We Smashed it - 250 New Minnows In a Month Event

On the 5th of March we announced we were going to make 250 new minnows on STEEM in a month.  The aim of this event was to kick start and raise awareness an initiative by @steevc to create #tenkminnows by the end of this year.  With a passion to support those powering up and helping to create a strong middle class on STEEM, it was a no brainer for @steemcommunity to step forward, set a target and deploy a plan to achieve it.

Target 250 New Minnows


Result 316 New Minnows


A massive congratulations to all the team that volunteered their time to help @paulag on this event @steevc @hitmeasap, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy, @pennsif  @erika and @melinda010100 

And a massive congratulations to the 316 New minnows created in the month.

What we Achieved

We did not create all these minnows but let’s take a look at what we did achieve

- Massive momentum. 

 Everyone was talking about this.  Communities rallied together to get members to a level where we could pump them and then continued to support them as we got the over the line.

- Engaged participants 

We set task for the participants to earn extra rewards from sponsors and these were received and carried out well.

- Active sponsors

None of this would have been possible without our sponsors.  We had many big names supporting participants, some we reached out to, some reached out to us, but I have a special thank you coming further down in the post.

We worked directly with 44 redfish.  Of this we boosted 31 to Minnow Status. 7 More will have enough to power up to Minnow Status when they post for this week payout.  The remaining accounts will continue to receive support until we get them over the line.

Some stats on all of that which speaks for itself 😊

In addition to directly boosting these accounts we also contact hundreds of Redfish that had the liquid available to power up and become minnows.

Let’s put all this in a little more context.  This table was produced by @tarazkp and shows February to March gained only 7 minnows

Now look at March to April

How cool is that.

You can read that full post here.  Thank you @tarazkp, it made us very proud.


Our Sponsors

Not only were we working hard to get redfish involved but we also contacted many DApps, and witnesses for support.  Some contacted us.  We ran sponsored events, set up a trail and a guild, collected delegations and ensured the votes we focused where and when we needed them.

I can’t thank the sponsors enough.  Massive shout out to @partiko, @steempress.io @actifit @fundition, @esteemapp, @steemitmamas @gtg, @theycallmedan, @thecryptodrive, @timcliff, @blocktrades, @abh12345, @kus-knee, @iamcryptorick, @ausbitbank.  I know I forgot someone, so if you were helping boost our redfish to minnows, thank you.

To everyone that followed our trail and our guild.  To everyone that delegated SP to @tenkminnows.  Thank you so much for making this possible.

What's Next for #tenkminnows?

The #tenkminnow project is underway.  You should see an Introduction post from @tenkminnows soon.  In the meantime we will continue to support the accounts we were working with to get the last few over the line.

As for Make 250 New Minnows in a month event – it was a massive success and worth doing again. So if we are going to do it again, you have time to grow your accounts to around 400 SP so next time we pick you up and boost you to minnowhood.

A big shout out to all the Minnows and Redfish we have been working with over the last month.  It's been an amazing journey, and we hope its only the start of things on STEEM for you. 

     @anitacarolina,   @khaimi, @migueliglesias, @naza3783, @ribbitingscience, @alokkumar121,   @anroja, @arnel, @ayushjalan, @babarakas43, @bucipuci, @certain,   @coyotelation, @cwow2, @deerjay, @dronegraphica, @enjoycompany,   @ericburgoyne, @goodnode, @grintsch, @insight-out, @jimbi, @julianhorack,   @lenasveganliving, @marblely, @mistakili, @nelinoeva, @olusolaemmanuel,   @pardinus, @psos, @redheadpei, @squishysquid, @src3, @teutonium, @whornung,   @wiralhokseumawe, @herbncrypto, @roxy-cat, @ravisarikonda, @audreybits,   @wholeself-in, @danielvehe, @grider123, @yagoub    

Shameless Promotion

Like what we are doing?  Don't forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=steemcommunity&approve=1


This is a great result! Thanks to everyone involved. I want to keep the momentum going for at least the rest of this year to get us to 10k and beyond. I'm signing up people to Steem who I hope will become minnows too.

Awesome work on this project Steve, I think you deserve a pat on the back and some of these :)


Wow, thanks for that. I just saw what these are worth!

Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to steem-engine.com.

Fabulous work, everyone. Now we just need more games like DrugWars, so that the whales keep stupidly spending their STEEM, thus distributing it for everyone else. 😁

hahah love it, you are so right :-)

Thanks guys. Feels great to be a minnow. Now working on the next stage.

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you are most welcome, next stop will be dolphinhood, it will be great to watch and help you grow to that level

Dolphinhood seems like eons away, but I'm up for the task..

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Cool💘 congratulations @steemcommunity ! 66 more than the Target.. Amazing!

Congratulations!! You did an amazing job, and I'm pretty sure more steemians will join in minnowhood. I will be keeping an eye of the project.for.sure!

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I appreciate great thinking of @steemcommunity to help below five hundred SP holders for reaching on minnows level.
My warmest congratulations to above accounts reaching on minnows level.
And many thank you to your team taking me on this stage.

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you are most welcome @certain, it was an amazing month and an awesome event and I look forward to doing it again in a few months

No doubt! This month was also very enthusiastic for me as well as other steemains like me, being part of @steemcommunity.
Thank you again

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This was incredible!
We have the potential to "move mountains". I have always believed in that but honestly, I didn't think we would be able to accomplish this... This was far more than I could dream of.

  • 316 in one month. That's insane!

Not only did I have a chance to work with some truly awesome people, I've also been able to jump-start my own Minnow-ASAP initiative and I'm glad to announce that #tenkminnows and #minnowasap will collaborate.

This wouldn't have worked without @paulag, and it sure would never have worked without the awesome teamwork!

I will shortly delegate Steem Power to @tenkminnows, and I hope we will see a steady growth in the future. Thank you!

Im so happy you started your project back up. When i get home i need to set my self up so the accounts yiu work with get a little extra help from me 😝

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That’s amazing

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Well done Paula and team!

I have some idea of the work that has gone in here (my ginabot notifications have soared) and it's awesome to see a project having such a positive impact.

HODL, join the leagues, get involved in a project and stay for the ride! :D

Thanks @asher, is it time for a break yet boss?

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I thought you were only just getting started?!


Here are your ENGAGE tokens!

To view or trade ENGAGE go to steem-engine.com.

Congratulations!! You did an amazing job, and I'm pretty sure more steemians will join in minnowhood. I will be keeping an eye of the project for sure!

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Hi @steemcommunity I say many thanks for your support and other teams😊

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You are so welcome

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Thank you very much @steemcommunity @paulag @abh12345 @kus-knee all people has supported here. Greeting you all and blessing. Now I am in 428 SP, hope this month I can get 500. Spirit and more spirit.

You are so close, with the post still to be paid out and what you have in liquid steem and sbd, if you power it all up, u will be a minnow

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Congratulations and thanks! :)
Great work!

It was fun month 😝😜

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Yes it is! 😁
I hope you will continue the project 😉

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Goodness me, this is very good! Progress of the right kind!

Sometimes @meesterboom I pull a blinder out of the bag 😀

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Yes indeed you do!! :0D

What an awesome project and it is even more amazing that you achieved it and some more. Everyone who contributes and takes part in this should give themselves a pat in the back, congratulations all :).

Thank you so much @scrawly, the effort paid off

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


great job you all 😄

Thank you helpiecake

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well done you guys !!

Yepppee thank you so much

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Many thanks to @steemcommunity and the team for helping me reach minnowhood. Greatly appreciated all the tremendous effort by so many. Congrats to all the new minnows. 🐟 ♥️

This is an excellent example of the power of the community and the way engagement can deliver results to create value! I can’t wait to see us get over the 10k line as this is just getting started!

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That's a fantastic result. I have to admit that at the first update I was beginning to wonder if you'd bitten off more than you could chew, but then the momentum kicked in!

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I did know when i did that first post tge results didnt look that good, it takes time to pump account via votes. I knew all along we would pull it off 😜

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This has been such a fun project to be involved with! Thanks for all your hard work @paulag
CONGRATS to all those new Minnows!

😀😛 thanks for your help on all of this

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I never doubted you will succeed and I am most thankful for your support to reach the minnowhood!

Thanks to your call, I've reached a lot earlier on the minnow. It was a great ride :-D.
Many thanks for all the support.

hold on tight, the next ride will be even better :-)

If this is a new challenge, I won't hesitate for a while ;-)

Great work guys. What’s the plan for next month?250 more? Shall I continue the SP delegation?

you can pull back you delegation if you like, we will be regrouping and coming up with a plan for the next stage :-) thank you so much for your support

Alright, I’m looking forward to seeing the plan for stage 2. Thanks for driving this initiative!

Glad to be a part of this awesome initiative, ai appreciate the entire steemit community and every member that supoorts this project. This a very healthy approach, and I know we can together do bigger massive things

it was team work for sure, steem is a strong community :-)

Thank you so much, I am very grateful for all the support and congratulations to you all!!!JOB WELL Done!!!

Nice job!
I have been watching the league and was seeing the results of your efforts. When Taraz put out that chart with an increase of 254, thats insane. I knew this was a great month and a result of many people’s efforts.

Your awesome 👏. ;)

Great work. Thanks again! Still powering up ;-)

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Good work @steemcommunity .
One day, many years from now, I shall evolve from plankton into minnow 😎.

This will take a long time, years maybe decades. It may happen when I am lying on my death bed but the day will happen. 😹

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Congratulations @steemcommunity!
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It being great and wonderful experience. Am happy am now a minnow

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That is a really impressive result! A big congratulations to everyone involved in making this happen... proof that we really do have a strong community here.

Above all, I hope many of these people who become minnows appreciate the value of simply holding Steem Power, rather than cashing back out... Yes, it's "money," but why not treat your Steem as a long term savings account, rather than a place to get next week's pizza money?