The Old Dog Announces: A New Contest Featuring Untamed Nature! 10 Steem in Prizes

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I am always amazed at how plants and trees, when left to their own natural ways, will grow just about anywhere.

I like to equate it as part of "The Second Law of Thermodynamics" wherein when things are left unattended or maintained they go from order to disorder. Imagine your garden left on its own for years, what would it be like?

Think of a beautiful building. If you leave it and its surroundings abandoned for many years it will eventually be "swallowed up" by plants and trees that gain a foothold everywhere!

The Example of Chernobyl

About 32 years ago the area around Chernobyl in the Ukraine had to be abandoned after a nuclear accident. A visitor there today would see the effect of untamed nature. 

After just over 30 years we can see that eventually the Ferris wheel will disappear! Photo credit:

Imagine this scene after 50 years, 100 years or 1,000 years! What would it look like? photo credit:

Here Are The Rues For Our Competition

  • Take a picture of a tree or plant growing in an unusual place (see my personal example below).
  • The photograph must be your own original work. Do NOT enter pictures that you find on the internet! Please be honest and sincere on this point.
  • You can make your own post about your photo but you must include the picture in the comments here.
  • The deadline for submissions is once the post pays out.
  • Please us the tag "untamednature" in your post and I'll try my best to visit it.

Here is an Example That I Saw Recently

To give you a better idea of what I'm looking for I'm including a picture of what I saw in a town on my recent visit to Tenerife.

Here you can see an electrical conduit running up the wall of this non abandoned building.

Here you can see small plants and trees have gained a foothold into cracks in the pipe and walls. How big will they be 10 years from now if left unattended?

I Can't Wait to See Your Photographs!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your submissions of Untamed Nature #untamednature. At the end we will create a nice post with all of your examples!

I hope that you enjoyed this article/contest about Untamed Nature!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let's Succeed Together

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Here's my entry:

DSC02052 (2).JPG

Inside the Fort Edmonton

it's a brilliant entry!
my vote for @oldtimer 👈🏽
@kus-knee you chosen a great topic, thanks for your time on steemit 🙌🏾

Now that is fascinating! What is that? Looks like a regular house, but as fortes also XD Like from some Ghibli anime...

There are definately trees growing on that roof!

Hmm yeah!

Great contest! Good luck my friend! :)

Here is one of my photos for the competition. Taken recently at Shwe Indein Pagoda, in Inle Lake, Myanmar . A ruined temple with a Banyan tree growing out of it.I was lucky enough to capture it just as the light was hitting the tree. ._DSC4447102.jpg

Very cool!

Dandelion • Untamed Nature
I photographed this untamed dandelion on a backstreet in Italy. It was the gangliest dandelion I've ever seen but it brought a welcome splash of color to the dusty curb.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger said it best, "Dandelions don't care about the time."


It looks like it has a nice grip!

Very cool. I'd love to see it from the other side too.

This is for you :-D


Sorry I didn't made a post but I hope you like it ;-)))

Oooooh these are very nice!

Thank you very very much :-))))

Actually they would look great in our latest Mundane Art gallery where we are examining walls!

You are so right!!!

I’m very happy I found this cool contest. Mother Nature is always full of life and wisdom. =) Here’s my entry. Thanks @kus-knee!



Very cool pics!

my entree! A fun contest! thanks!

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A nice entry.Thanks!

Thank you @kus-knee for holding this original contest. I love the invincibility of Mother Nature and always admire plants growing at some of the most improbable places. Here is a shot I took in my kitchen sink two years ago :) What a nice surprise it was to see this little guy making his way through the lattice. I had no idea how the seed got there though :D


That's cool. What type of plant was it?

haha i love this lil cute one :D

This is a police-car with a nearly perfect camouflage, ready to hand out speed tickets - LOL! ;)

You are absolutely right! :)))

This is fabulous!

I found this lonely shoe in the woods, being taken over with moss... wonder how long it’s been there.


I love it!

Thanks - I’d love to know how long it’s been there, nature is definitely claiming it now :)

Great contest!

Great entry, thanks!

Untamed nature cover also man's misdeeds!
That's a good thing! Nice contest @kus-knee. In this age of modern technology this contest will force us to look out at nature. Thanks!

I look forward to your entry!

Here's my entry:
DSCF6348 (2).JPG

Also you can find a little background information about it in my post:

Excellent contest as usual @kus-knee ;-)

I love them, here we say "trinitarias", I've always wanted a balcony like that, beautiful photo.

Thank you :)

Nice one!

Wow that's well nice and pink, looks a cosy place to live :D

That's crazy a tree grew in that pipe. The will of nature and survival truly is unlimited. Wish I saw this post sooner.

Still lots of time Tree Planter! :)

Let’s see an example from China.

I'm definitely gonna enter this challenge . In the same time I nominate you to participate in #comedyopenmic week three ! If you agree you have to nominate 2 people in turn . Below is the link and I would really love for you to join - and please let your wife know about the challenge as well so she can join because she has excellent humor as well

Thanks for thinking of me @dandesign86. I do love the concept and I'll see if I can put something together.

Awesome thanks !

It's incredible where plants can grow sometimes! It seems there's no earth at all! I hope to catch one with my camera. Chernobyl looks like... scary!

Yes please do enter a photo.

Hi, @kus-knee. This is a cool contest! I’m going to be on the lookout for rouge tress all weekend.

@countrygirl suggested that I look you up and connect. I’m in the midst of making my Steemit dreams a reality with what I’m calling #audaciousmarch, a month of ballsy, fiery Steem action.

One of the things I’d like to do is start some of my own contests but I’m not sure exactly what to do. I have experience running online photo groups and curations as well as writing competitions elsewhere, but obviously Steemit is an entirely different animal.

I’m asking you for some guidance. I’m also asking you the best way to start funding the prizes. Obviously the SBD generated by the contest post would be the most logical solution. But I’m not yet at the point where I can count those chickens. Hopefully you have some creative ideas.

Thank you In advance for anything you may have to offer. 😊

Hi @outrayjust! Sorry I just saw this now. It looks like you have set some good goals and I like what I read there.

It looks to me like you're well on your way and that you've even got the funds to use on your contests. If you have any specific questions you can always contact me on

Have a great day!

am sorry am joining the contest late.
i have pictures of an abandoned football pitch with bushes and trees everywhere


and this is the link to my entry
i hope you find it interesting

Hi @kus-knee :) Here's my entry for you contest. It is steet art from Playa del Carmen in Mexico, where I live :)
Hope you like it :) Have a nice day :)


pretty good idea for a contest. looking forward what pictures will come out from this

Will you send one in too?

I will keep my eyes open . If I find somehting fitting for sure

My entry involves this photo:

I'm declining any possibility of winning and thought i'd just drop a little insight because plants-in-weird-places are all over my balcony and streets here in Shanghai, I often wonder!

(My reward is post rewards and this lil' selfie-vote)

the power of nature is without doubt the strongest there is ... be near my house .. there is an abandoned house and it is covered with many plants and trees .. if you leave a complete city it will happen the same as what happened in the movie .. I am a legend with will smith .. that the city is full of jungle and trees

Send in a picture if you get a chance.

This is the house of the deceased senora orga since she died, the children left the house 12 years ago

Thanks for the picture. I like it but do you have one with higher resolution.

no .. my cell phone takes the pictures like this .. it does not have much resolution .. if someone gets a digital camera I will take it and send it again ..

Ok. It's really cool so I wanted to zoom in to have a better look!

that is one of the 3 abandoned houses that there is serca of my house .. soon I will show you the other 2 that are missing ..

Some amazing and cool looking captures on here :)
My bro @Mobbs tagged me to take part as he was reminded of a shabby old house I live near. So today I went to get some pickys for the cause :)

I intend on making a little post to include the rest of the pics I took today, but I think this picture captures the house at it's best :) (I'd love to be able to see from the inside out, that downstairs room must be rather dark! You can barely see the window. But feels like it would be kinda cosy and cave-like)

It's been a random enjoyable thing to do today, Good idea indeed @kus-knee :)


Found a photo with car:

And almost the same angle :D

Hello steemians,
Lovely idea of a subject for a new contest! Thank you @kus-knee ! I have already enjoyed a lot of great shots shared here 😊
Here is my submission for #untamednature.
This place is in Corsica, somewhere near Porto-Vecchio. I came across it while hiking last summer. It seems to be an abandonned summer camp... but who knows what really happened?!

Newbie steepshoter @ladybird


Very nice entry. Thanks!

Thanks for appreciating my shot !
I haven't yet figured out how to post a better quality pics in comments ... still learning :) Here is the link to the same photo on my steepshot blog
Unless you consider this redundant or inappropriate you can hide it or let me know and I delete it.
Have a nice day!

Unfortunately,I found out very late about this contest. I hurry to post a picture, hoping that the post has not expired and so qualify me. This time I make a post and I will add the link a little later. Even if it's too late, thank you @kus-knee for the initiative and the theme. It helped me make a new post. This post:


That’s a good example!

Thank you! I'm glad I fell in time. I rushed to post the photo before the post expires. Meanwhile, I made a post on this subject, I added it as a new comment. Thank you very much!

Love your contests Dawg!

Hopefully I will enter one of them one day!


Hi friend. That will be a special day!

Hello everyone! thanks @kus-knee for this contest, this is my participation for untamed nature, photos in my city Maracaibo Venezuela, in Plaza Baralt.

20180302_101832 (1).jpg

20180302_101850 (1).jpg


Good chot @raizapenamcbo. Apparently, nature only needs the sun to grow. It is amazing how without water and without sand they grow perfectly well between the walls or between a crack. And they also do something creative.

Nice example thanks!

Deforestation is one of biggest environmental problems we have today, but trees have shown strong resistance to it. It has been discovered that certain trees are able to resist death after being chopped down. Even when all that's left of them is just a stump, these remarkable trees, particularly the ones living in tropical forests, are capable of drawing in nitrogen and carbon from the air and fertilizing their surrounding area, in order to help themselves recover from the logging.

We need them that's for sure!

Thanks for joining in the fun!

You're welcome!

i would like to enter
do you need to make a post about your photo
or can i submit it in the comments
looking forward to you replying

You don't have to make a post. Just attach the photo in the comments here.

now i am going to join this contest..

OK great!

Great theme of the new photo contest! Also, for me, as a resident of a country where the Chornobyl nuclear power plant exploded, this issue is very painful. But the nature there really recovered, even the appearance of species that were almost extinct, such as bison. This proves that for animals radiation is less harmful than human presence.

I'm sure that it must be very painful. It's amazing how time and nature heals things.

The hardest to heal human souls, hundreds were lost, thousands were ill, the whole city was evacuated and forced to seek new homes.

that is so so emotional! I mean when things by nature get distroyed, you have the feeling, that is a big shame, but it is nature , we forgive. But with this! Leaving areas behind being beautiful or not, but intact! Heartbreaking! the deaths, the illnesses, the scarves leftbehind will speak for ages! So sorry this ever happened.

Here my entry post for the competition, thank.........
please check my profile

I took this photo in western Ireland, near Galway. There was a rather mature tree bearing red berries growing out of a circa 1790's holy well. There was also a Virgin Mary statue hanging in the tree and a few old graves nearby. It was a bit creepy, in a way.

How to do i can join your contest?

The rules are in the post. Just put the image here and you've joined.

Thank you i will join soon

Here is my photo for the contest:


The Old Dog, thank you for the interesting contest.

I like your example!

OK great. Don't forget that you need to put the picture in the comment here as well. Thanks!

I like this contest :)
This is my entry for the photocontest, it is made in "Doel the abandoned town in Antwerp .

That looks like it is being swallowed!

Yes 😊give it a few more years

first of all you would like to thanks @kus-knee for posting a great opportunity for us ! 👐🏾
This is really a awesome work , i appreciated your work . 🌸 🌸 🌸
i'm very happy to be here...
Here is my entry for this contest, Picture taken at my village town in 2014. 📷
DSC 3913.jpg

Regards: @abishali

Very strange indeed!

nature is something surprising beloved friend @ kus-knee, is always in the expectation of retaking his lost space, those who were taken by man, in an oversight of it, the wise nature claims what is his.
Congratulations for another great challenge, I have no doubt that it will be a true success like the previous one.
Thank you very much for allowing us this fun
I wish you a great day

Thanks for your support!

Amazing contest, there are quite a number around here

Let's see them!

Wow. I also love taken such pictures. There was a picture on my phone of an entire abandoned house filled with plants. But had to clear my phone to free space. Maybe I'll go find something even more interesting and captivating.

That sounds like a fun project!

orange trees, which grow freely around the city, promising sweetness for anyone able to reach their high branches laden with fruit.

Thanks for entering!

Cactus growing out of a rock wall!


Thanks for sending the picture!

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