Three years of SteemSTEM - a window on our curation effort!

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The SteemSTEM project was officially launched on September 29, in 2016 (although a small group of STEM lovers on Steem were already discussing about it for some time). Making us 3 years old - one of the oldest projects on Steem that's still alive!

Happy anniversary SteemSTEM!

Science communication is a vital force worldwide, and there is a clear potential for Steem to play a role in this context.

SteemSTEM focuses on this goal via several actions that range from supportinig STEM authors (both on Steem and on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit), the development of our frontend, the deployment of our witness @stem.witness, and the organisation of meetups in crazy places (the first two happened at CERN and at Virgo Labs).

We'd like to share with you all a few statistics about curation, engagement and user retention over the last 3 years to commemorate the hard work that our whole community of volunteers and authors have put in to our cause.


Authors are supported according to various criteria. First, objective requirements ensure that any supported post is related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM), and that it is not fraudulent or dishonest (references image credits, plagiarism). In addition, we also encourage content creators to use enthusiasm, humour, natural tone, simplified language - generally have a social media personality that may best reach larger audiences. Wikipedia-style posts are not what we are about!

We also stress that there is no length requirements, and that we accept content in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

There are currently four levels of SteemSTEM support:

  • 10%: To encourage a new user or acknowledge effort.
  • 30%: An average vote for an average post that does not report anything new or exciting, or that is not written with any personality or passion.
  • 65%: Very good posts with character in their writing style and/or that bring unique or fascinating content to Steem. We feel content of this calibre contains information that users might search for in the future from outside of Steem.
  • 100%: The best of the best, often written by authors who master and have a unique approach to their subject, that is completely original, groundbreaking, and/or demonstrates one's own research.

Since the beginning of the project, we have supported 3062 authors who have written 21327 posts. As a plot is better than 1000 words, take a look:

This describes the number of weekly supported posts (green) and unique authors (blue), as well as the usage of our weekly available voting power (red). Ignoring the HF-related spikes and dips, as well as the crypto bubble of January 2018, it is nice to see that HF21-22 generated a revival of the community (the last data points).

Let’s cross our fingers the current trend will continue!

Diving deeper, we can break down the amount of supported posts in posts receiving a small-level (less than 20% upvote), medium-level (less than 65% upvote) and high-level (more than 65% upvote) amount of support.

Our goal is clearly to have a larger red area. However, this kind of posts requires more effort that, naturally, many are not willing to put the effort in at current reward rates. This should somehow be accounted for as we have a thriving voting trail so that our best posts easily get several dozens of SBDs of rewards!

In terms of rewards, let’s close this section with the breakdown over time of the $685,793.248 of rewards that we have shared with more than 3000 Steem users.

Even today the numbers are not bad. The posts supported by SteemSTEM get all together about 1000-1500 SBD weekly (please check the last data points).

Engagement and user retention

The interesting feature is that on average, user engagement measured as the average number of comments over the supported posts has barely changed since the beginning of the project.

Whilst we have>a lot of posts with not that many comments, we however have a good number of post with more than 15-20 comments. We hope to do better there, thanks to our efforts reaching out to other social media and a future option that will allow people to comment posts without any Steem account.

For the spike at 62, please see here!

On a different aspect, the figure below displays the number of weeks between the last and first posts of all authors supported during the last 3 months (green) and 6 months (green + blue).

A sad conclusion is that many users write one post and leave (the peak at 0). This is a common theme across the whole blockchain and its various projects.

We however have many community members who are there for some time, contributing to SteemSTEM on a regular basis. Our oldest users (who are here for more than 2 years and who have written at least a post during the last 3 months are:

The app

It is finally cool to see our app being used more and more (and hopefully, with all the planned developments, this will continue rising):

On this curve, we consider all posts supported by SteemSTEM and posted from the app.

As our last words for today, we wish to thank all the supporters, benefactors, curators, trailers and fantastic members of the SteemSTEM community for everything they have contributed that has allowed us to continue doing what we do, evolve, and become better than ever before!


How beautiful! <3 It feels wonderful to be part of this community family. I am so grateful for SteemSTEM, for all the support and encouragement I have received over the years, all the kindness, but above all for all the incredible people I got to meet and think of as my virtual friends.

SteemSTEM has truly become part of my life. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Weeee :D

That is true: SteemSTEM is now more a family that a community, stricto sensu :)

PS: we should definitely meet at some point ^^

we should definitely meet at some point ^^

Definitely! ☺️

I am extremely grateful to be mentioned here in this wrapup post. I am also very grateful for your continued support. Y’all put in a lot of great work and showcase many amazing authors. Thank you ! Looking forward to one day making it to a meet up :)

For that, we may need to organise a meetup first :)

It's an honour to be among the oldest members of this amazing family.
Right from the days of Steem chat till now, the journey has been amazing. I remember when we won the firepower contest and how we worked together as an indomitable force.

Happy anniversary SteemSTEM

Hey we're in the same age category! Nice =D

Also, dat 70 rep =D

I am the old fellow here ;)

Yeah, way way old :D

We have to respect gradpa @lemouth Sammi. We must always respect the elderly 😏

Says the girl who is older than me IRL... OK this was an easy one ;)

😂 😂 😂 Bummer! I should have thought this one through! :P <3

In this part of the world, we'll call him "baba" to show respect 😂😂

@lemouth's Steemit Anniversay Photo


Almost me ;)

Yeah, same age 😂😂. We've come a long way 😎

Great to have you there. I was suspicious about some of the names that would finish in this category, but four of them actually surprised me :)

It's an honour. Y'all have been amazing. SteemSTEM can only get better.

PS: where's the anniversary party holding? :D

Well... here? :D

Congratulations to SteemSTEM for these 3 years boosting the scientific content in blockchain. It is admirable the work of its administrators, curators and honors members and of course to congratulate each person who contributes their grain of sand to this project by creating high quality content (without them steemstem would not exist) are the cornerstone of this great project that has been in steem since its inception and as time goes by continues to grow little by little.

Great @lemouth statistics and congratulations for your great work.

HUrra SteemSTEM

Congratulations to everyone! This would not have been achievable without the efforts of many :)

Happy Birthday. Best thing on the blockchain :), you're right. =)

Definitely not subjective, in the same way I am not biased with this comment... :D

I wonder if creating some kind of sponsorship program for new people that show promise, would help retain them longer? By sponsorship i mean that the new user gets to pist on his sponsors feed, but a portion of the author reward goes to the sponsor in exchange for the access to their followers.
I think one of the major issues is just how overwhelming the raw feed can be, and it's not all that easy to filter it. At most you can search by the tags, but since the 5 tag limit, many ppl use only the popular tags, so that's not very accurate. But not sure if i see that changing anytime soon.

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We actually have a team of honour members who plays this role. When we notice a new user, we are trying to send him/her to our discord and put him/her in contact with the honour members who could guide him/her. It works well when this is used, but users are not that demanding for such a service.

For the filtering, we are mainly using our own app. I have ideas on how to develop a full curation platform on it, but mostly no time to implement that because it is a subsequent piece of development, and I do that during my free times. I hope this will help us discovering new users :)

Finally, we also hope our activities on Facebook, Reddit and cie will help. The future is bright, IMO, but we move slowly due to the fact that the most active of us are overwhelmed. I guess this is the fate of any Steem project, somehow :)

Discord works, but i feel like if you have issues getting ppl to just sign up on steem, it doubles the chance to loose them if they also have to sign up for another thing. I know that's just where things are at right now, but i hope one day all the apps link together, and have messages built in. Then they don't have to jump through so many hoops to get fully on board.

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I also ave the development of a "sign-up made easy" page on the app, and also allowing people to comment without having an account (like steempress does). This yields the same problem as before: my time is very (very very very) limited, I am not a JS dev (I learned it because I needed to, to develop the app) and I am thus not super fast.

However, I prefer doing things slowly and right than hastily and wrongly.

PS: also, finding a dev working for free (or the beauty of the project) is not an option (we already tried that).

Yeah at least in the context of STEM subjects, has all the filters in place, just click the subject you want at the top. The issue is getting people on there without habitually getting involved in which is still the go-to starter place.

Well i might have to try it out, as i'm mostly using steemit, and Partiko.

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For daily use I'd just transfer your energy to steempeak, far more intuitive and beautiful interface. For Stem, use ours since you get extra strong votes just by using it =)

Hey, well done family!!, how old am i here, i think i joined December 2017 . All the same i say kudos to all senior friends in the house. Well done @lemouth, the post is finally out.

Am grateful for all support that i have ever received so far from @steemstem and for always encouraging quality work Will write soon again

We are looking forward to your return! We will hold the fort as we have always done until there :)

The stats, by the way, are beautiful =)


10 lines of python for all but the retention one, 10 extra line of python for the retention one. Compact and efficient.... plus 3 days to browse the blockchain and harvest the information :D

Great work! Happy to be a part since the earlier days. I have a few lengthy, well researched and informative pieces on electron microscopy I am working on. Have not been dedicating much time to writing lately, but you should see something soonish.

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I was actually surprised when I found out the date of the first of your posts we supported. I thought you joined us much more recently. I was actually wrong :)

Congratulations... Keep going...

No plan on stopping!

The same holds for you: please keep going in writing so nice articles on architecture :)

Thank you.. Obviously I will write and spread the words here...

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Great story!

one of the oldest projects on Steem that's still alive!

Congratulations on your courage, patience and endurance!

I'm proud to be a part of it.

Let's take the next three years.



One year at a time, one year at a time :)

Congratulations 😃
In this short-lived time, three years are a little eternity. Keep it up! 😊

A short eternity in this case :)

wow 3 years, you gotta be the oldest existing community here. Nice work.

Definitely starting to feel it in my bones!

I am not sure. We may compete with curie :)

Congratulations on your milestone guys.

People like me hope to read more publications from the community.

People like me hope to read more publications from the community.

Well, I think that this applies to everyone :)

Hey, love what you guys are doing, I am new here but trying to write articles worthy of the tag! :)

We have noticed! Please continue like this (we do enjoy what you do) and don't hesitate to contact us (on discord or the Steem chat) if you need help or advice!

Very kool post. I just wish people gave like they used to. I hate the buying of votes but i know some feel its necessary to raise there portfolio. Any tips on how to raise the value of posts without buying. Any helo would be appreciated. Again nice post.

As a matter of facts, we didn’t buy any vote to get this post trending (and we are not in favour of such an attitude at all). As you may have noticed, most former bid-bots are also manually and organically curating after the latest hard fork. It consequently happens that some posts get nice upvotes from known bid-bot accounts without having to buy anything.

There is also very little to say about how to get trending. In the framework of the SteemSTEM community, in general, writing nice posts fulfilling our guidelines and possibly meeting us on Discord or on the Steem chat is sufficient (we also have honour members to help newcomers to get curated). Outside SteemSTEM, I can’t tell... as I have never put any foot outside SteemSTEM :).

Happy Anniversary SteemSTEM!!

I can personally attest to the support you've given content creators over the years.

I've been in a creative rut for nearly a year now due to my life being turned on its head, but I thank you guys for all the support I received on my Super Cool Science S#!t series.

I hope to get back into writing content again soon, but until that day comes, I still follow your voting trail and will start doing better about actually engaging with content.

Keep up the awesome work, guys!

I am happy to learn that you are still around. I hope we will be able to read again from you in a not too far future. In any case, we will still be there :)

The work of this community is great and the publications on STEM are great, full of great scientific quality, thousand congratulations in its three years and to eat cake.

There is unfortunately no cake left. The mini-mouths ate them all before being able to share them :D

Happy Anniversary., to all the team and authors of the SteemSTEM project. To arrive at 3 years of uninterrupted support to users who socialize manuscripts related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) within the STEM ecosystem is nothing simple, the mere fact of seeing the statistical reports shows the seriousness with which the team of curators evaluates the content of proven academic quality, to support it and make it visible within the platform.

I will take this opportunity to give credit to the unwavering commitment of @lemouth and its team, an element that I have personally valued as positive, as it has been a reason for encouragement to continue publishing unpublished work for the #SteemSTEM label.

Many thanks for such a lovely message! We are also happy to have you around (together with your contributions of course).

This is quite awesome for the steemstem community. 3 years is not a small period and the project seems to be moving on stronger against all odds. Congratulations to everyone that has been part of the project. I started writing stem articles in November 2017, I was wondering if name should have entered the list of more than 102 weeks authors.. Good luck to everyone in the nearest future

Is it a way to ask where you are in the list? :)

Thanks @steemstem for supporting every author who post stem related topic from more than two years. Thanks for inserting my name in your post. I am always a supporter of steemstem community.
Very happy anniversary.

Many thanks! We are happy to have you around! Feel free to contact our honour members if you need some help ;)

amazing >>> i hope that you get a lot of money i just started 6 days ago i hope that i will get some money from this site

As said by mobbs, we (as the team) are not making any money... at all (the SteemSTEM accounting is more on the negative side, with the server costs and all of that ;) ). The reason we are here are in the community and the project (that are both great!).

Well, we're more about the community, but rewards do exist for decent authors (almost nothing for us running the show!)

This is quite awesome for the steemstem community. 3 years is not a small period and the project seems to be moving on stronger against all odds. Congratulations to everyone that has been part of the project. I started writing stem articles in November 2017, I was wondering if name should have entered the list of more than 102 weeks authors.. Good luck to everyone in the nearest future

Yeah good

Dancing dancing dancing

me encanta steemit de verdad

A mi también <3 :)

Happy Birthday. Best thing on the blockchain :)

Thanks! :)

En la unión está la fuerza y la interacción es fundamental porque como dicen en
mi país "una sola golondrina no hace verano", felicitaciones.

Am glad to be a part of this great community

And we are happy to have you!

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Thanks for including it in this digest!

Happy anniversary! Hopping that in the future everything will move forward to this kind of content.

So do we! In any case, we will be there in the future!

Happy anniversary steemit

Thank you!

Good job

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Thank you!

Congratulations to the best steem community who have long supported the content of many people and improved the quality of life of others. I hope you will have many more years and thank you very much for all the support during my time at steemit.

We also hope to be there in the future :)

That's how it's gonna be :)

That's how it's gonna be :)

Already 3 years! I didn't think SteemSTEM was so 'old'! Let's hope the community will grow again! ^^

The community is on the right slope to grow, for a couple of weeks at least. HF22 had a nice effect on us :)

Late congrats!