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Some of us spend many hours creating the perfect steemit post with the hope that we get noticed and people actually read our content. If people do not read our content how can we offer them any value? If people do not read our content how can we find our tribe?

I work a full- time job and, I also think that family time is important. Most days I just do not have time to even write a post, nevermind read posts. So I have an idea. Maybe it a good idea and maybe it's not. So here goes:


Please comment on this post. Include a link to your great post. I will read it, comment on it and vote on it. I believe that steemit can be about paying it forward. There are many charities here on steemit that support some really great causes.

If you like my comment please send me a donation. You can transfer any amount of steem or sbd. In the memo write Donation.

The donations received will go directly to @youarehope

The SBD reward from this post will also be donated to @youarehope

If you do not have a post to submit please consider donating directly to @youarehope

If this is somewhat successful We can do it again next week and support a different charity.

I will probably only be able to get to the first 20 or so posts, so please keep that in mind.

Sunday I will post the results of the donations and list all those that have donated. I will also include the links to your posts that you have submitted.

The above image came right from the @youarehope post listed above.

I would like to thank all the people over at @steemusa and @thealliance for inspiring me



Beautiful pictures ... There is no difference in the name of friendship ..

I just made a post about how there needs to be more charitable action and documentation from the "crypto millionaires". The people that were in bitcoin from the beginning could make a huge difference in the world. I'm confident that I can become a millionaire, but whats the point if we don't give back?

Done please donate if you can

Thanks, I think that is the frustrating thing for newbies here. Just as is true on the wider internet, quality matters, but it's not everything. Sometimes you just have to get noticed.

What gets noticed also differs by venue. For instance, I made a similar post that got a lot of attention a related Reddit sub and almost no attention on Steemit:

I think its import to forge relationships here in the steemit community. It takes some time and effort... I am interested in your topic and I most likely would not have come across it in my feed. I have joined several discord chat channels and have met many really great people

dont forget to donate if you are able

Great project! Yes I know... It is frustrating. Putting so much effort in posts, making world class photos and no one is upvoting it. Well, hope is still here

Thank you very, very much!

Hello from Thailand, I think that's a great idea. Here my link:
Best regards

don't forget to donate if you are able

I'm still a newbee here, have to collect some SD first, hehehe, but I will not forget you.
Best regards

Not looking to get an upvote- just wanted to stop in and say I UPvoted this post and resteemed- the more we share with others, the more maybe will donate!

Thank you @goldendawn. We only get to keep what we have by giving it away!

You two are so sweet! 🌹

dont forget to donate if you are able

Hello. Please read this one. It is about steemit future

done.. Perfectly timed post for you

Thank you very much dor your time

don't forget to donate if you are able

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Your suggestion is really interesting. I have this post below: --

I need some support from people like you to get some presence on this platform. Thank you!

don't forget to donate if you are able

I'll if I get good SBD.


Thank you so much <3

I think its a great idea for a post and to support youarehope
I am already supporting that group and will continue to do so


Thanks! This was a great idea!

don't forget to donate if you are able

whoops, replied in wrong window

Great work you are doing, and also agreed on your point which mentioned in one those comments as, its really important to grow relationships, inturn you will grow, so if you working hard but you are not growing, that isn't mean that you will not grow, right time will come, you just keep stepping on right path. Thanks for sharing. I don't say best, but i try to give short messages from quotes in the form of videos and writings both, so i am sharing my one of the work below.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Done. Please donate if you can

Sure. i don't have much, but i will give what i can. I want to appreciate you because you are doing the great job.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Donation is done.

Very cool @sostrin check out the 2nd week of my elf on a Shelf contest. It's fun and in the spirit of Christmas!

Its hard to get votes ,here in steemit .

Great post and great idea. I know you might not have time to get to this and that's ok, but I'll put it here anyway.

I will donate as soon as I get home.

Thank you. I sent 3 Steem to @youarehope in your name.

This is a great thing to do, good idea and will help many, and great to do for @youarehope

Your heart is always in the right place, Scott. May you be blessed generously. Tip! . 3

Great idea @sostrin. It is a huge challenge for time, quality and quality-time. Keep up the good work. :)

thank you for your comment

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This is a great idea! (donation on the way - I don't have much liquid steem, but what I've got is yours)
And here's my "really great Steemit post"! 😃

done. Thank you for the donation

A quick 'memo' to say this post has been featured in the latest issue of 'Notes', do stop in and see what else #thealliance has been up to. Some really good content out there!