SteemWallet update v1.1.2 - supporting the steem:// uri-spec for signing & broadcasting many Steem chain operations without exposing your keys

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Goodday! Although I was a bit silent on Steem, I was not on github, working on Steemwallet updates. Steemwallet is the fast, secure and opensource mobile wallet app for the Steem Blockchain. This update might sound like a technical one, concluding from the title at first but it greatly enhances the's usability for signing a multitude of operations beyond just sending and receiving Steem.


What is the Steem:// uri-spec?

Already a while ago Johan, @almost-digital, the initiator and creator of Dsteem.js was when he was working for Steemit inc (afaik) publishing a draft for conventions for a steem:// uri spec, which you can find on Steemit Inc's github:

A spec, or specification is a description what to use and how to make something. In this case make a standardised form of steem://-urls. When several parties make use of a specification it can become a standard and greatly enhances the interoperability between apps. @fabien has already announced that SteemConnect3 / Steemsigner will support the steem-uri spec, so once that roll's out you will instantly be able to sign all those steemconnect links on your mobile using the SteemWallet app.

With the steem:// uri anyone can create urls for communicated on the Steem protocol for proposing transactions to be signed by a multitude of apps. Now is supporting the Steem, and I know that other Steem signing apps are working on supporting it too in the not to distant future.

What this means for you?

  1. If you see a QR code related to Steem, you can try scanning it with your phone's camera and it should open the ready for presenting you a "signing" screen.
  2. In the near future more apps (like SteemConnect 3) will come out with support for the steem-uri spec and thus you will be able to sign a lot of steem-related operations without the need to share your private-keys on any websites using those apps, but instead be able to use for signing and broadcasting an operation, just like you can now do using Steem Keychain in the browser.

Want to test the's new Steem://-uri spec?

If you are on mobile and have the (available for iOS and Android), click this link to vote for my witness: steem://sign/op/WyJhY2NvdW50X3dpdG5lc3Nfdm90ZSIseyJhY2NvdW50IjoiX19zaWduZXIiLCJ3aXRuZXNzIjoicm9lbGFuZHAiLCJhcHByb3ZlIjp0cnVlfV0

Or scan this QR Code :)

qrcode (1).png

Vote for your favorite witness by scanning this QR

Did you know...

  • ... you can add multiple accounts to monitor, by tapping your username and add / switch to another account?
  • ... SteemWallet is fully opensource? - feel free to pull request!
  • ... you can help translate SteemWallet into your native language / locale? SteemWallet is now available in 8 localized translations! you can help by adding your translations via the Crowding project

The update is available in the Apple Appstore and the Google Playstore.

Other project: SteemWallet Account Signup Widget

By the way did you see that I launched a "embeddable Steem signup widget" three weeks ago? You can add an 'account creation'-modal to your Steem-related website, including a referral kickback. Learn more about the SteemWallet Steem Account Creation Widget here.

I'm now heading on my annual family holiday trip and will be a little less busy on working on code, however, still working on that annual Steem event of course :)


Ps. If you like what I am doing here, consider a witness vote for '@roelandp' - Thanks!


I am happy to see cool updates on Steemwallet app. These updates are indeed useful for fast and secure transactions. I always appreciate dedicated guys on Steem, and you are among these great guys!

The steem:// uri-spec looks a bit technical for non-coders, but your explanation for non-coders is quite clear. Although, I think there could be a sort of simple step by step guide for a layman to follow, on how to initiate some transactions. However, the post contains the basics and needed information.

The update is significant and even more valued because of the increase of security and fast transactions. I am looking forward to the integration of the steem:// uri-spec on other relevant projects.

Thank you, I appreciate the work done!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

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This is the proof of my vote 🗳


Thanks again @roelandp for your immense support!

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We’re impressed by your awesome sacrificial support on steem blockchain dear @roelandp.

I love your work and I’m using the outcome which is steemwallet.


My SteemWallet, MySafety!

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Roeland always cooking something up. 😉
Great work. Short comment, off to download.

Updated! Still fun to see the wallet in Dutch knowing that I did some translation😅

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Hi Roeland

Thanks for your continuing development work!

Better late than never, I have installed steemwallet for IOS this morning, Unfortunately, I could not add my private active key using the QR code visible in my wallet, but have connected my account by typing the key in manually.

I was also looking for your account QR code (the one above is a witness approval which is already set) to test a transaction. Is there a place to find an accounts QR code outside of the steemwallet app?


hmmm thats weird, was there an error when trying to add?

My qr code for what exactly? Here is one which handles the special "alias" case for sending some :)

Send some steem - steem://sign/transfer/roelandp/10%20STEEM/you%20are%20the%20best!

And here is the qr version for that: Made using one of the made "render QR code"-sites ->


This is the error I also received before manually adding the active private key for abh12345:


I even opened the image into a new tab from and it reads the code instantly, but still the same error. I added the key manually again and it was accepted.

Yes, I was looking for a QR code to send steem or something other than a witness add to test, and the qr code worked well for that!

thank you will look into this.

No worries, let me know if you want me to reset and try again.

Thank you for this update

Actually this information very useful

Good job specially without exposing any key

Hey Roeland!

So am I right in thinking that you can use the Steem Wallet app to access all of the apps on the 'chain without the need for a Steemit account first?


Hi CG,

SteemWallet core functionality was always being a wallet: storing your private keys, encrypted with a vault-password, to be used to send Steem & SBD.

Now since the app already securely stores your active key, I've added the possibility to sign & broadcast any other (active key) Steem related "blockchain operation".

SteemWallet keeps on focussing on this part of the chain and not so much on the content creation / consumption. Ill leave that to all those other great interfaces out there.

Anyone can use the SteemWallet app to monitor any account's Steem / SBD holdings and recent transactions. If one wants to send Steem or broadcast other actions, one should really use a Steem account for that. Those can actually be registered through an in-app purchase in the app!

Actually i have hered this steemwallet but i am still yet to check this out

Can you test adding your accounts private active key using the qr code on the website?

Oh. Hope ny account will not be hacked

Just updated and also wrote an App Store review. I appreciate SteemWallet because it makes my Steem experience simpler and easier.

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