"Fountain of Youth" - Embarking On A New Maker Adventure

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"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

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Have you heard.......?

You have, of course, heard of water... but... Have you heard of the interstitium? Have you heard that hydrogen is beneficial to your health? Have you thought, deeply thought, about water lately?

Jesus/God has given me many and diverse interests. This is the first article in a series about a recent intersection between my interest in making things and my interest in alternative approaches to health.

If perchance I've piqued your interest, stay tuned; below the picture, I'll tell you more about these things and what I'm "up to" in the Maker world...


Water, the stuff of life.   ~   Image courtesy of mohamed Hassan

Ever since observing the American medical establishment kill my grandson, I've been sensitive to what I perceive as arrogance among doctors. I find the hubris of many in the medical profession utterly appalling. Just as disturbing is that the vast majority of humanity seem to accord a god-like status to doctors, not realizing that their doctor is a mere human with feet of clay.

One data point supporting my jaded view of medicos is the recent discovery that the interstitium, a vast bodily network bridging between our skin and our internal organs, is vastly different in form and function than previously imagined. This accidental discovery is of such fundamental importance that scientists are speaking of the interstitium as a newly discovered organ. How strange! Doctors who knew everything before this discovery, now somehow know more?

But enough sour grapes. I've know for several years that breathing a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is reported to be very beneficial to one's health. There is a large and growing body of evidence that hydrogen, when administered to our bodies, has tremendous health benefits. Putting two and two together, I strongly suspect that breathing a hydrogen rich gaseous mixture supports and enhances the functions of the interstitium.

On to the immediate purpose of this article:

Mr. George Wiseman has researched and experimented with Brown's Gas for decades, and has developed a variety of machinery to generate it. What's that you ask? Brown's Gas is a gaseous form of water created by applying electricity to split the familiar H2O (di-hydrogen oxide, i.e. two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen) into its component gases, hydrogen and oxygen. In recent years, he has developed machines and procedures for safely generating HHO (another way to represent the gaseous components of water) in a form and quantity that can be breathed for health.

Here's a video of George's latest machine for that purpose. If you find the concept of Brown's Gas for health of interest and value, I'd encourage you to purchase one from George.

I've been looking at this machine and its predecessors for a couple of years now, desperately wanting one, but feeling quite unable to afford to purchase one. I don't quite know why, but it has taken until recently for me to come to the conclusion that I, as an inveterate inventor and maker, ought to be able to build a reasonable facsimile of such a machine myself at a much lower out-of-pocket cost.

And so begins my latest adventure as a maker. Stay tuned to this blog for reports as to how I plan and have begun to go about building my own "Fountain of Youth Machine", as well as some more background about the hoped for health benefits of breathing HHO.


I am not a doctor, nor am I a medical professional of any kind. This series of articles describes my very individual, personal quest to investigate credible reports of the benefits of breathing hydrogen and oxygen gas, drinking hydrogen enriched water, and applying hydrogen and oxygen gas to weakened or diseased body parts. The devices I am building, the tools and materials I am using, and the gases I expect them to produce, are potentially dangerous and even life-threatening if used carelessly. Should you choose to use any of this information, do so only with the most serious care taken for safety. Any use made of this information is entirely at your own risk. I am not in any way responsible.


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Looking forward to your new invention!!

Thanks... I've gathered most of the required materials and pieces/parts, and just need to put it all together in a functional way. And it's less of an invention than an implementation based on the work of others. There will be a few original components and approaches to making it work; but I'm really "standing on the shoulders of giants."

Please stay tuned for more reports, and thanks for stopping by! :D

I had originally bought a Kangen wanna be thinking that I could put it under the sink. That was a big fail :) I ended up buying a Brita like pitcher that makes alkaline water. Good luck!

Ever since observing the American medical establishment kill my grandson, I've been sensitive to what I perceive as arrogance among doctors. I find the hubris of many in the medical profession utterly appalling. Just as disturbing is that the vast majority of humanity seem to accord a god-like status to doctors, not realizing that their doctor is a mere human with feet of clay.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of your grandson, but amazed at how the Lord works. Grateful you have not gone blindly into the dark night of medical know how. We know now that there are other forces at play here. So excited to see your journey through to fruition, friend!

Thank you, Sir!

Sit tight; next episode is in production... :D

This is interesting. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Im still watching the video. Like the idea with helping your eyes. Amazing

Glad you liked it. More info to come in the coming days... :D

Look forward to it :)

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Interesting information. I'm well aware of the benefits of oxygen and spend a few hours a month in a hyperbaric chamber, but I didn't know about the hydrogen/oxygen mix.

Hi friend! Thanks for commenting.

I'll definitely be writing more about this, but meanwhile search for articles and videos by George Wiseman, especially the more recent ones about health. Apparently the hydrogen gas helps hydrate our bodies. George has been breathing the gas for some years now, and reports remarkable reversals of a number of significant health issues. :)

If you care to share, I would love to hear why you apply hyperbaric oxygen and how it has benefitted you? :D

I did a post about it on Steemit a couple of years ago which I've just read over and it's pretty poor. I must write an update.
I sprained my foot a few years ago and I'd heard hyperbaric oxygen was good for speeding up the healing of breaks and sprains. I found after a couple of sessions I could put weight on the foot and another couple and I was healed completely. I keep it up monthly for general well-being.
I've met many other people doing it for a myriad of reasons including MS and cancer and I've met enough people in their 70s who look 60 to know that it's not doing me any harm.

Thank you kindly for the additional information... Sounds very promising!

I'd love to read your older post and any updates. ;)

If you're really bored over Christmas, my older post is actually linked in my comment above.

Thank you for mentioning this! Though I embed links all the time, I did not notice yours. :(

I have just read and appreciated the article! Thank you for pointing it out... I will pass it along to a cousin of mine who needs this information!

Also, FYI, one of my pet theories is that the antediluvian world had both more oxygen and significant amounts of hydrogen as part of the natural atmosphere, both of which may have contributed to lifespans approaching (but never quite reaching) 1,000 years...

If you should get bored over Christmas, try reading "Too Much Of A Good Thing" for a glimpse into some of my ideas about that time in history...

Interesting video and subject. Yeah I know hydrogen and oxygen are beneficial. It makes sense. Thanks @creatr

Thanks, Troy. Merry Christmas!

Considering the time of year, are you sure it's not HO HO :)

Good one, John... Absolutely right! ;)