose for a moment that we have been able to cope with and overcome the problem that gravity would represent in a flat earth model.

We would have another big problem, a much more complicated problem to overcome because it would be related to what keeps us alive, yes I'm talking to the sun. A model of flat earth would have many problems to deal with the sun as we know it, because if we assume as I said at the beginning of this post that the earth is flat that would mean that the earth would basically be static, that is, it would not spin and what does that mean my friends? Yes, we would have nothing to protect us from the ravages of the sun's rays and therefore the radiation emitted by the sun would pass freely without facing the magnetic fields that currently prevent them from directly impacting the earth.

And well, I don't need to tell you what would happen if the earth was constantly bombarded by direct solar radiation, but I'll tell you; we would not live on earth we would live in hell, because the radiation would be so inclement that it would practically burn everything on earth, making it impossible for life to exist as we know it.

A massive field.

Right now with the spherical earth model, the earth is full of different types of nature as a consequence of the different formations that the spherical earth model allows. Well with a flat earth, this would be totally flat where you look, what I mean is that there would be no relief, that is, it would be almost impossible to have produced the formation of mountains, highlands and any kind of natural formations towards "up". All this would be a consequence of the fact that no movement in the tectonic plates would have occurred or at least not in the way that has happened with the spherical earth model.

Summarizing it a little more, basically, all the terrestrial geography would be very different and it would be like seeing an immense totally flat field almost without relief. Something similar to the drawings that children make ... Perhaps they are also believers of the flat earth? Or maybe they are just children.

It should be noted that another consequence that would be rooted in the fact that the earth was static all the time, is that there would always be the same type of climate around the earth, that is, there would never be changes derived from the different climatic seasons. Besides that it would be practically impossible for any type of precipitation to originate, such as rain, hail or snowfall, all because the wind currents would only move in two directions, which would prevent the necessary flows from being created and this would cause that little by little the concentrations of water were drying and that the greater concentration of water would locate in the coasts or edges of a hypothetical flat earth.

Imminent destruction

If for some unknown reason or rather if, because of some "divine miracle" we were able to overcome all the problems that would come with a flat earth model, there would still be one last and imminent obstacle that we would have to overcome, and yes I mean the sun again.

As is well known in the spherical earth model, our planet revolves around the sun in a very pleasant way, let's say so; Well, as I emphasized earlier if the earth was flat, it would be totally immobile, that is, it would not rotate or have an orbit around the sun. Well that's where the problem lies and although many will surely say that an immobile earth is completely "Perfect" because we would be constantly at a point in space, let me tell you that you are wrong, if the earth did not rotate around the sun it would move practically in straight line to him, which means that at some point we would crash with the sun and die imminently.

To put it a little simpler the gravity of the space together with the gravity generated by the sun would push us towards it so that we would collide with it and the planet would be totally destroyed

Final words

The theory of flat earth like most conspiracies is based on assumptions and the creativity of people to question what governments tell them, believe me I personally doubt much of the words of governments but in this case, this conspiracy has little to take from, since there are many scientific facts that refute it and even if they did not exist, as I briefly explained, a flat earth would lead to a series of events that would be impossible to survive. So unless all the laws of physics that we know are wrong so far, the possibility that the earth was flat must be completely discarded.

However, if you are one of those people who firmly believe in the theory of flat earth and have your own evidence to support that theory, I would like to know.



All the evidence in the world, can not deter someone who is fueled by belief.

It's kind of fun to think of how absurd the idea is. Things like the Cavendish experiment, Foucault pendulum, eclipses, and so many other things would have to be explained by alternate explanations. Not to mention that we can obviously see spherical objects (like other planets and moons) in the sky. For some reason they are okay to be round, but the Earth cannot? I've even been told legitimately by someone that they believed the Earth was round but we are on the inside of the sphere. I'm just glad people are talking about science, even if is just an opening for debate over established theories.


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I think for the most part they are just contrarians doing thought experiments. I like ancient alien people better because they annoy nationalists instead of scientists.