HEAVEN #152: 10,000 Followers Thank You Post featuring a Ferrari !!!

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10K Follower Thank you Post !!!

I borrowed my friend's Ferrari for this 10K Followers post. Actually I made the pictures a while ago, but I wanted to use them for a special purpose. What is better than to celebrate @knozaki2015 archiving 10,000 followers on @Steemit than with this great Supercar !

















I have come a long way to reach this fantastic milestone. It was my pleasure and honor to blog the last 18month for all my followers. It is incredible to finally see a 5digits followers numbers. So what's next? Of course there is always 15k, 20K followers so I will keep blogging for this great blog and @steemit

Any SBD collected from this post will be send to a Charity Project @thisisbenbrick and I have been setting up for the last 2 month and I will match any amount this posts earns up to 10,000 USD (yes ten thousand USD) so please make sure to upvote, re-steem and leave a comment!

If you upvote, re-steems or comment, you will have the chance for a 100% upvote from @knozaki2015!

You like Ferrari or Lambo better ???

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Congrats for achieving milestone on steemit...and also you achieved a great reputation(77)..that is really great only 2-3 people have this reputation...
and this ferrari is really amazing ,,enjoy the ride...

I know, its a pretty nice achievment but its not only mine, all of you have helped me in this amazing journey!!

Congratulation, @knozaki2015. Maybe one day i get the 10k too. Sorry, I don't like those cars at all. I have a VW Caddy. It takes 5 Persons and a lot of baggage too. The matching points of fascination are for family guys extremly different. A strong machine and stylish design is absolute useless for me.

I get what you are saying, the taste for cars is completely connected with what you actually want to do with it!
Thanks a lot for your good wishes brother :)

The great achievement on your grow

Nice car and excellent travelling post dear @knozaki2015

Brother thanks a lot for the support, this achievment is also yours!!

Brilliant car and post! I'm very jealous :-)

congratulations.... for 10k followers.Great achievement .....@knozaki2015. I love ferrari so much.it is my dream car.nice sharing sir. Following you and upvoted and resteemed.

Dear @pariza, thanks a lot, I never thought that I would reach this milestone and im super thankfull to all my followers, I promise all of you I will give my best to give you great posts!!

Thanks a lot, love to [email protected]);

Congrats on having such a large number of followers...

Thanks a lot dear @angli

ちなみに、僕はフェラーリの方が好きです(^ ^)

A huge congrats on having so many followers. Definitely, your message will be conveyed much better to the Steem community.

Its for a good cause dear @mmasim, thanks for the support!!

very good information friends and cool cars

congratulations @knozaki2015 archiving 10,000 followers on @Steemit. The Ferrari is dashing look, so lovely and a unique way to celeberate. best wishes for you for your future plans and goals.

Dear @rabeel, your comment is super kind, thanks a lot for the support brother!!
Take care and have a nice tuesday!!

cool cars ,,upvote and resteem dear.

Thanks a lot @masril, your support is unvaluable!

yes, friends because I am still a small fish in this steemit.

He's cool! Car Legend. I congratulate you on achieving 10,000 followers, it's a long way that you have passed. I love your travel blog and cafe with different cuisine. It is interesting to look at the food of different countries.

Dear @anna-mi, its an hounour to achieve 10k but its also the moment to say a big THANK YOU, without all of you I wouldn't have been able to reach this number.
I hope you are doing fine :)

Thank you for that wonderful answer. Yes, we all care for each other, we are all links in a great chain, part of one big world called Steemit. And I love this place not only because there is a possibility of earnings, but also for positive and interesting communication. That's cool. And I'm waiting for you on my little blog. Not for your voice, but for you to find out more about me. See you soon)

Wow car very cool and Congratulations create my best friend because it has a lot of followers success always for you my best friend @knozaki2015

Dear @mimam, thanks a lot for your good vibes, I really value the support all of you are giving me, THANK YOU again my friend

Thank you friend

Ferrari king of roads

Hell yeaaah!

wow ... !! Fantastic cars all would like, I am amazed with your followers @ knozaki2015, up to 10,000

Thanks a lot man, this ferrari was fantastic, I wouldn't mind getting one myself :)

amazing friends, this is a very large number ,,, congratulations

Dear @abjan89, thanks for your comment :)

The car is nice but the color ruins everything!

yeah. red ferrari for 20K followers ;)

You have the coolest friend for that! My face viewing the Ferrari 🤯🤯🤯@knozaki2015

Hahaha imagine when I got to take a ride with it, I was completely amazed!!

Congratulations dear @knozaki2015,I wish you the best and reached up to 100.000 followers :) soon....

Dear @kerkyra, I promise I will work hard to get the 100.000 :) Hope you are doing fine!


congrats @knozaki2015, you deserve it! and by the way is your friend Chinese? Only Chinese people are crazy about the number 8 (last two digits of the license plate) LOL

Hahah that is something I cannot tell you ;)
Thanks a lot for the support dear @liwen12345

Hola amigo me acabo de levantar luego de un rato voy a la pc busco steemit y al buscar mi amigo @Knozaki2015 esta celebrando y con estas maravillosas fotos de este Ferrari que como decimos en Venezuela esta de infarrto jajajajajajaja Felicidades amigo tienes un blog espectacular y por eso tantos seguidores que admiramos tu trabajo excelente, de mi parte te lo he dicho en otras oportunidades te considero mi amigo.

Hola Jenni, yo estoy muy feliz por 10k pero es un triunfo tambien de ti y de todos otros followers por todo el apoyo que me dan. Es muy bueno que te gusta mi ferrari :)
Te mando muchos saludes y tu tambien eres amiga mia!

Cool, I like ferrari.
Btw, how about germany car? You like it?

I love really love Porsche, what do you like the most?

I love mercedes


Well deserved ! @knozaki2015

I'm one of them!

Greetings from Berlin @seelc (food&travel)

Hey @seelc, thank you from the bottom of my hearth, all of you brought me where I am!!

A nice car and thank you for waiting for you more

Thanks a lot brother :)

Muchas felicidades, amigo y espero que cada día, logres tus deseos y que tu corazón altruista siga apostando hacer el bien, me siento honrada de siempre visitar tu blog, el carro esta espectacular, te luce muy bien, saludos yy un gran abrazo en l distancia. @knozaki2015

Hola @perlanacarada, muchas gracias por tus mensajes apoyo tan buenos y hermosos. Espero que todo este bien y prometo que voy a poster muchas cosas bonitas y nuevas para el blogg :)
Saludo muy grande

Congrats on your 10k followers! I'm pleased to have witnessed the growth spurt from 6k, 7k..... it seemed it was really fast. As for the supercar, how was the test drive? Did it feel great? I've seen a gold (!) Lamborghini with Dubai number plate recently, haha!

Dear @anna-bella, thanks for the support you gave me on my journey to 10k followers, all of you give me the motivation to keep working hard and giving my best.
The car was simply fantastic, the coolest car I have ever driven!!

WOW! AMAZING! Congratulations @knozaki2015!!!! 10.000 Followers, what a milestone!! I'm glad things are working out that good for you on steemit, cause you definitely deserve it!
btw I just reach 1000 Followers! Let's celebrate together... would you mind if I borrowed the car for an hour or two? :P hahaha
Upvote + Re-steem!

Hahaha Maaan congratulations to you too!! Its hard work to get good content in Steemit but have to give our best because this community is great!
Off course I can lend it to you for a couple of hours ;)
Have a great day dear @i-gordan!!

Hahaha Maaan congratulations to you too!! Its hard work to get good content in Steemit but have to give our best because this community is great!
Off course I can lend it to you for a couple of hours ;)
Have a great day dear @i-gordan!!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch mein Lieber! Auf zu den 20k, dann aber bitte mit einem Fiorano in rot ;-) Besten Gruß!

Hey danke dir @legato!!
Wenn es dazu kommt, dann versprochen :)


Awesome vehicle!

Glad you liked it :)