A test!

I forgot to study.

I thought someone was joking when they said the autovoters moved. LOL, I had to test it. :)

I still vote like a monkey, with my finger, of all things.

Tests are best

haha, Well, both tests went fabulous.

Hehe, even better!

A wild @whatsup appears!

It uses 'meme'

Very effective

Gets downvoted to zero... haha, I deserved it... but also.. Yeah, I just find I am not that interested in reading people's "quality" content.

Heads back to twitter.

I'm afraid your test results provide a very clear answer to your questions. Let's give it some more time, maybe we'll find some growth.

What are we testing and why?

I was testing autovotes and the "Quality Control Police" Both were hightly impressive.

Quality control police seems to be on top of it.

1 month in..

Hive or steem?

How’s steem looking?

the one above is monthly, this one is daily.

I think Steem still has more activity. Both have lost momentum.

Well, well. Does this mean we might see you here posting ?? :)

Dipped a toe in... remembered the quality content police. lol. Ah, I think I will continue to wait.

Youll have to do a lot of waiting.

Arrived on Hive
And quite bigly downvoted
Is this home sweet home?

I'm not sad. I didn't think it would get that many autovotes, I thought I could quietly sneak one in. :)

It's what the community wants. /s

Little control freaks stopping casual content... Is what the community wants?

Green pill vs red pill?

Haha... The pills are bitter sweet

More of a red vs blue here.

Wait a moment, whatsup on Hive?


Welcome, though.^^

Nice to see you here @whatsup

Good to see you @toofasteddie. :)

Welcome to the other branch.

It's working now - the picture didn't seem to show up when you first posted it - now there is a picture of a rubber fetishist carrying a large sardine.


This is not an auto vote: I repeat this is not an auto vote...milky auto voters (although i do have few of my own, it's no the point. lol)

Cheers buddy :)
Good day to you.

It's a... WHALE of a time! :D

Plese vote yu like me I knew hear. This test too. thank yu. my frend.

We used to get tons of those. They were easy to ignore.

Oh how I remember those days well :>\

You coming over to the light side yet?

I've always said that I will evaluate both chains at 13 weeks in.

I am sure excited to see how well thing are going! Congrats on the awesome pump, and great brand and name recognition it will provide. :)

The picture above is suitable for meme it so funny pic ahhaha.

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