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This is one of the first videos of surfskate training post series. In the next videos i will go through the technique more in detail. This video shows the slow motion and the flow of the cutback roundhouse, one of the most technical maneuver of surf and carver surf skate.

Little sneak peek on technique:

  • Stay low and spring loaded. (reference point: your inside hand is touching the "water")
  • Maintain Centre of mass low. (Reference point: chest over front knee)
  • Look where you are going
  • Look where you are going
  • Look where you are going
  • Troughout the turn: Your center of mass (CM) and base of suport (BS) must be mashing. The line of the Natural Force coming from the skate/surfboard and the line of the centre of mass must be centered on the board. (reference point: imagine a line from your CM landing between your feet on the skateboard/surfboard). The tricky part is keeping this line landing on the board whithout being to much frontfooter or backfooter. Just to keep in mind: - On the skateboard is not a big deal couse the 4 wheels will keeps you in a certain stability troughout the turn. But in the water you will dig the rail or you'll fall on your back if your center of mass its not landing on the right spot among yours feet (base of support). To avoid that and keep the sistem in balance, try to adjust the landing point of the CM among your feet, by flexing or stretching the front knee (normaly its more about stretching the front knee rather than flexing it. Remember to Keep the back knee inside by turnning your hips pointing foward.
    !warning! Don't get frustrated this is complicated stuff. I am posting more information with pictures about it!
  • And last but not least keep the balance between the soul and de science. If you start to think too much you might fall on a loop of frustration. Keep the balance between the chaos and order. Be in harmony with Mather Nature!

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Excellent video. I have a long-board, not a carver, is it possible to still learn this technique without the carver. I was thinking of buying a Carver skateboard Taylor Knox model to practice, that what your riding??. you have a sweet style :) Thanks for sharing.

A carver or similar allows you to turn in an angular motion that is very close to surf.
A long-board, despite they have a (small) angular motion, they tend to go in a linear motion.
"Is it possible to still learn this technique without the carver? ". You are able to learn this technique in a skate with a truck like a carver (ex. smooth star, surfskate-, etc.) but very unsuccessful in a long-board by the reason i have mentioned before. If you want master the centripetal force in a tight turn like the ones produces when you are surfing you should buy one.

I bought a carver proteus model but you are free to buy any model or brand since it has a truck that has the same ability to turn.

In case of you are keen buying a carver be sure that you by is a ≥30" board and CX truck.

By the way Taylor Knox is a master of cutback roundhouse!!

I appreciate the good tips, currently looking at buying a second hand carver. So the c7 trucks are not as good as cx trucks for surf training?

CX or C7 are good for your surf training. They have differences but you are not able to feel them in this stage. But you will, im sure.
One of the main differences is that the CX truck has less maintenance. You choose what is more convinient for you.
CX Truck:
C7 Truck:

Ahaha! It’s a beauty!! 😍! Now there is no excuses to improve your surf! Lol. Get out of here and go skate. And then come back to Tell us how was! 😁

Hey mate was the best feeling to surf on concrete :) I noticed on the rear right side, I got some wheel bite on my deck :(. How do I stop this, should I tighten the truck??

Dope thanks for this!

You are welcome!!

For some reason I cannot play this video anymore :(