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Hello Hivers! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there. During my absence, I have a nice team in place for curation and want to keep the initiatives consistent through thick and thin.

The next initiative is called #TopHivers and the idea is that Hivers promote their favorite content creators so they can have a chance to receive a 100% upvote from me on one of their posts

There will up to ten posts that will be upvoted at 100%, this initiative will be running until July 4. The best recommendation posts will also be eligible for an upvote from 20 to 30%, but the main idea of this exercise is to help others. There will be more upvotes in lesser amounts to active participants and #tophivers recommended by the community.

Some notes:

  • Your #TopHivers should have active posts, the more the better.
  • If they are not actively sharing their content on Twitter please invite them to do it.
  • Let’s focus on newer content creators or creators who have been left out by big curators.
  • Obviously you cannot recommend yourself or an alt account.

To participate:

  • Write a full original post with your #TopHivers recommendations and post it to Twitter. Please recommend only three to five Hivers.
  • In your tweet use the hashtags #hive and #TopHivers.
  • On your post use the tag #tophivers + any related tag.

Earn extra rewards by making a video about your #TopHivers, @threespeak will be giving out votes too.


This is such a great initiative. Interestingly I was able to help @thechhamu onboard on hive after discussions on twitter only. I have delegated him some HP to post / comment more. Hopefully, we will see some great posts from him - he is learning it fast, which makes me feel good. Once he is expert, I am sure, we will see more users from my place and even start a community.

Thank you very much for your efforts. Indeed a great platform for creative people. Definitely we will have a vibrant community in future.🙏

good initiative @theycallmedan but I would like to share my thoughts too... having people that will be your eyes is a great thing as you could also be focused on other projects, but at the same time we would like to see you here randomly. The reason behind this... is because it shows us how important hive is for you. Imagine how many whales are around (not many like yourself of course) and now think how many of those are active reading and commenting... not many. That is why your way of being active was a motivation to many to engage you in some contents. For example I was curious to know what will happen to the Country/Community Leader Initiative launched about a month ago... would you like to have for example once per month chat about what each leader would like to promote hive etc? I hope I haven't missed any post where you were giving more updates about it. Looking forward to hearing from you. In faith Webdeals

Talking about initiatives, how about we take the initiative to limit the loss of our freedom?
Our leaders imposed some measures that reduce our freedom.
What's the proof?
Do you think we should lose your freedom with zero proof?

absolutely not! The role of a leader will be to propose ideas and to have the majority of the people agreeing those measures. This is a leader role not a dictator role.

Hello there !

First, I would like to thank you for such a great initiative.

There are so many that it is hard to pick. Our @hodlcommunity just published its weekly curation post where you can see some of the members. Here is the link if you want to take a look: https://peakd.com/hive-126009/@hodlcommunity/hodl-community-jewels-7-weekly-curation-post

I would say that @mistakili, @resiliencia or f0x-society are ones deserving the nickname of #TopHiver !

2 of them are in our Weekly Curation Post and I included the #Tophivers and shared it on twitter.


Thank you for your time,


Thanks for the shootout @vlemon!
HODL is definitely my favorite community! 😊

Thanks for the vote Vlemon!!!I totally appreciate your support.

There is a very unique dapp on hive, which got my attention and I think I should bring this to your attention also
It is called @telokanda

When I read thier whitepaper it was full of insights

I think if thy have acess a huge delegation that would make them stay, they would build most of the projects on their WhitePaper on HIVE
Think about reaching out to them to help, they need it. I am currently suporting them in a way that I can at https://nitrous.telokanda.com

A great initiative! There are many underappreciated here and I hope this brings a few of them to light! Thanks! I hope all is going well with you and yours.

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I totally agree with you @dswigle and I believe you are one of them since you are definitely my favorite blogging hiver. Love your writing style and the way your posts are always so possitive and motivating.

Another great idea! Good content needs to be rewarded to retain those who are not constantly upvoted And have an established group of people contributing to their blogs.

You're right: good content should be rewarded.

  • What's your opinion about good content?
  • What's good content?

What do you think about the new normal?
Our leaders imposed some measures that reduce our liberties so they have the responsibility to offer us the proof for their measures.

  • What's the proof?

So far nobody offered a proof that this year flu is different than in previous years.
What are we doing?
Are we losing our liberties with zero proof?

  • They say our challenge is to limit the spread of an invisible enemy.
  • Our actual challenge is to limit the loss of our freedom.

What is good content:

  • the one that takes our focus away from our actual challenge or
  • the one that addresses our actual challenge?

What's your opinion about good content? My opinion is we should have it. If someone looks like their are just here to get rewards and don’t offer something that’s not cool.

What's good content? Well, this is somewhat subjective. However, I look for quality images, sources and thought out text. Length is somewhat arbitrary because someone can make a though provoking piece that’s short. I also value opinions and analysis.

Our leaders imposed some measures that reduce our liberties so they have the responsibility to offer us the proof for their measures.

What's the proof?

i guess you missed that part.
What do you think?

I don’t get it??

What is it that you don't get?
Can you expand?
Our leaders reduce our freedom to fight against an invisible enemy so they have the burden of proof.
They have to offer us 1 proof to claim that we have 1 invisible enemy.

What's the proof for the invisible enemy?

Are you talking about hive leaders or governments in general?

In my previous comment i said

Our leaders reduce our freedom

Isn't it obvious who am i referring to?
Isn't it obvious that i'm referring to people who reduce our freedom?
How's your question relevant?
We're losing our freedom.
One repeated question as i received no answer so far:

What's the proof for the invisible enemy?

Don't bother...

See my post soon

Awesome initiative Dan But erhm you said this was to promote people whose blog hasn't been noticed by the big votes but what if most of the authors chosen by people are already big earners in question?;
Great initiative all the same, I'll go right ahead.

I am about to bring in some new set of writers to this community

I have a nice team in place for curation

I think that would make this one better. I think I have a couple of people to recommend.

Oooh I wonder if I'll feature in anyone posts :P

you sure will... your knowledge of macro economics is mind blowing

You called it brother I got my first mention in another post !ENGAGE 20

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

right away ... I am going to get my writers on board for this .. I must say this is a good initiative....I am begining to fall in love with this community

Let’s focus on newer content creators or creators who have been left out by big curators.

Loving it


Going to be an interesting initiative.....may be few new author get motivated to get feature on #tophivers

Wow ... This is very interesting. I keep trying to make the best posts possible. Who knows, I'll be lucky. Thank you for the support you have provided so far in my post.

Here is my Tweet.... #TopHivers Recommendations.


This is very encouraging i will do my best and thank you @theycallmedan for the support you have provided so far in my post really appreciated 😊

Hey, buddy. I wish things with your family and your mom kept getting better.

I'm already brainstorming how I can participate in your new initiative. What I enjoy most is when you say:

Let's focus on the new content creators or creators who have been excluded by the great curators.

We must continue to work so that this does not happen, I wonder if this is due to a lack of hivepower or if we are not making the best distribution.

Until then.

Awesome initiative. I would love to participate since I have someone in mind. 😊

Wow! This is so great! I have someone in mind too. She is new here but she is making her way up. Thank you too for your support on my previous post! Salute!

hi @theycallmedan this is the great initiative and i am excited to participate in it. Reblogged ♥

Wow! This is a great initiative and it will be a source of encouragement to all active hivers

I've been active on Twitter a while ago and newbies need Hive Power I delegate to some, I'm joining this iniciative.

I like this iniciative so much :)

Hi Dan!
This is my contribution to your initiative! 👍

What a great initiative for new people we're starting. Thank you right now twitteando for my #tophiver

Hello dear friend @theycallmedan Good afternoon
Excellent initiative, there are many good authors who can be recommended, thank you very much for everything you do for people and our community.
Have a wonderful weekend

Great initiative. There are good authors who go unnoticed, this is a way to promote them to make them visible. Thank you so much.

Wow This is great news, I'll be looking for other users with good content to try to show my #tophivers... We hope to participate.
Wow Esto es una noticia genial, estaré muy pendiente de otros usuarios con buen contenido para hacer el intento de mostrar mi #tophivers... Esperamos poder participar.

Thank you Dan foto this great initiative 💪

Post: https://peakd.com/hive-146620/@claudio83/my-top-hivers


This is really what the newbie like us would like to have.. An initiative like this would be a great help. Salute to you Sir!!!

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this is such a good call. I did a similar thing yesterday when I started Filipino Friday Five #1- My Picks trying to promote Philippines related posts. The engagement is fun. Will be doing a broader one for this too. As always great work @theycallmedan

What I like about this initiative is that it will show off a lot of good accounts to follow which is a problem I find is quite common here on Hive. I'm a content creator who posts daily. Who knows, you may even my page. Take care.

nice initiative for new hive bloggers and best content creators.

Very interesting. Hope to partake. I know the #tophivers best believe

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Here my entry for your great post...

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It is necessary to promote other authors who are a little unknown or who have had no luck with the curators...thank you for this initiative!

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Great initiative. I wish that someday I get discovered... not for my writing skill because I don't have that. I am just an ordinary gal who shares her journey in saving in silver and gold and the daily stuff of my ordinary life, like cooking, baking and travel. Three years...I've been sharing... (and being left out), but so very grateful for the very few times that I get upvoted by big curators. I can count those times with my fingers (and not even with the fingers with both my hands, LOL) This is an awesome initiative, and thank you for everything you do for the community.
Have a wonderful weekend, and take care @theycallmedan 🥰🌺🤙

Here is my entry


Also tweeted on Twitter and link dropped as a comment on the post.

I want to congratulate you for the work you do and for your initiatives are highly motivating

Thank u for a great iniciative to all the good writers

Post: https://hive.blog/tophivers/@ariapost/tophivers-iniciative-or-talents-worth-knowing

Hi, everybody. Thanks, @theycallmedan for another great opportunity to promote fellow Hivers. Here's my entry:

Thanks for this initiative @TheyCallMeDan. Below is my contribution.

My TopHivers 🐝 A @TheyCallMeDan Initiative


There are excellent content creators, some new ones who left and returned with the new hive and others who are still working so that their work will be rewarded, but what is undeniable is that there are excellent content creators in our beloved Hive!

My publication hive link https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@fmbs25/my-tophivers-initiative
My Twitter link

Thanks for this great initiative, I am looking to enter. Have a wonderful Day!

It's a great initiative @theycallmedan for newcomers like me... and little by little we get to know the contents of everyone who is very good

Excellent initiative to make known our favorite users ... Grateful for being one of the #tophivers mentioned ...

My twitter link:

Grateful for being one of the #tophivers mentioned for @lisfabian

My twitter link:

Hi Dan, por acá te dejo mi participación y link twitter:


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A great initiative!
This is my entry: https://peakd.com/hive-146620/@ilnegro/my-top-5-hivers
and my Tweet:


Great initiative... regards from VENEZUELA
This is my participation in Threespeak video:

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Good afternoon @theycallmedan
Im so thankful for this initiative and I have 5 #tophivers whom I loved and daw them so active unlike before. Please check them and here isy entry:

Holaaa! Amé esta iniciativa!!!

Aquí mi publicación!!!



Cool initiative, in my opinion should be only new or undiscovered yet ''good'' content creators so they have a chance to exposure. :)

Excelente iniciativa. Saludos.

This is a great initiative. I am happy it's starting at a time when I'm just joining. I hope to be a beneficiary. Thanks @theycallmedan for this great initiative.

I think it's an excellent initiative @Theycallmedan, it's a good way to promote other users whether they are new members or old ones. Greetings and Thanks for the support.

Thank you for the initiative @Theycallmedan, this way more people will be able to notice the great work of the new Hivers and also of the people who recommend us.

Thanks for giving us another fabulous initiative!

HIVE: https://peakd.com/hive-186377/@gertu/my-tophivers-initiative


Thank you sir for this great opportunity.
Here's my post

Yeah man! Another great initiative!!👏🙌💪

Hola Dan. Muchas gracias por crear concurso tan divertidos que nos ayudan a generar ingresos. Dios te siga bendiciendo.

Aqui esta mi post


Y en twitter

Hey Dan te doy una idea que puedes tomar, para mí sería un honor que la usarás. Que tal si después de este reto hacemos el tophivers de seguidores?

Es decir, cada persona mencionar a sus propios seguidores fieles, que siempre nos apoyan.

Bueno te dejo trabajar. Feliz día.

@theycallmedan y demás compañeros de concurso, contento de participar en esta iniciativa,
les dejo mi entrada aquí : https://hive.blog/tophivers/@oacevedo/iniciativa-tophivers-oacevedo-top5
En Twitter:

Saludos a todos.

I would like us to talk @theycallmedan, I have something in mind but I don't know what to do.

Thank you.

Mail: [email protected]

Soy nueva en hive. Muchas gracias por tu votación en mi publicación, no sé usar esta plataforma jeje espero algún día estar al nivel de esta comunidad un saludo para ti