The Power of Tau - Scaling the Creation of Knowledge

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Ohad Asor, creator of Tau Chain/Agoras, has recently published the long awaited blog post detailing his vision for what very likely is the most ambitious project in the crypto space: Tau.

Tau will accelerate human endeavors by overcoming long ingrained limitations in our collaborative processes; limitations which we rarely even question


The Problem of Social Governance

Take social governance, for example. As individuals, we have opinions over a wide variety of social issues. Perhaps you feel that the speed limit on certain roads is too high, or that programming should be a compulsory subject at public schools, or that everyone would benefit if cryptocurrencies were officially recognized and endorsed by the state.

However, you have no idea how to get these concerns across to the general public. I mean you could try writing a letter to your local representative or signing a petition but ultimately that's unlikely to gain much traction. Meanwhile, the very same issues that seems to have divided the nation over the past decade remain at the forefront of our political debate. Immigration, climate change, abortion, gun control etc. are all important issues of course, but very little progress have been made considering the amount of time, resources and attention that have been devoted to them.

So the problem with traditional forms of social governance, such as democratic voting, is apparent: on the one hand it has difficulty identifying and addressing the wide range of opinions different people hold, on the other hand, even with respect to the small number of issues that do end up bubbling up to the surface, it isn't particularly efficient at detecting consensus.

The central cause of this problem is that current modes of discussion are not scalable. There are inherent limitations in the way we're able to communicate our views across to each other; namely, human ability to comprehend and organize information is the main bottleneck. We cannot possible follow multiple conversations at once, or recall everyone's propositions once there are more than a handful of people in the mix. This is why most collaborative decision making bodies in practice are generally quite small in number: the President's cabinet, Supreme Court Justices, boardroom directions of a fortune 100 company etc.; you just can't have a productive discussion with 50 people. Our entire civilization is structured around this very limitation: discussions don't scale.

Scaling Collaborative Discussions Under Tau

Imagine if we can overcome this limitation; what will it mean for social governance? By using a self defining, decidable logic, the Tau network is easily able to keep track of every user's propositions and detect consensus automatically. Note that making a proposition is exactly the same as voting for that very same proposition: when you're proposing 'dogs should always be on a leash in public unless in a park' you're in effect putting in a vote for such a proposition. This way, countless issues, regardless of how technical or niche, can be assessed through the network concurrently, and social consensus can be detected on the fly. The Tau network can scale social governance by overcoming one of the greatest limitation in human communication of ideas by delegating the task of logically making sense of everybody's propositions to the computer. A simple use case of this will be the rules of the Tau network itself: through a self defining logic, Tau is able to detect consensus among its users from block to block, altering its own rules to conform to the choices of the user base.

The benefits of scaling discussions are not limited to just a more efficient form of social governance. Logic isn't merely about detecting surface level consensus, the network can easily form further deductions from everyone's propositions. If one states 'all men are mortal' and 'Socrates is a man', one can deduce that 'Socrates is mortal.' But deductions can be very deep and non trivial. Imagine if we had a group of 1000 mathematicians all inputting their mathematical insight as propositions. Tau can rapidly detect who agrees with whom on what, and deduce every logical consequence of their combined wisdom; in effect arriving to new truths and insights. In other words, Tau greatly accelerates the production of new knowledge. This will, of course, also work if you have physicists, doctors, engineers, computer scientists, indeed experts in every field working together on the platform. By scaling collaborative discussions in a logical network, Tau is able to scale the creation of knowledge.

When Tau comes into effect, any company, government, and indeed any organization not using this new network will be rendered obsolete. Tau aims to become an indispensable technology.

And this is only the alpha of Tau.

I will talk about the beta in a future posts. The beta will revolve around not just the scaling of discussions and consensus, but the automation and execution of code based of the results of those discussion. For more information on code synthesis and more, please read Ohad's blog. Also, do check out my introduction to Tau here if you missed it.

You can invest in Tau through buying Agoras tokens on Bittrex.

I am not affiliated or paid by the project. These represent my own subjective views. Tau/Agoras is the only other crypto project apart from Steem in which I see an extraordinary future, and I am merely sharing that with fellow Steemians here.

Ohad Asor's New Tau Blog
Buy Agoras Tokens to Invest in Tau
Telegram Chat
IRC Chat: Where you may ask Ohad himself technical questions
Tau Reddit
Tau Chinese QQ Group: 203884141

There are 3 pages

The benefits of scaling discussion is an ability to scale collaborative agreement. This is critical in my opinion for dealing with ethical dilemmas which will routinely emerge, and for deciding upon technical options which are in the long term best interest of the network as a whole.

So we will be able to use this platform for example to answer questions about the design of Tau itself, such as whether to go with Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, a hybrid, or the HashGraph, all which have been promoted by various factions.

yes, it's also something that has been notoriously difficult to achieve both in decentralized and centralized communities

scaling consensus is something overlooked. I think most of the problems from btc arises from their inability to scale discussions and consensus.

Absolutely true that the perfect test case for this will be the rules of the Tau network itself, do we favor the security of PoW, the performance of Delegated PoS or Hashgraph, some combination, or a new design arrived to on the platform itself. And to think this can happen this year is pretty amazing.

If the platform can demonstrate it is successful at logically scale consensus and discussion, I'd expect it to be a top 10 project in the very least

First off, I'm very glad to see this article so high up on trending after painfully holding this coin for 2 years and watching everything from bitcoin to pepecoin take off and Agoras stay sideways. Thank you for that... Price is almost reflecting bitcoin gains, Ohad is finally putting together all of his thoughts into something we can touch and feel, and people are getting interested in this grand project.

With that being said I still treat this as a complete moonshot given the scope and complexity of this idea. This is not just another spin on blockchain and I truly believe Ohad is paving the way with this new tech. It is too early to know what will ultimately come out of this project or if it will work at all but that is part of the excitement when investing in a high risk, high reward project such as this. If Ohad is able to pull this off it will be monumental and price will reflect such. It reminds me of bitcoin when it was very new and it was still an unheard of project.

I agree, if Ohad is able to deliver, top 10 coin.

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I expect Tau to be the tool to put all crypto upright. At the end of the day all confusion and Darwinism there is collective decisions scaling problem too. Tauless blockchains will get "obsoleted in a heartbeat" , either ...

I think so too, this year will be pivotal for tau

Thanks for posting this update! After your last post I have spent some time reading up on this - via @danaedwards posts and other sources.
Incredibly difficult to understand and I am not there yet, but this post really helps.
I also now hold some Agoras tokens, with more in the pipeline 👍


nobody fully understands tau except Ohad
dana and I barely scratch the surface
do read ohad's latest blog, it gives a lot of insight to what tau can achieve

I'm in the same boat as @holbein81 (above comment). I didn't even know about Tau and now I am reading up and watching youtube vids on tau. And I put in a bid to buy some AGRS on Bittrex. I checked and I'm surprised Binance doesn't offer AGRS.

For those who are interested in buying, the price has fallen almost 50% from the spike up approx 2 weeks ago. Wishing everyone a great new year, full of opportunities and adventures.

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When does SkyNet become self-aware?

likely this year some time

When Tau comes into effect, any company, government, and indeed any organization not using this new network will be rendered obsolete. Tau aims to become an indispensable technology.

Actually i don't know how they wish to do this and today first time i heard about this Tau Chain! But this is incredible! If they could implement this it might work perfectly! Amazing update and very informative! Thank you very much for sharing this great information to us! I will try to find more details about it! Really appreciate your effort!


yes, a lot is at stake
and it can do even more than just scale the production of knowledge
this is a very technically demanding project that requires cutting edge knowledge in mathematics, computer science, logic, programming, etc.
fortunately, Ohad is a prodigy and has spent over 30 years studying over 10 hours a day
a lot will come down to execution, for more information check out his latest blog

"this is a very technically demanding project that requires cutting edge knowledge in mathematics, computer science, logic, programming, etc."
Thank you, I am going to read his blog now! Feel like a new kind of Nakamoto is going to birth soon via Ohad!
Thank you again!


Tauchain is a decidable complete logic, per block, with Turing completeness recovered by the iteration of multiple blocks. We can still compute any computable thing; it may just require structuring the execution to run over the span of multiple blocks; because of this, Tauchain resources don't need to be backed directly by a token, and resource exchange can be negotiated by the users as they see fit. @traflagar, definitely this is a real educative post. Glad to catch this.

I'm not sure how technically correct that is
the tau meta language logic is decidable and self defining under pspace complexity
It can compile under expspace but interpret under pspace
To answer what can't Tau do is a very non trivial question, according to Ohad, but some expressiveness were sacrificed to obtain both decidability and self definition

this allows features like scaling logical discussions and code synthesis to be possible

Do check out ohad's latest blog

Would people have to have access to the internet to be able to access this network and have an opinion? Because if this is so, a lot of people will be left out, thus Tau would not be representing a real consensus. I'm just curious, this is the first I have ever heard about this.

yes, and ohad foresaw this
which is why there is the router space initiative to decentralize the physical infrastructure of the internet and expand it to everyone

I do not see this as a problem. We live in a world where mobile broadband is several times more widespread than proper sewage services. The hardware connectivity is already here. Tau will not just push it to its saturation point, but as trafalgar wisely noted the decentralized physical infrastructure will get huge innovation boost.

Damn, that is impressive, it is everything the oligarchs don't want, positive consensus that empowers the health and wealth of the people at the expense of the greed, violence, and power of the anointed rulers. It is the vision of how things should be in a sophisticated, enlightened, scientific culture.

and on top of that, it can accelerate the productivity and research of our species many times over
it's the industrialization of knowledge creation

The legacy bandwidth bottleneck-ed hierarchic system also very importantly put severe limitations on the growth of wealth. Tauful societies will be orders of magnitude more productive than hierarchies. Survivability of tauless hierarchic social structures vs tauful geodesic ones will be like of ice cubes into ocean of boiling water. The freedom of tau - stronger than the strongest bonds based on force / coercion. Hierarchies will loose all their means to coerce its human beings content into ignorance, poverty etc.

Dude, it’s awesome to see you reporting in Tauchain!

Dana has been my only source that got me into it and has been able to translate such that I could begin grasping the possibilities. I know you produce some excellent content that is quite accessible to a lot of people, so am stoked to see more of your takes on how it’s development unfolds. 😎🙏

i wrote a previous piece as well (just 2 posts ago)
more introductory than this one and has a bit of humor
not sure if humor is necessary when it comes to describing tech that's difficult to understand in the first place, depends on my mood i guess

thanks for having a look rok, if tau succeeds it'll be a revolutionary piece of tech

I've been somewhat keeping up with Tau and checking the subreddit occasionally and slowly starting to grasp it all. I saw your comment about the IDNI for routers space and that REALLY caught my eye.

Ohad doesn't miss much when it comes to his design
tau is far more advanced and technical than I've given it credit for
a decidable, self defining logical TML is not easy, it'll take someone like me years to even understand that something like this has provable pspace maximum expressiveness

The guy is a super genius. Keep an eye on the github updates and do check out the explanatory blog of Ohad's

Wow, it seems soo unreal... I just can't comprehend it fully, the post You linked says that Tau doesn't even use machine learning to guess one's opinion. I wonder how it'll be done then. Thank You for sharing, You've explained it pretty simply but it looks like the project is way bigger than I thought. Surely worthy of interest.

no, what we call machine learning generally refers to statistical learning
basically if you show a billion photos of cows from different angles the machine becomes gradually better at spotting a cow from a shoe or something

tau revolves around a logical interface, getting the machine to collect and organize our data and deduce knowledge, and then automate code that will carry out certain tasks based on this combined knowledge

Hmm, I see, thank You for clearing this up!

Thanks for sharing. This project sounds very interesting. Once Tau is fully implemented, what will that future look like? Could you share some of your thoughts on that? I will have to look far more deeply into this to understand and to start building predictions myself you see.

hard to say, I imagine that human technological advancement will rapidly accelerate under Tau's help
and many things like virtual economics will be completely automated
if the internet is like a network of roads, than tau is the self driving car

Tau could be 'THE OPTION' for developers if it can do the breakthrough and establishes on the market.
I found it very interesting even after your last post about it.
Now I will have a deeper look because I don't think I understood the system fully yet.
I'll stay tuned, thanks for the update!

the discussions platform (alpha) is expected some time this year
if it works, tau/agoras will be the go to tech, not just for devs, but everyone

That would be super informative blogging of Tauchain. Very appreciated and interesting to read the article. Like me Tauchain will be built Agoras, a decentralized smart economy that could support a variety of applications. One example is a market for self-checking code development: People buy and sell code that has been proven to work without a bug/virus before the payment is released. Other examples given are a computer resource market and a decentralized intelligent search engine. Absolutely great information you have given. Thank you for
This sharing. @trafalgar
Followed you hope u ll visit my work

yes, an automated virtual economy is one of tau/agoras' end goals
it's a huge technical challenge to achieve, but Ohad sees no barriers

I'd use on the subtopic of 'automated economy' the rough analogy with the peripheral neural system - which runs the body metabolism 'without thought' . Univesal Basic Income is widely discussed, anticipated and expected to come. That much the traditional hierarchic tauless system can produce - both as understanding and as realizable effect. Tau will bring such a level of understanding and specification, that executable will become automated economic applications which make to appear pale and small even the highest notions of wealth of nowadays.

Wow, thanks for sharing this on Tau. All the current talk on in the crytpo-sphere lately is about money and profits and no longer on decentralization and giving an equal voice to every individual. It's nice to know that there are people out there that are working on a technology with the goal of improving social governance and large scale, potentially national, consensus.

consensus is a huge problem in both centralized and decentralized communities
I dare say if btc were to fail one day, it'll be due to its governance. decentralized trustless ledger is one thing, but a method for decentralized governance is an unavoidable challenge

tau posits a solution, but using a logic based on the fly self updating network. Of course its features are far more than just consensus detection.

I was waiting for the joke but it never came. Thanks for educating me on this though, there are so many currencies, it’s hard to keep up with and it’s always nice to learn about the ones rooted in a deeper kind of vision.

As with many new technologies, I worry about the potential for certain bodies to use this kind of information against us, but I’m sure those bodies are already working on technology for keeping track of everyone’s opinions and, more troubling, using it to decide who is “good” and who is “bad”. I guess we might as well have it in a coin out in the open attempting to use the technology for the betterment of all. What a wacky time to be alive.

I would argue that humans could achieve this on their own but have not been raised in or had a chance to culture (due to intervention) a culture of peaceful, free and autonomous communities so it’s auite hard to propagate organically.

I (along with some friends) will be working on the organic version in the meantime. I don’t suppose we will be able to manifest a new societal model ready to be implemented before this Tau really takes off but maybe we can show people it is possible.

under Tau, the data will be up to you to provide directly, and it will be available to everyone to access if you choose so, rather than sort of syphoned from you and sold like how it works today

but cf my first post on tau, data itself isn't crucial, it's the rearrangement of data into knowledge that is far more valuable. So far, we've mostly just relied on our heads to do this step, but Tau will be the machine that will help us create knowledge by deducing it from everyone's data. It can speed up human progress tenfold.

opinions are impossible to track at the moment because the logic under current systems just track the syntax (words), not the semantics (relationships). Tau uses a rigorous self defining, decidable logic system to do this.

That sounds nice, and I will probably invest in some, and keep an eye out for its future developments. Still, I do think this notion of “progress” is just as imperfect and human as some of the issues we hope to overcome by means of it. I would like to promote the technology as long as we do not stray too far from our own humanity. By that I mean assuming that we NEED this technology in order to be somehow “better” than we are now. It’s one thing to utilize something for your benefit, it’s another to become completely reliant up it to the point of defining humanity entirely in relation to technology (see the comment below this one for an example of what I mean, I don’t really know how to reply to it).

The problem is 'organic' indeed. Humans do not scale. Humans are stronger in 'upload' than in 'download'. The limitations are neurological, hardware ones. Bandwidth bottleneck. Now we add up humans up to 5, over that number command hierarchy needed to handle the network traffic. And because humans are narrow bandwidth, they are weak switches. A network can't be 'geodesic' if switching cost vastly exceeds the links cost. "As we are" can not be scaled. To change organically humans to fit is unacceptable for many reasons. Still human collectives are strong network computers if connected efficiently. ALL we observe now in human societies is product of this inability. As trafalgar noted - this shapes our entire civilization. I'd say, just like the penguins inability to fly makes their societal structure. Tau transcends these limitations. Tau is THE 'vires in numeris' for real.

I am reacting on a seven months old comment of yours:

Is what you are saying that what we face now as a human species in being inferior to what we created can only be met by either transform human organisms into super-human-organisms or - because this could be unethical or undesirable or not feasible - must be met by connecting the human species to a machine which ensures to stay being able to decide on things?

As the world is being seen dominated by a large scale technology is therefore the logic conclusion to meet this scale in an even or even larger scale to meet respectively reduce complexity?

Would you say that from this point of view there is no way back to reduce large scale solutions and for de-growth, for example cut back locomotion, form local communities (even within large cities), change the concept of life towards earning a smaller income and substitute the cut back of money with more self sufficient attempts like repairing things, using them to a longer lifespan, exchange goods and services based on a barter concept? Have you heart of a post-growth economy? Because, after all, this (end of growth) also could happen while tau or other technologies are in development ...

Or are you talking about governance?

For what I think, tau is a concept or idea with the biggest adaptation towards technology. As radical as it may be seen I also think that the desire to have something like tau is partly a lack of trust and the inability to live with a certain amount of uncertainty. And, if not that, probably also a matter of convenience. As we are not having a tau right now, the hopes (and dreams) towards solving problems through a technology like tau, fly very high. Kind of over enthusiastic for my taste.

I ask myself: Can't people already strive towards consensus within their local realm of action? There, I have no bottleneck and bandwidth-problem at all.

Tau could also be seen as an extend of governance - a much more sophisticated one, but still a form of relying on a man-to-machine-to-man translator. Where I put trust into code instead of man. Though I see the seductive logic in that, I have a great belly rumbling with this idea. Not because it's bad but because I am skeptical if something like tau is possible to what it's promising and that the enthusiasm and ideological ideas about will create a depression if not fulfilling it's promises
... like so often this happened in the past.

I see also the need for having a translator in order to keep up with complexity. Clearly, a computer scientist has difficulties to talk to a kindergarten carer and the unit A at an airport to the Unit Y in the very same company.

The most important question I have in mind is if a tau really would lead to form consensus-ruled communities and will support them in the things have to be decided. Like how to manage water, soil and energy to sustain organic life.

tau goes towards a global world. ... Whereas I think the human species has to accept that a global world is impossible to be managed by humans. If so, we need even more than tau. It creates the scenario that people altogether must give up their roles in governing and hand it over machines. Then we would maybe have a machine planet which very well might lead into the decision that organic life itself is inferior upon inorganic life. In my whole dealing with this I always asking myself: do people actually hate themselves? Does humans think of themselves as a species which has to be erased from the surface of the planet? Sometimes, when I do have a pessimistic outlook on life, I indeed think that. But whenever I talk in my physical reality to humans my whole view changes and I can clearly see the goodness in them.

I'll pay attention to your questions in the next couple of days ...

thanks for letting me know.

Sorry, for the delay again, too busy. organic growth in the sense of ''from within'' capitalization, real demand and sales and in NO CASE cut back to smaller and more local. Note that subject if the Moore's laws is the entire known universe, the Earth at present yet. The more the better. The more with less = efficency.

@trafalgar, It would be great informative blogging of Tauchain. Highly appreciated and interesting to read article. As me Tauchain will be built Agoras, a decentralized intelligent economy that could support a variety of applications. One example given is a marketplace for self-verifying code development: people buying and selling code that is proven to work bug-free before payment is released. Other examples given are a computational resources market and a decentralized smart search engine. Absolutely brilliant information you gave. Thanks for sharing.

yes, agoras will come after tau is ready, that is after tml, discussions (alpha), programs (beta) and chain
agoras has 3 components, a computational resource market, advanced derivatives, and knowledge/code economy generated through Tau.

Every step of the way is a huge milestone in this ambitious project

One topic I look forward to having discussed over the Tau platform itself is what to do about privacy. This is something Steemit has decided against in controversial fashion, while projects like Enigma embrace homomorphic encryption in favor of privacy. Tau will allow for an appropriate discussion about privacy unlike any which has ever taken place before.

not too sure here, it seems to be something that the users of tau can decide for themselves
both sides have pretty persuasive arguments

the priority right now is getting the tml done and the discussion platform working
I think just this alone will get tau a 10b+ cap

I bet Tau will bring novel and powerful treatments on the theme of privacy. And also huge and growing toolbox of new usable / executable solutions. Like: privacy = proprietary. Monetization of privacy?

there is a theory that complete transparency is better than complete privacy
the power of the state is that they know more about us than our neighbors know about us, and this asymmetry is a cause of this problem
complete transparency may even provide security benefits
i wonder how you feel about that

Great information about Tau. Will it have any fees?

this will be determined by stakeholders before the genesis block (after beta) using the discussions platform itself
tau is all about determining its own rules, including its genesis rules

great. going to read more about it.

This is awesome to really improve the way of the life in cities around the world and actually get the people to do the voting on what needs to change.

social consensus is a big aspect of it, and it's also something that decentralized platforms do really badly
but it's not tau's only feature
things like automated coding and scaling knowledge are all possible under tau
please read ohad's explanation blog for more information

Sounds really great will look into that. Thanks @trafalgar

Wow! Awesome! Awesome post.
I'm pretty new on steemit
Kindly check out my introductory post

I want the state as far away from cryptocurrencies as possible.

I feel that people are becoming less and less capable of being social creatures due to the nature of the internet and the fact that people interact over the phone more than they do in real life.

I see this at work all the time. People get extremely irate over something very small and I have to think to myself..... you don't interact people very much in real life do you? I know it's because these people are on their phone all the time on Facebook and not face to face.

Tau sounds like a really interesting tech. The discussions between people I see lately often end in a stalemate with one person getting angry and the other one storming off because nobody even has any idea what they're talking about anymore.

That's because all the information they have is from the internet and half of it is FUD.

That makes it difficult to have a consensus........or even a situation in which social interactions are even functional.

Nevertheless I like the idea of the production of new knowledge so I will definitely check out Tau.

Glad to see you posting...... and glad to see I was able to catch it within the first 10 minutes.

Aside from scalability problems, a large part of consensus failure is due to non rational reasons, such as tribalism (left vs right), loyalty, stubbornness, pride and other emotions

Tau indirectly addresses these too, as it removes most emotions from the equation and users aren't as easily subject to in group - out group manipulation

ohad's new explanation blog is really worth checking out for more details on the project

In other words we can debias which can lead to true decentralization. Also debiasing is necessary to develop AI with increasingly less bias.

Agreeed @dana-edwards
I have been following you since i made an account but i saw your first here


这项目肯定是长期持有的, 应为还在前期






也别给我赞 看到这么多评论就觉得太厉害 虽然不懂 但有幸如果有天你看到我回复 麻烦告诉我这项目名字 你要吃屎我一个三角函数找条辅助线都不会不知道怎么苟活这么多年

Beautiful deduction. Tau is the philosopher of crypto. Thank you for this post and your logic. The next logical step would be to go out and invest in Tau. I will seriously look in to the purchase this time.

do at least have a look at ohad's latest blog for the most relevant and up to date information

if he succeeds even slightly, tau will change the landscape of human civilization and progress

Yes. I am there now trying to follow. Thank you.

if he succeeds even slightly, tau will change the landscape of human civilization and progress

Amazingly bold statement. Love it.

Where should I keep those token I got a while ago on bittrex?
I don't feel comfortable to hold them there.
I don't understand much but its an instinct that it will be a new revolution somehow. I listened to Ohad's video clips a million of times. Trippy stuff! @rok-sivante

to my knowledge, the only/best option at this point is

someone also recently wrote about developing a paper wallet for it, though I'm not sure if it's 100% trustworthy yet:

I just signed up for an Omniwallet account and also read this article earlier today but it’s not what I want to do.
I am spending million of hours studying, my new passion 😉

@trafalgar Beautiful deduction. Tau is the philosopher of crypto. Thank you for this post and your logic. The next logical step would be to go out and invest in Tau. I will seriously look in to the purchase this time. Sorry for repeating myself.

bloody brilliant! finally we have a way to govern ourselves that might actually work! Thanks for sharing this, its very good to know about these developments! Oh blockchain never ceases to amaze me!

Skynet is getting more real every day. Except it's name is "Tau."

Wow this Ohad guy is really bad at explaining things. He likes to use paradoxes to clarify?

"When Tau comes into effect, any company, government, and indeed any organization not using this new network will be rendered obsolete" :D I can barely wait for this

Social problems do not happen for a period of time, it usually lasts and needs to be combined to solve the problem.
So social problems are such a condition of social life which affects the large part of the socialists, which are considered unwanted and need to be motivated to make united efforts for its remedy and prevention.

@trafalgar very nice great information i like it

@trafalgar please comeback this field waiting for you.

Technical problem and Governaces are every country.
It s a good project for future:)

hey @trafalgar can you please repost one of my posts? Thank you so Much for your quality content!

Free vote for you :)

Great post..Thanks for information @trafalgar

dear sir its really great article to The Power of Tau - Scaling the Creation of Knowledge,,, i appreciate your work,,,really steemit is way of future,, thanks a lot for sharing

Great post @trafalgar! Looking forward to more on this.

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out

If the learning materials were approved for programming in the student would be better than some of the materials that are studied without interest. A wonderful idea to improve the way of life in the cities of the world as a whole, and to get people to vote on the things that need to change

yes this is certainly the case
tau is truly a revolutionary and indispensable piece of technology

you are genius sir @trafalgar

This is a awesome post of different kind of Tauchain. I read completely your blog it has some interesting things. Tauchain is a fully decentralized network.


More more studying I'll check it out. Thanks for update me @trafalgar.

that material is dated
check out ohad's latest blog for the most relevant and up to date information

Thanks for the information.

I have to admit that info graphic is horribly confusing and should be replaced. Generally this is an area to work on.

@trafalgar Interesting. This sounds like a ton of automated coding. Happy New Year, and best wishes to you always.

It's a really complicated problem that tauchain is trying to solve but the rewards are massive if they succeed. Good luck !

but it seems that ohad has been able to connect all the dots
do check out ohad's latest blog

A healthy society results from a healthy economy. I think it is the economy that determines our social relationships with each other, helps satisfy our needs and earn sufficient knowledge that we aspire towards. I hope this makes sense. Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker. Haha.

By the way people keep asking about how to buy AGRS and when we look at Coinmarketcap we only see Bittrex. What about this exchange?

For some reason Coinmarketcap is not listing it?

it's a very new chinese exchange and may not be fully operational yet
hopefully it'll pick up in due time
right now ohad's priorities are getting the tml and alpha done
then I'd imagine it'll be full steam ahead with marketing, exchange listing etc etc

Where are you from? @dana-edwards

Hi there! Great sharing on Tau! Didnt heard of it before. Will definitely look into Tau to see if it's worthy enough and sustaining in long term!

Thanks for posting.

Very nice information about tau..greate dedication .tau is the philosopher of crypto..thank you for sharing info with us...@trafalgar

Such a cool project i guess you were the first one who introduced about it way back as far i remember thanks for sharing it

There are 3 pages