Our Bed and Breakfast in Clarence: Willow Manor

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Our Bed and Breakfast in Clarence: Willow Manor

On our trip to Clarence we stayed at Willow Manor , we loved our stay at this very nice bed and breakfast.


The room was very nice, with a small kitchenette and bathroom, hidden away behind the wall.


The view from our room was great, with the mountains and the clear winter sky in the distance.



The outside has a rustic look to it, my old classic fitted in quite well!


I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Beautiful looking ☺️❤️

Thank you, we really enjoyed our stay.

Only a brisk 14 hours drive from here!


Luckily from my side, it is quite a lot quicker.

Haha! I am sure it is!

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This is such a lovely place. it just feels like home, Enjoy sleeping and eating and take care of your health. Thanks for sharing 🙏

Than you, we really enjoyed it.

Gem of a place to visit, my niece has a 'home from' home in Clarens, escaping the madness of Jo'burg. I believe they will move permanently when they reach pensionable age.


I loved my visit, but I must say it was very busy as this was during the long weekend of 16 June.

We did have some very nice !WINE and !BEER to enjoy wile relaxing there.

Some brilliant farms and places all within the region, not too far to travel, lots of history and geography to explore throughout, beer and wine tasting as well !LOLZ

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Oh how lovely! I can almost smell the country air!

Yes, this was a great trip

Looking so beautiful ❤️ I love it

Yes, this is a beautiful part of our country.

Stunning... Clarence is rich with heritage!

Yes, it is a great place.

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