War in Ukraine. Live update from Kyiv, day 4-5

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Hello there!

I am here again. I never thought it will lasts.

8 am

  • My sleep was very light and bad. Woke up of a really loud sounds of planes. Not I am in basement, and people keep coming.
  • Curfew will ends tomorrow at 8 am.
  • There was a gunfire here around the block in the night.
  • Nick is okay.
  • Have a few minutes to check the news. It was hot in my district. A family was killed by saboteur, wife and husband and their child on my street.
  • In child hospital nearby doctors are fighting for the life of a small boy who was wanded and his parents killed.
  • Russian troops shelling civil busses, train stations, residents houses.
  • Through the window I saw a few crazy people. Two of them moved not quickly, without backpacks or bags. One more walked in a park. How, why?? Are they immortal??
  • Through TV and internet people are instructed how to resist correctly.
  • Famous "Kadyrovtsy" where stopped, half of them died, inuding commander.
  • A lot of saboteurs wearing civil cloth or what is much worse ukrainian forces uniform. We are instructed to talk to them only in ukrainian.
  • Bloody hell! An hour ago, the Air Force of Ukraine shot down a cruise missile fired at the Kyiv from the territory of the Republic of Belarus by a TU-22 aircraft. 😡It's remains failed down in one of Kyiv districts and hit the car. This was announced on Facebook by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Another missile failed in the district nearby, but luckily did not explode.

10 am

  • In suburb of Kyiv a civil automobile was just shoot, one man was killed.
  • When I don't here explosions, it is absolute silence. No birds are heard, also I am surrounded with parks. Streets are empty. But I saw an emergency gas service car, and an ambulance. These people are real heroes.
  • TV broadcasting is constantly interrupted. But it works. Good.
  • Ours have created a web site for Russians who are finding their warring relatives - https://200rf.com/
  • At least two biggest Ukrainian banks (Pryvatbank and Raiffeisen) started Credit vacation, commission will be abolished, the validity of expired cards will be extended. Binance also abolished commission. I can't leave my home as its too dangerous, but staying in touch with Nick, work mates and volunteers. Try to find out who need the money most of all.

2 pm

  • I need good news, but a lot of the news is just awful. They paralyze. These brutal shootings of civilians and the killing of children in eyes of their parents, the blocking of ambulances are killing me. My blood's up.
  • It's a living nightmare. Today I feel like the situation is getting even more dangerous. Explosions became more frequent and loud. Our house chat says they are going to turn off water in my district. Not sure is it's true but I made supplies.
  • Tanks and light military vehicles are approaching Kiev from all sides. Saboteurs seize ambulances, rob private homes and even kindergartens, and shell hospitals. They need food, clothing and vehicles.
  • Nick has called just to hear my voice. I tried to sound as brave and happy as I can.
  • To cheer up, I turned on the hymn of Ukraine and did few exercise as my spine hurts like hell. To calm down, I say my thoughts out loud. Or sing. It helps.
  • Great thanks to @cardboard for donation!!! ❤️ I withdrawn them and will send to my bank card while I have internet. And tomorrow when curfew will end I see where they work best and fastest (this is even more important to avoid bureaucracy).
  • My daughter has called, she join volunteers in my hometown. My sweet girl, I'm proud! 💪
  • People all over the country are showing unprecedented courage and heroism. There are already many cases where people go out unarmed, men and women, and stand on the road in front of russian tanks. And stopped them! Or set fire to Molotov cocktails. This isn’t learned behavior, the fighting spirit you see on TV and in press is in our DNA. Who am I to be afraid of?
  • I heard loud noise and rushed to the window. A long column of tanks were passing by, our tanks! With the most beautiful flag in the world! I burst into tears, can't describe my mixed feelings... Come back dear heroes, come back alive!
  • Some humor, to ease the tension. "In the city of Sumy, people calculated the approximate cost of the tank if sell it for scrap. It turned out about 320,000 UAH ($11,000) for one." Let's replenish the budget of community! 😉

8:00 am

  • The night in Kyiv was relatively calm (same in Kharkiv), comparing to previous one. I spent the evening in the basement with my neighbors, and at night for the first time in 4 days slept in bed. I woke up a minute before the air alarm and quickly went down to the basement.

  • Nick wrote off. He is fine, asked to bring all the mats and sleeping bags that we have.

  • In the morning she transferred the money to a girl volunteer who buys helmets and bulletproof vests for the defenders of Kyiv.

  • Going to Nick, they need volunteers too, probably will spend there all day and night. See you!!

  • Volunteers here are amazing!!! Two of them, spouse, passed by on the way to office two days ago and came to ask if people here need help. And they stayed and are still here. ❤

9 pm


I am back to say I am safe and sound. Very very tired. It was the most busy day, and the least scary. Volunteers during the resistance is ... I will write a bigger post about my experience. I am in a basement of the building for the first time today, although there were alarm sirens few time.

When driving here in the morning, I saw people going somewhere with a luggage in groups, a half of them were foreigners I guess.

My friend who left the city today said it looks terribly.

As I will spend night here I better go and find a safe place to lay down and stretch my legs.

I am sorry for cannot reply to your comments, I haardly have time to take a word with my mom and Nat. But I will read all of them. 💚🤗


Will update if possible.

From the all my heart I say THANK YOU HIVEANS!! For staying with us and praying for us, for pressuring your government, for going to meetings, for not being afraid to spread information and tell the truth. It works and it helps RIGHT NOW.

Everything matters! You are incredible! 💖

War is very scary and cruel. We will stop it together.



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best of luck - I cant imagine what you are going through - I really do hope for an end to the bloodshed - its just terrible.

You are so strong, I admire your countries heart too. My heart bleeds for the lost lives and especially the children. I wake everyday now to hope to hear good news. This madman needs to be stopped. I prey for you and your husband to stay safe ❤️

If the curfew gets lifted tomorrow and you can go out, do you need cash? I can transfer you HIVE if you could cash that out. Let me know and I can do the transfer in a minute.

Thank you, dear, but i have more than enough of cash, although it is.money of Nick's work mates. When it all started, we drove to the office and took salary for those who left Kyiv asap as they close office for the unknown time. Now I am responsible for their money, but if i.need i can borrow them i think and give back when situation will back to normal.

Thanks a million again!!! 🤗🤗🤗

Good to know, but honestly, my offer stands, if you are in need of money, please let me know. Better have some savings to be safe as we don't know how long this madness is going to last. I hope you can buy some food and what you need, when shops open. 🤗😘🙏 Stay safe and keep us updated and the whole blockchain is praying for you! 💛💙

You have my word. You are amazing!

I second @erikah's offer: if I can help with sending some HIVE, let me know. If not now, maybe later to help you reconstruct what's been destroyed.
Stay safe! Слава Україні!

I've been thinking about it. It will be huge damage, so much to rebuild, blown bridges, communications, houses and hospitals. Oh,... 💔
So far, I found payment details of Charitable Organization that helps our Army. I can post their web page with all details and reports.

Tomorrow i gonna go to volunteer center and ask what do they need the most. For now, our main goal is to hold our capital 😬

Stay safe. It sounds like things are still quite bad over there and I hope things get better soon.

I follow all mesages. The RUssian army is really getting pounded by the Ukranian fighters with the anti-tank weapon thet got from the UK.
Turkish drones decimated whole column of Russians in Bucha.
The chechen guys look old and fat. Those are not the Syria type of Chechens, Be aware that it is normal to either be afraid or getting into fighting mode.

Oh yes, the help from the partners of Ukraine is very very valuable and important! I'm not good at the subj, but Nick said that the weapons are really cool, and I believe him. Speaking about the chechen guys, in social networks people wrote that they are very scary and cruel. but our fighters dealt with them pretty quickly.

Those are what we can't see on TV, stay safe!

Truth and love will triumph over lies and hatred. I didn't think so yesterday, but today I'm beginning to believe that Ukraine could win. Good luck to you. Good luck to Ukraine.

Thank you for your faith! 💛💙

Big hug ❤
I am in shock of what is happening. Stay safe!

My prayers for you @zirochka ❤️ Nick, Mother and daughter, and all the people of Ukraine. Please allow me to send you Hive if you can cash it. I know you have provided for yourself, but, erring on the safe side? I will send you some.

Please stay safe and let me know if you will be able to get cash out once your curfew is done. Love to you.

Thanks you for sharing your very real, and very personal, perspective and experience from Kyiv. Please stay safe!! The global Hive community has your back and is appreciating the value of decentralized, uncensored social media

Like everyday I can only say stay as strong and brave as you guys are so far. You all are in our thoughts.

I wish i could cry, it would be a relief. But i cannot. I will weep with joy when we win.

Your reactions are normal in your situation and your instincts lead your emotions. Stay alert and as strong as you are. That's the best you can do. You all are heroes, believe me.
People of the world have the deepest respect for the people of Ukraine, I certainly have.

There is nothing to ease your guys current situation, I only have words.

Army strong! Ukraine strong!

Appreciate your updates in a media full of disinformation. We are all updating your blog to see if you are okay. Take care xx

Great work creating the website. It's so important to get on the ground information, we can not trust our media. Keep safe and keep reporting. Sending Reiki energy your way 🙏🏽

Thank you so much for informing us how it is going over there and I am very happy to hear that you and Nick are okay. I can't imagine what you are going through and how you must feel.
Please take care, dear @zirochka.


@johannpiber(1/5) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

I'm anxiously waiting for an update. I know you had a rough night again as i was watching the news till late.

I hope everyone is ok and you still have internet, water, gas and food.

Stay strong, stay safe

I've been checking your posts waiting for updates in what feels like every 15 minutes. I can't even describe with words how horrified I am with the situation. I have many friends in Ukraine and I haven't heard from all of them for a couple of days which makes me worried sick.

I'm very proud of volunteers at the borders with Poland, Romania and Slovakia who help the refugees tirelessly. It breaks my heart to see so many people waiting countless hours to get to the safety.

Please stay safe, and don't forget that our prayers are with you! I wish your mom feels better soon too!

I wish your friends from Ukraine are safe and sound. Probably they are traveling or hiding and their ohones may be turned if or out of power. Stay strong too, my dear. We stands all togegher!

I admire your strength! You want to make me feel better while being in the middle of the war. Stay strong and safe! I'll be waiting for another updates from you.

I miss your posts!! Great to see you here. ❤

I hope you have enough supplies, like food and water.

Not too much, but no apetite anyway

Above everything look out for yourself, food is a must even if your appetite is low, you need strength. 🍀

Thanks for the update dear, and am glad you're safe. Please take a rest and stay strong. We're always with you and your country ❤️

Hola amiga que terrible situación, espero que muy pronto pase este conflicto armado y que ucrania resista hasta el final y puedan salir de esta situación, es una mujer valiente, manténgase a salvo, gracias por tan valiosa información, mis oraciones hacia su país las mantengo.

Saludos desde la distancia❤

Hang in there @zirochka, stay healthy and alert as your country needs you. You and Ukraine have our full support ❤️

I follow you and embrace you in the distance .... strength sister!

You are heroes.

Don't lose your country...💞

Reading your post made me sad. I can't think how you're passing the times. Stay safe and don't be scared.

Welcome back we are very happy that you are good AND safe, please stay safe, it Is amazing AND incredible how yours think in the others for returnt their bodies.
Received all our love from El Salvador Central América, thanks for the update.

Thank you El Salvador from Ukraine! 💛💙

Hold on. In my place in Silesia, boys hang such posters. We are with you, Poland helps as much as possible wp_20220226_23_26_47_pro.jpg

My friend's family is there, she was telling me about it... I hope you stay safe, but even if you are safe, it's really scary when bombs are going off and the city is under attack. I hope this ends soon...

Great to see an update that you and Nick are okay. Your mother is in my thoughts...

I keep repeating the same thing @zirochka
Please continue to keep safe and stay strong.
Praying for you, your family and loved ones, President Zelenskyy and Ukraine.🙏

Slava Ukraine!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said here. It is a horrific situation and words are not enough.
Please know we are thinking of you and, if there's anything we can do, let us know.
Belgium is of course not next door, and I know you and your husband prefer to stay at home, but if necessary... you are welcome at our home!

Stay strong!

Thank you so much for your care and your kindness! 💛💙

That's really the least we can do...
I follow the news here on twitter and French non-stop news channels and continue to be amazed at how quickly things can change for the worse.😱

We have just read your latest post here in the Mountain West of America @zirochka. We are so thankful for your efforts to keep bringing us reports from there directly, unfiltered by any of our news source, for which we have so little trust.

Love this:

"Famous "Kadyrovtsy" where stopped, half of them died, inuding commander."

We watched one of our Navy Seal commentators talk about this fighting force and what they represented. So great to here of this outcome. Speaks volumes about the fighting spirit and strength of the Ukrainian people, in the face of this horrible tyranny.

We are told here this morning that Putin, in the face of these setbacks, is threatening the use of nuclear weapons. We pray for our world's leaders, that they have the wisdom to address this grave threat.

"People all over the country are showing unprecedented courage and heroism. There are already many cases where people go out unarmed, men and women, and stand on the road in front of russian tanks. And stopped them! Or set fire to Molotov cocktails. This isn’t learned behavior, the fighting spirit you see on TV and in press is in our DNA. Who am I to be afraid of?"

And we will continue praying for you and your people to persevere in your heroic efforts.

Putin's threatening the nuclear weapons is a dangerous situation, and I don't know how it can be resolved :( As I said, it's like watching a monkey swallow a hand grenade.


Anti war protest in Amsterdam today.
Thinking of you, stay safe!

Thank you for your courage and strength to report your most difficult and dangerous situation. You are also a hero. Please stay safe and come out of this alive with all your loved ones. My prayers are always with you and your country 🙏🙏🙏

I was checking out some news videos on YouTube when I came across one that showed this...

...and thought, could this be you? They even had the woman speak (a 2-5 second clip). I'm glad you and Nick are ok for now. Stay safe.

This is not me, but I hope to see Nick tomorrow.
Thank you so much! 💛 💙

stay safe, i can't imagine what it's like in ukraine now, i hope they restart the second peace talks... i wish you all the best, you can do it!

As always take care and keep safe!

god blessyou! and stay stong, thanks for reporting at this time of such uncertainty..

I really hope and pray all will be ok ❤ @zirochka!

Thoughts and prayers are with you, dear lady! 💜


Your updates make me so happy! Stay safe and strong! We're making sense of what's reported in the media and your updates really helped a lot! We're with you all Ukrainians in this.

Wow this is powerful. I wish I could do more from here so far removed from it all, as I sure many of us wish. Best of luck to you and your country.

I just pray for your country. And good luck and 5ting

From what I have read your troops are doing a fine job holding off the Russian forces. Good luck and god bless.

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Sending love, strength and hoping this nightmare is soon over <3

I am so sorry, I wish God will protect you from all danger and that you can be ok, have faith please, just have faith, believe faithfully that God will protect you, ask him in prayer every day when you wake up and when you sleep, how I wish I had the power to stop all these things that are happening, strength my friend, be brave and keep your hope and faith.
Stay safe!

I'm glad you and your family are still ok! Keep on hoping, praying, and doing all you can to survive ❤️

I hope all these unrest ends pretty soon . Stay safe and strong , it is well.

I am praying from buttom of my heart from Bangladesh. 🙏

Almighty god will help all of Ukraine people's.
We are all praying for you 🙏

We want peace 🕊️

And I am really proud for @cardboard for such a extremely great work 🙏


Deep breaths and stay strong! Putin will go down... He's making the entire world suffer, especially Ukraine... No fear from New Zealand.

My thoughts are with you, your family and siblings!

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