Calling Developers: Lets Build The Landing Page!

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I am using the announcements feature in Utopian to CrowdSource my project. If you don't know what an announcement is Read the intro post. If you have an Open Source project you can start using the announcements to crowdsource your project on Utopian.


A Great Design From @auliausu

This guy made a spontaneous contribution to Utopian, designing a great landing page! Read the original post.

I am attaching it here.


And a revised version of the logo


Lets Code It

@mkt already proposed himself for coding this up into something concrete. When I told him, what you want in exchange, this is what he replied:

I really... REALLY hate to talk about money agreements and shit
Don't know if I talked about this with you already but I always wanted to have the possibility to live for free but also work for free(edited)
at least to a certain degree is bringing me one giant leap closer to that utopian idea. :wink:
so this will be kind of a credo for me... I'll never ever put price tags on my open source contributions
I would say I'll just start to prepare the page together with @Al

He is a great guy!

You can help him with this contribution by chatting directly with him on Discord or join the Utopian Discord channel

There is much to do on Utopian and if you are a developer you could also contribute to the Utopian bot. Read the announcement

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Are you going to the STEEMFEST?

I'll be there. Lets meet and chat:

Who am I?

11 years Senior Software Architect - Javascript Full Stack Developer, focused on ES6, React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Node.js, and DevOps.

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Open Source Contribution posted via

There are 3 pages

I really hope that I can help to push this project forward! A nice landing page can become a positive first impression of a project, which might play a role in the decision to use it or not. So... I will really put some love and the time it needs into this. On the other hand... if someone else is faster and delivers a quality website, I'd have no problem with joining you.

@elear Thank you for the kind words! :)
@auliausu Just once again... Great design! I really like it and I'll try to add a nice feel to the outstanding look! ;)

Current state of development:

Thank you so much @mkt !

I am new user in steemit....
I want to your help in steem power.
Thank You

Landing page looks amazing and the whole project looks fabulous. There was one project that was being talked about some 3 months ago called SteemBnB which would basically be an Airbnb for steemians. It would be such an amazing thing for the whole community where we could all travel around the world and use our earned steem or upvotes to travel. What a breakthrough in the travel industry. However, since the initial fuss, nothing has been happening ever since. Is there any way you could actually incorporate that and have somebody to develepe such paltform or build an app on steem blockchain through the utopian? If so, that would be fantastic! I would definitely give my full support! Tomas

Hey @czechglobalhosts amazong idea!. Why don't you propose this via Utopian using the announcements and I will push it badly? :)

Hey @elear! I did make a post through utopian but having a hard time to publish it as it says:

Utopian could not communicate with Steem. Please try again later.

I have been trying for a while now without luck. Is this something temporary or am I doing something wrong?

Have you managed this issue? same for me...

Hey, not sure what happened with the posting as the utopian would not push the post through after trying several times. Then I checked my steemit account where post was published 4 times.

Is Steemit going to tap into 100 bil market? SteemBnB/SteemUber - Steemit Multi Billion Dollar Powerhouse!

The problem is that functionality is often overlooked from the users perspective, building a front end landing page is not easy, its complex. It has to be extremely easy to intuitively use it then the expectation is everything else to be functional and simple, very often this is where it all falls down, Coders many of them are too close to the project to sit in the absolute naive users shoes....

@mkt thanks a lot man, lets make it happen !!

You've done a great job !! Congratulations.

Is there any way I can contribute with copywriting?

Good luck!

I wish I could be useful
I am starting my computer programming course in London in About 1 month
As soon as I am ready I will kindly try to help and participate in the build up

good job

There's a repository on GitHub now:
See the work in progress at:
(master branch displays the landingpage, dev branch for PRs)
@mildfun has joined already.

nice bro, i'am glad there you are here

Mockups looks nice but you should re-design the site as well, not just landing page because this is's new interface. Just my 2 steem

Agreed. That busy interface doesnt work for me.

I disagree. I think it looks great and I particularly like the unique color scheme.

For those who are used to github, this interface is not made to easily browse content. Its been 10 days and Im still confused.

The question is not really whether it looks good or bad but that utopian uses the same interface as another steem app which makes the site look cheap.

the best app...........

@someonewhoisme I agree on that. Still very young and we pushed a lot of features and never really focused on the layout, but we will for sure in the next few weeks. Thanks for checking!

You are so demanding @cryptoctopus!! :D But that's right and I love you are on it trying to push it for the better. The interface is very basic now and there are a lot of improvements yet to be made in terms of usability and content discovery. The landing is the first step to give new comers a feeling of the platform. The inner functions instead require lot more work, in terms of coding and mental work. I am on it ;)

Nice. Thanks for sharing.


great think ......

Wow.. Nice

Why would an open-source free project/software use a closed-source non-privacy-respectful chat platform? Really, why use discord and not something like IRC or

Is this literally just a mockup or is there a template, a color scheme, and images that can go along with it to speed up the development process.

If not, I could put the template together and put placeholder images and let someone else change that around when the assets become made available.

Would be nice to have the background image generated, the logo in multiple sizes and/or SVG, as well as any profile pictures desired to be put on the site.

Such a landing page is simple to code. The design and the theming takes a little more thought. Since there is an image to base off it makes it slightly easier, but the mockup designer should also be providing the things I asked about like color schemes and assets.

I would love to contribute even if its just putting the framework in place with some simple placeholder images.

i've put the design into zeplin (, ever heard about it ? if no, you can check this first

so you can make your account there, and comment me your email
i will invite you so can you see all the design asset, color scheme, even the css code

my email is my username at bots like to scalp emails so im going to break it up.

netuoso (at) pobox (dot) com

ok bro, i've sent you an invitation, you can see the design that named "Landing Page"

cool. checking it out. thanks

Utopian is simply a wonderful project!
Many of us want to see it grow without expecting anything in return!
I have already said before! I wish you the greatest success possible, from the first day I learned something about utopian I thought it would become something big :)

Thank you so much @simnrodrguez. You re for sure one of the best contributors I have had the pleasure to meet!

Looks awesome, good job mate.

Good post thanks for share modarator name

good job my frend

Thanks .. It sounds great

yeah great ideas and i hope that i can help to this project too

hi @elear can you please tell me more about, it as been awhile i am hearing about this program but till now i dont know what it all about. there as a time someone tag @jerrybanfield to it one day like that but there is nothing to really talk about then...i will be waiting to hear from you ,Thanks and keep steeming*

Thats looks dope!!

That sounds like a rad concept and you are well on your way. The landing page looks good. The Get Started Now button says "Get Start Now". I am not proficient yet on the open source coding, so I can't help to change it. If you ever need help with content or editing though, please feel free to hit me up :)

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I like that @elear
if ypu can visit to my post

nice post thank you for charing

That design looks sexy! Good job @auliausu!

thanks a lot @therealwolf

Nice aplication

I'm hoping Steemit gets a face-lift, in addition to a better UI. I seem to have a problem with the searchability issue... while I can find a major topic, sub-topics get lost. Anyway, some day we all hope to wake up to a shiney, new Steemit!

I like utopoin-io, yesterday i'm posting melalui utopian-io, trying

Wow Great info.keep good work

Great job votup me please friends

Thank you so Much for This great info

Bravo @elear,
Congratulation my bro @auliausu

Wow! This is a great post!

nice post

Awesome work.

Good job brother @auliausu.. Thank you for sharing @elear

Im reading this in night mode. :D :) anyone else?

It us about time utopian had a landing page lol

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A look at the schedule shows that ethereum developers have their heads down on a variety of projects aimed at bringing the platform to fruition

great article...


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I am not a web developer myself. Nice initiative though!

Thanks a lot man. lets make it happen!!!!!

This is an awesome project and addition to the STEEM ecosystem. I hope to contribute soon as well.

@elear thanks, up voted and followed for more interesting post. Hope you will do the same

This project is already looking extremely promising. I'll be keeping tabs on this and wish you good luck in the future.

I'm excited to see where this leads. :)

What a wonderful time of change for you. Thank hope to be one of your supporting nice to be in new home. i am getting better to letting known this particular greatest success my pray is all yours to have your dreams.

There are 3 pages