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Some of you might have noticed that I have posted a few times on www.steeve.app, a web interface that uses an AI-based recommendation engine to discover content that users might find interesting. It is a project in beta development by @mor, @void and @hr1 with @hr1 presenting it during a State of the Apps session at Steemfest. It is developing rapidly.

Two days ago I wrote a post about Unstaked influencers and how that with Resource Credit delegation onboarding for free, it is going to be necessary for users without stake to be able to rate and influence the organization of content on the various platform views. @void was listening in.


In this image you can see three features, the basic one is a resteem count that once clicked will show resteemers which is a handy little addition. The second is a spam filter to show/hide what it considers Spam which is again, a handy little tool. The one I want to mention though is the star rating system from 1 to 5 that a user can rate a post even if they have no RCs to vote with, which means that is is possible for them to influence content without having staked influence.

Although not functional yet (as far as I know), this rating system could be used in multiple ways. Obviously it could be used to give alternative views of Trending content by using the rating instead of the payout but, it could also potentially give a cross-referenced view that factors payout also. This could mean that highly rated mid-range payouts that would indicate engaged and supported content could top Trending, while poorly rated content is filtered out completely.

This could obviously also be used to better organize relevancy on tags but through various cross referencing, engagement level and perhaps some kind of track record algorithm, it could be used to rate authors. I am hoping that in the future instead of single posts being in Trending views, there will also be "Top authors" and "Up and Coming" that boost accounts that consistently deliver compelling content into audience view, without having to be unnaturally pushed. The more organic the sorting system is, the more representative of the viewing public it will become.

What this means is that in a future where the most engaging and community supported content gets visibility, it gives options for real advertising to be implemented if users choose to show advertising on their blog. This allows new apps, games and services to target the audiences they are looking for and authors to earn more for being the advertising vehicle. This should always be an opt in process, but it does provide more choice, incentive and versatility.

A lot of people still use (especially bloggers) Steemit.com as their core interface but considering that it is almost certainly going to be phased out of existence once @ned's "Destiny" project is introduced, all should start exploring alternatives. What we as a community should be doing as users is helping the apps develop by trialing, supporting and making upgrade suggestions. @steeveapp has an issue tracker that can be used for this as well as their Discord. The more polished and inviting the apps and interfaces become, the better for all of us. And the ones that are attempting to serve real contributors should be supported by the contributors themselves.

Oh, another feature I will mention before finishing up is that it saves beneficiaries (in Settings), which means it can be used for group or community accounts easily to set rewards to be paid out to multiple accounts. What might be handy later is to be able to have groups of beneficiaries saved depending on content type and use case. I have set @steeveapp a small percentage as a thank you for development.


I have said it before but will repeat it again, even as prices fall, even as users are struggling, the development teams are still out there pushing the ecosystem outward. This is encouraging. We as users have to start getting out of our own comfort zones and support them through suggestion, usage and promotion so more people become aware and competent on the expanding range of applications. What better time to learn about the system than when price is in the gutter?

Thank you @mor, @void and @hr1 for creating another tool to play with and all the best with uptake.

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I looked at steeve once then never got back to it. I like the sound of this and will need to give it a closer look n

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They are fast on the development so far and I think with a little community support thy can make a few more tweaks to clean up the experience further :)

It seems like there's a new feature on Steeve every day. I think these guys are on the right track :)

Yep, and they aren't shy to try things

No point being shy about it, give us the goods Steeve :D

When we were on our way home with @hr1 i was complaining that there is no unstaked voting that would influence the AI...He dismissed it as "its not our priority now"...Suddenly when you speak about it it gets implemented? Meh...:D

Yeah, and now you all have to say how happy you are it got implemented, otherwise the rest of the team is going to scream at me for implementing crap that nobody needs, nobody asked for ;-) :D

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Hroch? Screaming at you? That's solely Ala's job...:D I think I can't do more but to tell him that its needed and that i want it before it even is implemented!:P

lol. I was talking about it with a few people but never had a chance to get to @hr1 at SF unfortunately. I think all of the apps are pretty much going to have to trial solutions for it and see what they can come up with.

Btw, It was a blast finally meeting you face to face :)

True that. I personally very much love the idea of unstaked voting when it influences AI that brings more potentially likable content your way.

And as I said you are one of my favourite writers on Steem...its just shame we met at 3 am when you were already leaving...I mean 3 am is fine for me...what’s wrong with you to be leaving at such a wonderful time to have conversation at!:D

Oh, we kicked on until about 6 I think. I figured you were a little old and tired and needed the rest :P

Lol? maaaan...next year if you’ll try to disappear and host your own private party expect my wrath!

That is fair :)

Wow, these are some great features that improve the user experience in the ecosystem. The only problem I am having is how to choose which interfaces to use now! I think there are circumstances that will push you to one or another but wish they would all come together into one with all the great features seen around the ecosystem. I guess I have a new one to try out!

Thank you @tarazkp for your caring for the community, and I don't mean this article only.

Sometimes when you are stuck and the project is not going well or something takes too long these messages from the supporters are really what saves the day.

In any case, I am bookmarking this article to go back to it, there are many interesting ideas considering story sorting, new sections and what not. Thank you for that.

If anybody has a proposal, please do create an issue in the tracker or join the Discord server. We are open to proposals that make sense, although we do have a general direction where to take Steeve and we don't have the manpower to implement everything currently.

And really, let us know what you need, let us know in case you want to help and support the project. Steeve can be huge, but we cannot do it alone. Perhaps you would like to delegate to Steeve as an investor, but there is no such option currently. Let us know so that we can work tightly with the community.

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You are most welcome and thank yu for your support of the community too. I will definitely be dropping some suggestions into the mix soon .

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I like where they're going and hope that it helps with the trending page. The star system is a good alternative to flagging. That way you can give your personal view without necessarily causing revenge flagging.

The idea that Steemit will be retired poses a bit of concern for me at the moment. I'm using partiko a lot more now as I use a tablet, however, I still use Steemit to format the post and upload photos because partiko doesn't let me upload them in a certain place and doesn't show certain formatting. I tried Steempeak, but it wouldn't work for me on a mobile device.

Hopefully they won't retire it until there are better options for mobile devices.

Hopefully they won't retire it until there are better options for mobile devices.

Well, @ned is developing a better option as we speak supposedly. Plus there are others continually evolving like Steeve that will look to provide more alternatives.

I have said it before but will repeat it again, even as prices fall, even as users are struggling, the development teams are still out there pushing the ecosystem outward.

As long as this continues then Steem should be fine. Alot of scared users at the moment, and I suspect the next few weeks will be very quite here. But I know that in the background there are developers working hard and all sorts of developments being worked on!

Seen a couple of people playing around with that now, might have to get around to trying it out :)

It is worth trying and adding to the development conversation too :)

I'm playing around with it a bit, it's pretty cool :D hard to see the star feature at work though mostly because the stuff I was looking at doesn't have any (suppose I could fix that but I have this bad habit of checking things out before pushing buttons XD).

Think I would use it more if there was a grid view like SteemPeak, but I'm prepared to wait a bit to see if that's something that will get implemented at all or not (that grid view was pretty much the entire reason I jumped on Steempeak, and why I put up with the resteem button being missing for me).

Oh crap, I was just waiting for someone to mention the grid view o_O :D

You can always create an issue in the issue tracker. That is where to place your wishes ;-)

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LoL I think I'm sorry? XD I have a big screen with a maximised browser (so I don't have to scroll so much) and the grid view fills it so I can see EVERYTHING (or at least a lot of things). The list views tend to only use up the centre third of my screen (sometimes not even) so I have these ridiculous gutters down the side XD

I liked everything else I saw :) I'll poke at the issue tracker at some stage and see if anyone else already put that request in :)

Nobody did as far as I remember ;-)

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So it'll be a thing nobody wants or asked for then? :D

I'll try using it a bit more extensively over the next few days or so before I poke into the tracker so I look like I may have some vague idea what I'm talking about :)

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with Resource Credit delegation onboarding for free, it is going to be necessary for users without stake to be able to rate and influence the organization of content on the various platform views.

This may not be as simple as it seems, because you can argue that we want the new users to buy Steem to increase its value. But I still think that it is better to have much more users, some powering up, than having no new users at all :-)

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yes we do but it doesn't necessarily have to be just in Steem as they can also buy into SMTs. If Steem becomes the investment layer with the inflation going to holders and the RCs going to new users, new users can buy straight into an SMT without touching Steem. Steem will still have benefits through the RC pool markets and the earning of inflation. Lots of things to consider still...

Very interesting point of view, is like a curator SMT

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True. I guess that I should read up a bit on the topic. Things are getting complicated.

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It is going to be interesting as essentially it should showcase what SMTs and Oracles are able to do considering they have an idea of it all already. :)

sounds exciting ... i'll take the bait, even though it's always a waiting game !!! (-:

How many times have we heard "SOON" ?

I don't mind the waiting as it gives time to keep learning and developing.

Steemit.com (...) it is almost certainly going to be phased out of existence

Triggered! You make a good point, but still...

Ha, there are alternatives already :)

As long as I don't need to post from the phone...

I dislike it too but, I am getting more efficient at it. Not much though.

The steeve vote

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You are right, I am closing that issue in the issue tracker.

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First off, I voted a ten day old post, so I am going to remove that vote when I am done with my comment, I should have looked more closely at the number of days. However that error of mine does bring an opportunity up to improve the interface a little bit. having any post more than 7 days old have that about 10 days ago in RED

I am still very new and exploring the steeve interface, like web browsers of old, everyone has a little bit different things that will make it a favorite. I like the STAR rating. I am going to try and give a star rating to ever one I vote. I feel it does two things, until someone makes a star voting bot, I know that if there are stars then a real person voted.

I am also very impressed with the show number of resteems. Another indication that real people have read and valued the content. I think they are well on their way to creating a Real trending page. All of these things that require a user action add up and are a very useful tool to see what is really trending.

Sorry for the vote goof.

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