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Here are some Twitter hustle tips to maximize your posh (we upvote those that properly use Twitter the most)

Make sure to use both tags $hive & #hive, except knowing when to use them can make a big difference. $hive is used when talking about the price of Hive, or any bullish/bearish news that might change the price of Hive.

"$" is known as a "cashtag" and is what investors look at when researching crypto. So having a healthy amount of $hive cashtags on Twitter telling people what we are up to and why it may help the price is a good thing to have. We talk a ton about all the great things going on inside of Hive, now it's time to $ tag some of that news and market it out on Twitter! Example: "$hive HF 24 being released early September with improved governance and performance, bullish"

Now, "#" is known as "hashtags" and is used for everything Hive. Investors, coin new sites, trading bots, retail investors, everyone searching the "#" for coins they are thinking about investing in.

The key is balance, it's not good to spam the $hive cashtag with nonrelated price action so investors can get the information they are really after, which is getting any info that could affect the price of Hive. So $ tags would not be good to put in something like your cooking blog or a vlog about your life.

Hive links. When it comes to links, any frontend does not matter, post the link in a comment of your original tweet. Links are often shadowbanned but I found out they won't shadowban your original tweet if you put the link in a comment below.

Another trick I learned from @clivemartin is that if you upload a short teaser video directly to Twitter, those tweets get a boost. More people will see your tweet if you upload a small video directly to Twitter. So for instance a 3speak video you could add a teaser clip, get people interested in seeing the video, then post your 3speak link in the comments of your original tweet. Also, video clips to blog posts or just talking about Hive in general get's a lot of attention.

Live streaming on Twitter also can be very effective, shoutout to @nathanmars for his consistency in this area. I found reaching out to others to interview them via Twitter gets good reception. Don't be afraid to reach out and try to connect with people on Twitter and introduce them to Hive.

As we have seen with the "Link Marines" and the "XRP Army" we, the Hive Swarm can really make a name for ourselves out there. Twitter and Youtube have become the dominant go to's for everyone trying to get crypto information. Remember, crypto as we know it (public, decentralized, distributed, liquid ledgers) is new to everyone, there are no mainstream "crypto experts" out there for normies in the sense that you have a 4-year college degree in Bitcoin. The point I'm trying to make is people don't turn to TV to get their crypto news, they use sites like Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, 4chan etc.

If Link had zero twitter presence, I would bet my bottom dollar the crypto would not be where it is today. Community, memes, and marketing are the new bullish indicators for young savvy investors that know how decentralized communities work. We are as decentralized as it is in crypto, there is no one here to point us in a centralized direction with all the answers. No VC ICO bag hodlers with elbow connections to elites. No, its just us, the crowd that rebelled against a dictator, the outcasts, the forgotten yet can't be ignored, there and back again.

Let us organize, become an efficient loud, and proud group. I know not everyone gets along and tensions can be high at times. People can feel ignored and underappreciated with so much focus on everything going on. I can only say march on. What we are doing here is bigger than ourselves, and I do believe those that persist, glory cannot resist.

I've been looking to delegate large chunks of Hive Power to Twitter leaders out there putting on a great marketing movement for Hive. My eyes are focused, and if you're putting in the work, don't be surprised to get a DM from me or a delegation from Twitter leaders out there putting in work. I rely on what I see but also boots on the ground, the ones really putting in the work to market Hive. Devs buidl, communities shill. But we're not shilling garbage, we're shilling the revolution!

Post Rewards: 33% @clivemartin 33% @hiro-hive 33% @nathanmars Good work out there Hivers!


The key is balance, it's not good to spam the $hive cashtag with nonrelated price action so investors can get the information they are really after, which is getting any info that could affect the price of Hive. So $ tags would not be good to put in something like your cooking blog or a vlog about your life.

This is definitely worth reading, Dan. Most people on Hive are very new to Twitter game like myself. A good chunk of this information is vital for our success. I understand that we need to use casgtag/hashtag accordingly, this is one of my mistake, honestly, thanks for pointing this out.

Soon, we will include the Top 100 Active Users on our Daily Twitter report. I heard that constantly seeing their names on this Top list gives them motivation to be on top twitter game. I know more people know better than me, that is why I am always open for good chunk of knowledge like this post. Thank you, may God help us

I must admit that firs time hearing cashtag.

We're marching on despite our different views.

In a longterm game, it’s positive-sum. We’re all baking the HIVE pie together. We’re trying to make it as big as possible.

Network Effects and Word of mouth are super important to grow our Hive pie

I'm just going to shill my latest post on the topic - what are the best tags to use on twitter - seeing as it's so bang on relevant here - it's based on some very recent marketing data of the latest twitter trends, I think we're really missing out on using some obvious hashtags to get Hive out the wider community.

Great post! Voted and reblogged for awareness

Hey cheers much appreciated. I just stumbled across the research - I thought 4bn tweets was a pretty good sample!

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I think a lot of folks may also be unaware of which is a Hive specific link shortening service. The couple links I’ve shared directly in post using it I haven’t noticed a degraded performance. Does anyone know if that type of link may help evade shadow banning (at least for now)?

I’m trying to make it my workflow to generate a link using PeakD’s new referral links service, shorten it with, shared in the relevant non-hive communities I’m active in to foster membership via “organic curiosity.”

I did not know the difference between cash & hash tags... thanks for the tip!

Great information for those that are working TwitterTM hard to promote our blockchain, Dan! Sorry that I have slacked off some, will have to get back at it. I also congratulate @nathanmars, @hiro-hive, and @clivemartin.

I might also mention @traciyork who early on has done a great deal for promoting HIVE on Twitter. Yes, I will even mention @stellabelle (aka @hivepeople) for the tremendous amount of marketing she has been doing. Just thought I would name-drop.

Agreed, Stella and Traci have proven to be amazing Hive marketers. I have plans to make sure they both have tools they can use to be even more efficient.

I don't know which Dan comment blew me away more - @sgt-dan with that awesome shoutout to me & @stellabelle or @theycallmedan with that amazing validation!


Seriously though - when I started @HiveBlogShare back in March, if I spent a couple hours RTing Hive content, I'd run out of #Hive tagged tweets and I'd have resort to searching through people's Twitter profiles (which also helps their metrics) for things to share.

Now, with @jeanlucsr instituting the weekly #HiveChat on Twitter (@victoriabsb's first official Spanish version is tomorrow - the test run yesterday already hit the Venezuelan trending topics!), Stella/ @hivepeople's constant flow of amazeballs ideas, the arrival of @artemislives' wicked cool @HiveLift account, plus @hiro-hive's incredibly generous daily Twitter rankings & the always on fire @nathanmars - I have no doubt the Hive Twitter community is on the verge of becoming the loud, proud, and organized swarm you're hoping for!

I have no doubt the Hive Twitter community is on the verge of becoming the loud, proud, and organized swarm you're hoping for

Love this


according to some twitter analytics

And this guy ....


I'm really pleased to hear this! @traciyork has been an incredible twitter teacher and mentor. In the 2 weeks since @stellabelle asked me to host #hivechat, Traci has skilled me up & blooded me to the point where we had pretty decent showing last night and a fairly streamlined event.

2 weeks ago, I didn't even know HOW to engage with HiveChat (and was a bit shy to admit that) despite using twitter for some months to promote Hive Blogs and running the @naturalmedicine account. Yesterday I posted a simple HOW TO and have had a considerable number of DM's from relieved Hive people who also want to play, but are not sure how.

without @traciyork Hive would be a dull place, LOL.


I will try to promote hive because there nor refer system on peakd look like this
gonna go and start promoting like mad ...

How nice to find you here still! I came back to my old steemit blog and decided to start a special one here on Hive. On twitter I created a twitter list called "Hive Boost" and will be doing all I can to expand and boost anyone I find there. Take care all!

@geekgirl is amazing, she talks about hive well and her tweets contains informations that can simply be counted as the answer to a research as well, she gives concise tweets about hive and recently I've been following her, her work as well is tremendous and I believe with people like her talking about hive, things will change in terms of marketing hive

Agreed, Geekgirl is awesome out there!

Yeah, thanks for the amazing initiative by the way, your efforts are astonishing, pretty much reasults will begin to flow in very soon for hive

I'm a @geekgirl fan too!

Thank You @josedicuss! You are amazing!

i second this. Geekgirls tweets are often at the top of Hive trending tweets for the day. She's awesome.

i second this. her tweets are often at the top of "top tweets' in hive category.

You're right and most times and old timer like me is often blown away by the accuracy, the vigor and the knowledge she has about the chain

Very good and clear your instructions for this campaign in Hive Dan. I hope that many wasps in the hive will achieve that revolution and investors see the honey is good and come here.

Thanks for your advice and keeping us informed, if you need to know how to use the #, $, I'm active on twitter and it's good to know, we'll keep going forward in this hive. you're great friend @theycallmedan

@belemo is doing some good work for the Nigerian community and @trumpman and @beehivetrader are really pushing traction towards the Leofinance comminunity. I've been trying to makeup with some offline training to push more effective hands. We'll win finally. On Friday, I'll be talking to about 60 young people about the opportunities in Hive and cryptocurrency space generally.

Thanks for the SHoutout bro.

Thanks for the mention! I put lots of effort behind the scenes, it's good to see it doesn't go unnoticed :D

Thanks for the mention! I put lots of effort behind the scenes it's good to see it doesn't go unnoticed :D

Thanks a lot for the valuable mentions! :)


HIVE In Vertical Energy @barge.jpeg

It's impeccable information about how to promote our content on Twitter, with these $ and #, that very few users really understand.

@nathanmars is doing a nice job on twitter. Currently, it has an initiative from the 15th to the 20th, more information here, leader.

I learned something about the $ and # on Hive tags from this post. Important!! Can you suggest some BASIC How To Be Effective On Twitter starting tools? - ie about shadow banning, posting Hive links effectively etc? Since I started @HiveLift on twitter a few days ago, I am increasingly aware of what I don't know. Urgh. Of the @naturalmedicine community with 1944 subscribed Hive members, only about 10 of us have twitter accounts, and most DON'T KNOW HOW, & def don't grasp WHY TWITTER.

Great leadership in this article! Thank you. More please. 😊

can only say march on. What we are doing here is bigger than ourselves, and I do believe those that persist, glory cannot resist

That's the spirit. I literally never get big upvotes, but that's not something that stops me. I keep on posting and spreading the hive buzz - In my office, we have got Facebook Workplace - I share the links there and there are now more than 3k views collectively. So I think, people are seeing us now. Then they will be watching and then they will come in.

Thanks for the tips. Didn't know about the $HIVE cashtag or posting links in comments. Good learning material. 👍👍

I am @nathanmars army, I ready to put hive on top of crypto space.

Wow! I must get a Twitter account soon!
Very good incentive!!


You really should, my dear.

It is very intesting work
you are a especial person to venezuelan people

I won't be tagging.
I have my own gig going on to onboard. (and crypto talk is the last thing I wanna be talking)

You can still upvote me though.!lol
I just posted this,20 mins ago - to give you some idea as to 'the why'of things.

@theycallmedan big Thanks for this information and you have been doing a great job on Twitter too. I must commend your effort.
There are a number of people who have been very active on Twitter, including myself marketing #hive daily and I must commend all for their efforts.

I know #hive is going higher.

Awesome stuff man!

Twitter really is the key to bringing Hive much more exposure.

I truly believe it's the greatest marketing tool we have, combined with a passionate community, we can't be stopped!

I am so glad to join HIVE, with many leadership and example from many senior HIVER. You always give guidance for the straight path to the goal.
I see and read many tweets and which very useful. They struggle to make HIVE as the best. I know it needs loyalty , integrity and intensity.

For some time now I have been promoting my work published in #hive on twitter and received great comments from curious people among my followers. Even some who do not follow me but see my work because they like what I write. Over time I have been remastering my blog and will continue to evolve with the help of Hive.

Thank you for this very practical and clarifying information. I'm trying to get it right, but I have my doubts. Greetings, @theycallmedan.

Thanks for sharing info about $hive tag. I will use it accordingly now and use #hive is all my tweets.

Great tip on $hive.... been using that along with #hive #crypto #bitcoin $btc $zil $link $eth for a while now so that people searching #bitcoin $btc also find out about $hive.... also add so it provides a link that explains Hive.

es bueno ser parte de una comunidad que nos mantiene al día e informado, especialmente a las personas, como es mi caso, que recién iniciamos camino en HIVE. Hoy especialmente, tuve la oportunidad de contribuir en el crecimiento de la colmena participando en Hive Latino mediante el chat en vivo organizado a través de twitter. Juntos somos más. #HIVE

It's good to be part of a community that keeps us up to date and informed, especially for people, like me, who are just starting out in HIVE. Today especially, I had the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the beehive by participating in Hive Latino through live chat organized through twitter. Together we are more. #HIVE

I just wanted to take this moment to thank you and every each one of you who is promoting Hive together.

My love goes to you all <3

I'm running the twitter account for @polish.hive

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We are doing our best in Twitter. I will carry on there following your hashtag and cashtag technique.

Congratulations @theycallmedan! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 2 years!

You can view your badges on your board And compare to others on the Ranking

Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Project Activity Update
The Customization Guide for the HiveBuzz store

I agree that the heavy presence of angelic investors on Twitter cannot be compared to any other social media platforms. At least, 70-85% investors are on Twitter and a message or tweet about Hive can change the price for better. Shoutout to all the Hive promoters. 💪🏽💯

"Hive swarm" is cool <3

Buenas recomendaciones sobre las etiquetas, ya tengo una mejor vista de como usarla correctamente. Es impresionante el impulso que le estamos dando muchas personas a hive mediante twitter, seguimos creciendo exponencial-mente.

Saludos @theycallmedan

Amazing. I did not know about the $ tag for investors

En "Sound Music" instamos a nuestros miembros y músicos a usar el tag #Hive para promocionar sus post en dicha red social e impulsarnos como comunidad. Si gusta puede pasar por nuestro post donde anunciamos que somos una comunidad en apoyo a músicos en #Hive

In "Sound Music" we urge our members and musicians to use the #Hive tag to promote their post on said social network and boost us as a community. If you like, you can go through our post where we announce that we are a community in support of musicians in #Hive

hey, please contact me on discord concerning the decentraland pavilion @felander#5662

Great post helpful thanks

after reading this post I'm going to make twitter post using bott tag $hive and #hive
and make hive place for a lot of talks


Thanks for the heads up on the difference between the $ and # usage before HIVE tag.
Another great bit is adding links to comments is something I need to keep reminding myself all the time.
And I've been around twitter since 2007...

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Thank you for this information. I am not really savvy on twitter and other social media platforms, and I am grateful for the tips above! I just tweeted using all sorts of hashtags, but now I know much better.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful day, @theycallmedan. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Great insights, especially with regards to the $hive cashtag. Yeah, i have some Twitter tips of my own as well. Main thing is with Twitter, is not to use to many hashtags or else it starts to look spammy.

Great insights, especially with regards to the $hive cashtag. Yeah, i have some Twitter tips of my own as well. Main thing is with Twitter, is not to use to many hashtags or else it starts to look spammy.

Thanks for all the shoutouts. I've been on Twitter I think since 2009 or before, so I better know what I am doing. LOL.

@bhoa has put in a lot of work on hive too. He has been described as a hive evangelist. He is responsible for nothing less than 20 people joining hive. He has been up to this since the steemit era.

Great post and excellent guidance, I learned something new today 😃 Thanks 👍