My trip to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: The beauty of the bay

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This was the moment we'd been waiting for: enjoying the otherworldly beauty of nature. We transferred to a rowboat to visit the Vung Vieng floating fishing village.


It was a little bit chilly as we moved gently on the calm emerald water.


There it was, the little fishing village right in front of us.


Passing the fishing village, we continued our journey.


A cave! Yup, it's just one of many caves here.


The bay has thousands of limestone karsts and islets in various shapes and sizes.


We took pictures, chatted about what we saw occasionally and just enjoyed being there. No electricity, no internet, and life was good. 😊


We passed a unique looking ship on our way back.



We had time to relax before dinner. Speaking of dinner, do you like Vietnamese food? If not, visiting Ha Long Bay could be a challenge. I love Vietnamese food so I had a wonderful time enjoying seafood and everything else. There was a spa onboard too.

The next morning, we skipped the sunrise and Taichi class in their schedule. We were still woken by the staff to get ready for breakfast at 7 am because we had to go sightseeing with all the other passengers. After breakfast, we got on a small boat to see Luon Cave.


The boat stopped in front of the entrance to Luon Cave. We waited for a small rowboat to take us through the cave. The misty mountain atmosphere woke me up.


Here we were going through that tiny looking cave.


It looked bigger as we got closer. What's inside?


Going through the cave was a unique experience. The journey was as exciting as the destination.


It was a bay surrounded by mountains. Our boat continued to move around the very calm water to have a closer look at all the living things on the rocks. There was a monkey on a cliff who greeted us as we entered the bay through the cave. Can you find him?😄



On the way out, we saw people kayaking into the cave. Would you prefer to kayak or sit comfortably as a passenger on a rowboat with others and enjoy the view?


Then we got into a motorboat and headed back to the cruise ship because some passengers were departing one day before us.


We moved past unforgettable scenes. At that point, I told myself I would come back again someday.


Most people ended their journey here. It was just 9 am, my husband and I were the only ones who stayed for another day. So we boarded a day boat and spent the rest of our day there. Yeah! Another boat. This one was nicer with a restaurant,


a deck and we had the entire boat to ourselves.


We spent the day with a very nice crew: a captain, a tour guide, and a chef. The crew was taking us to new places, we told each other our life stories, about our families and how we got there. I told them how cold it was in New York City at the time.

We passed by a beach but it was too chilly to swim, so we just took some pictures. Say cheese...😄


We stopped at a pearl farm and had a little tour. This girl was explaining how pearls are cultured from oysters. We were shown step by step the process of pearl farming. I even had a chance to pick an oyster with pearls inside to open. There was a jewelry store that sold pearls too.


We returned to the boat to continue our journey.



I was hanging out on the deck and it started to rain.


Then it was time for lunch. There was more food than we could eat. Seven courses with fruits for dessert. We didn't forget to order some wine too.

Ha Long 2015-2.jpg

After lunch, we took a nap on the day boat until it was time to return to the cruise ship.

To be continued...

Thanks so much for your time, my friend.
Have a great day!


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What a wonderful Post, well done 👍

Hi, Xels! Thanks so much! 😊

Beautiful .. wonderful pictures well done .. The traveller collects memories .. good for you
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure‏‏.😊

Thank you so much for enjoying it, Slimane! 😊

I am wondering on Steemit and see this post! Thank you for the nice words about my country ^^ So beautiful! you look like an Asian girl :)

Chào Ngọc! 😉 Rất vui được gặp bạn ở đây. Mình lớn lên ở Việt Nam mà. Hehe. Cám ơn Ngọc khen về bài viết nhé. 😊

Dang... Makes me wanna go there. I have never been to a tropical place on earth actually. Should I go?

Haha. That's great! I don't know. 😄

Hey dewdrop,

Wow, this place looks amazing and from your post it looks like you had fun there. I will put it on my bucket list and will try to visit it when I come to Vietnam as now I have a friend their too. I liked the way you said you had no electricity and internet so you just enjoyed the moment that is very important and we have started to leave it behind.

Hey! Thanks so much for your very nice comment. So happy you put it on your bucket list. Thanks again! 😊

My pleasure. I am always looking for interesting things which I could put on my list and you gave me one so technically I should be saying thanks to you.
I am planning to share my bucket list with steemit community :p

Oh, that sounds great! 😊

Oh, I also really like to swim on a boat.

How do you do that? You need a big one with a swimming pool then. 😊

The water looks really nice. Seems a good place for a swim and boat ride. Awesome!

Thanks, Gvincent! Yes, you're right! I think summer time is better for swimming.

Vietnam a nice place to Vist

It's very nice of you to say so. 😊

My wife and I almost traveled to Vietnam this year, but we've postponed it until next year. Your post is so beautiful, it is making me question our decision to postpone for a year. ;-)

Hahaha! That means you like the post. Thanks, Gikitiki!

Yes, it was a fabulous post.

nó là đẹp

Aww... Thanks! Canada is beautiful too. 😊

Excellent Vietnam Travel. Good Experience and nice place

100% like and resteem

Thanks so much, Stmit! This one is my favorite too.😉

What a beautiful place! Thank You for sharing this pictures of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam! How long was your trip???

Thanks for enjoying the pictures. We stayed on the boat for 3 days but the whole trip was 6 days. 😊

My favorite photos were the rowboat to visit the Vung Vieng floating fishing village and monkey on a cliff who greeted us as we entered the bay through the cave (up top)! Thank You for sharing these with Steemit. Six Days is a perfect trip! Are you planning on going again in the near future???

Aww... thank you so much, David! Nah, not the near future. 😀

This is mesmerising. I just couldn't take my eyes off from the mountains. They actually added beauty to the water.
Lovely pictures @dewdrop.

Aww...😍 Thanks so much, my friend!

This is heaven! Damn beautiful, I wish I could make it with my family one day similar to what you guys did; no phones at all. Food could be an issue as I am a strict veggie. Also the monkey was easy to find as the camera focus was on the monkey and that's why he is in the center of the pic :D.
Truly awesome pics

Hey! Thanks! There's plenty of fruits and veggies. If you let them know, they'd go out of their way to comfort you. 😉 The monkey was the husband favorite part of the whole trip. Haha
Thanks again, my friends. Have a good night! 😉

Nice story, when I was there our canoe flipped over because it was leaking haha. Glad that didn't happen to you.

Omg! That's so bad. So sorry about that. Now you couldn't forget it. Haha
Thanks! 😊

Very nice shots you have there, really like the colors. Almost looks tropical, like Hawaii or Cancun. Quite a unique experience on the boat I'm sure!

Thanks so much, Glenn! It was a very nice break from the winter here. I guess it's nicer in the summer with blue sky and you can go swimming too. 😉

Nice post,lf l have much time l wiil go soon @dewdrop l will do some interesting moment

Thanks, Rizwan! That would be great! 😊

WOW! Look at that beautiful water and the views!!! It is just stunning really!

Hey! Thanks, Paul! 😊

Lovely photos and lovely colours of the sea, sky and mountains! What a fantastic holiday! It’s like a fairy land or fantasy land in a film!
The cave and emerald water are just impressive, that monkey is quite big!


Hey! It's like James Bond island in Phu Ket right? 😉. Thanks for enjoying the pics, my friend. Have a good night!

Wonderfull trip and amazing photos!!!

Thanks! 😊

Wow wonderful trip . that is very beautiful location and really look.
Thanks @dewdrop
Have a great day

Thanks, Goldcoin! 😉

It is seen that it was a wonderful trip, beautiful photographs, especially this one, I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks so much for enjoying, Vicky! 😊

Wow. This is absolutely breathtaking.
Beautiful Vietnam.
I love the water and I love how you spend the whole day on the water and even had lunch on water.
Trip of a lifetime.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, Joanna! So happy you like it. Thanks for reading the whole post too. 😉

Amazing! I am Vietnamese and also like traveling and taking photo. I aslo came to Halong several time and share with you one of my photos! Enjoy it :)


P.S: Are you still in Vietnam? If you are in Hanoi, let hang out for beer ^^!

Hey! Thanks! Your photos are amazing! I wish I'm in VN now for Tet holidays but no, I'm not. I'll save your beer for the next time. 😉
Nice to meet you here. We can chat in Tiếng Việt too if you want. 😉

Really? Bạn có thể nói tiếng Việt? Hihi
Tuyệt vời! Nếu có dịp quay lại Vietnam thì hãy liên lạc với tôi nhé! Rất hân hạnh :)

Uh, nếu có dịp mình sẽ liên lạc với bạn. 😊

really amazing place i've never seen like this beauty, it's really wonderful, perfect shots dear and you have a sweet smile

Thanks so much, Yassine! 😊

No wonder this is one of the modern seven wonders of the world! It looks amazing! I'm glad to see that you had a great trip! Can't wait for part two!

Hey! Thanks so much, Josefine! 😍 Hope you're doing well at school. 😊

Thanks! I'm trying my best 😊 Sometimes I just need a little distraction from it and then it's good to see what other people experience and get inspired😍

Beautiful place...Hope oneday i can travel there...Just <3 your blog..

Thanks so much, Mrlazy! 😊

What an excellent post about a unique and wonderful place.

And even though it was cool and apparently cloudy, your photos are excellent, capturing the beauty of the bay and it's various features.

Aww...thanks for stopping by, my friend! So happy you enjoy the post 😊.

Wow wonderful trip. it is very nice location and great article.
Your nice look

Upvote Resteem

Thanks so much, Shavishtha! 😉

Beautiful photography. For some reason, this reminds me a little of the floating islands in the Avatar movie. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Seraphinacolette! Aww... that is a very nice reminder. 😍 I love that movie.

Great post, I visited Vietnam a couple years back and was not able to visit that part of vietnam, I just stayed near the south but heard many people say it is a great place to visit, I have to go back there one day

Thanks! I was from the south and that was my first time visiting the north 😃. Yeah, good idea! It takes some efforts to get there but worth it. 😉

Boat all to yourselves?? Wow! But this place is beautiful, I long to go there. You guys aren't up by 7AM? What!?!?! When i'm on vacation, i'm up before the sun comes out. Well, that's because I love chasing sunrises... Lovely @dewdrop as always.
You made me miss Vietnam! I can't travel for another 7 months!!!

Hey! I used to chase sunrise just like you before having the baby. After he was born, our world turned upside down. We sleep whenever we could. Yeah, I miss VN too. Travelling with a baby is a challenge. My son cried a lot on the plane every time when he was a baby. You'd feel bad for people around you.
Thanks, my friend. You and my husband have the same name you know. 😉

upside down inside out... babies are soooo demanding aren't they!!!?? Miss travelling already. I hope when we travel with her she would be good.. like not cry.. but I know that aint happening.. eheh

Your hubby's name is Foovler?
Smiley Face

Yup! Are you used to changing diapers yet? Thousands more to come, papa. Nope, the same real name with you. (Yen told me your name) 😄.

OooOhh cheekygirl! eheheh She told you my full name, not just Chris? It's Christian by the way. Nice to meet you Dewy.

And yes, i'm used to changing diapers now. Working on cutting my change time to 30 seconds. i'm currently at 2 minutes..

Hehe. She told me just Chris. Nice to meet you Christian. 😄 Soon you'll do it with your eyes closed. 😄

This place is beautiful, why not invite me to see this very beautiful location, a very beautiful travel. friend

Hey! Thanks, Ades! Haha, you're closer to it than me now, my friend. 😀

That must be unforgettable experience, extremely beautiful pictures but I believe this is how it is in reality, the nature in its whole beauty, I love the caves and the feeling of passing under them, from distance I thought that there were bats or is it just some rocky, sharp edges of stones. The fisher village looks like in a cartoon, so neat and tiny, again from distance. I bet you really enjoyed your time.

Hey, Stef! Thanks! You're right! It was a very nice experience and I enjoyed it. The bats sound scary. Haha. I bet you'd sketch a lot of pictures. 😉

Very nice photography. Very beautiful natural scene. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Thank you so much, Wilson! 😊

Wow fantastic photography and wonderful place

Thank you so much! You're awesome! 😄

Wow! I appreciate nature more from these lovely pictures.

Aww... Thank you, Lizzie! 😊 thanks for sharing...

So happy you enjoyed them. Thanks, Afrinsultana! 😊

wecome dear..your all post so nice one baby pic in your post so cute dear thanks for sharing

Aww... Thanks so much for taking the time to read them. 😊

welcome dear....bye take care

Wow Vietnam has such a nice place! 😍 did they let you take the pearl from the oyster you pick?

Hi, Vaelriey! No, they didn't. Hahaha

Aaaww too bad 😅
It would be nice to bring back one. I was looking through the photos again and cant help but to wish I’m there right now 😂

After seeing all the work they put in, not sure I wanna take them though. 😁 Thanks for reading it again. 😉

Oooo I didnt know the process is hard 😅

Soooo beautiful!!! I didn't know Vietnam has such beautiful nature. I will put it on my bucket list of distanations :)

Thanks so much, Gymkat! That's a great idea! 😊

So clean and blue water! And the landscape is so amazing!! ❤️

Glad you like it, Gabriela!

Excellent choice of photos !!!


Thanks, Teddy! 😉

I've been in SE Asia for 6 years, but still haven't made it here! Thank you for documenting this so beautifully. You've definitely inspired me to go!

Thanks so much for reading, Yasmine! So happy I inspired you. 😊 Bali is so beautiful! 😉

wow, these pictures are great! I was thinking of going to Vietnam at the end of the year, and now I can see that we definitely should! How did you find such an amazing place? And have you tried a Vietnamese coffee? I did once in Malaysia and it was delicious! :)

Hi Yulia! Thanks! I used to live in Vietnam for many years so yeah, I love Vietnamese coffee. I like to add condense milk and ice into the one you had. 😉

Beautiful pictures and great story telling.

Thanks so much, Acousticsteveo! 😊

Amazing shots and an amazing experience. When I looked at the pictures I totally fell in love with this place... It really looks beautiful and everybody would love to spend a vacation here.

We really appreciate that you share this pictures with us who haven't had the opportunity to go there but hope to go someday to enjoy its beauty.

Thank you for sharing! Everything looks great.

Thanks so much for your very nice comment, Diamondlife! 😊 I'm so happy you enjoy the pictures. 😊

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Thanks so much, Chelsea! You're awesome! 😉

Lovely, resteemed & upvote. @dewdrop travel blog queen. Reminds me of La Jolla San Diego caves...but this is even more beautiful.

Aww...😍 your compliment will keep me smiling all night tonight. 😄 Thanks so much, Alphasteem! It would be great if you show us those caves. 😉

almost at 1000... whale status!!!

Nah, because I posted almost 2000 posts. There are only 35 whales on steemit with millions in their wallets and I'm not one of them. Haha

Yeah, but I learned a lot from you and you upvoted one of my first posts and u continue to do it too so I really appreciate it and thank you! So your a whale in my book. Hopefully I can return you with better upvotes...I'll just have to invest some finances in steem to grow...I said I would give it at least a month without investing and so far its been good i'm quite happy with the results and glad I came by your posts first.

Aww.... You're very welcome! Yeah, I don't like to see 0 under a good post from new users. My power is just tiny, you'll get a lot more people voting for you. (I bought votes from day 1 actually 😅) Glad you're happy with the results and thanks for being so nice to me too. 😊

I like the 3rd image from the bottom -- showing those Large Rocks sticking out . Think that all these images are superlative !

When I noticed the very 1st pic, the one of the Kayaker going inside of the cave ... my jaw dropped (as I could tell this wd be a Cool pictorial ).

Your manner of telling the story, w/ Text in between the images, is quite nice ♦♦ Good formatting.

The 3rd image is pretty -- with its cool emerald color !!

Thanks for sharing yr #TRAVEL experience.

Hi, Jan! Very nice to meet you! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a very nice comment. 😊 I'm so happy you like the pictures. I took so many of them. 😄 Thanks again for enjoying the post, Jan. Yay! 😄

Yes indeed. ☻

when's your next time back>??? the colors are beautiful

Mmm... I don't know! before I die maybe. Hahaha. How about you?
Thanks! 😉

prob during the year sometime. I think it's fun to go once a year to change the scenery a bit. haha. I also want to see more of europe as well. I really love Amsterdam.
Once we live in the city though, it's hard to leave often!

Yeah! Sounds exciting! You're young, handsome and could do it. Why not, right? Haha. Yeah, we're so comfy with where we are and traveling messes things up a bit. That's why we don't do it so often.

So nice! I need to start working on my look again. Ever since graduation, I have been letting myself go a bit trying to save money for the future.

Yup! Today is the youngest day of the rest of our life. I'm 30 something and start saying "when I was young" already. Haha

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