The Break

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Hey there, guys! What are you up to?


It was endless week, and now I say I am over. I got on train and go directly to small mountain town in Ukrainian Carpathians. Nat will meet me there and Sonia goes with me! 🥰❤


Just for a few days.

I will not wake up from the loud work of air defense and will not hear alarming air raid sirens. Noone will talk to me about weapons and ammunition deficiencies or discussing which missiles or drones Russia fired at us today. I'm going crazy.

It was the most busy and hardworking week in a long while. In the end of next month my team have to show the result of our 6-month work, or we all will be fired. Yeap. And I do want to deliver a result and spent almost all my time at the laptop. I almost cheased to cook, walk in the evening, talk to friends and family.

And while I was concerned about deadlines, or telling myself that resting during the war is wrong, and the money can be spent on something more necessary, and there are lots of people whose life is much worse than mine....

Meanwhile, seems my body took offense at me badly and began to attack itself. It has been a month since I started taking medicine, visiting doctors, passing tests, but no one knows what exactly is wrong with me. So I had to overcome my internal contradictions coz maybe this is my last chance to get some relax and a hope that someday I will feel healthy again.

I booked a room for two in a tourist lodge for me and my daughter. Only for 3 nights. God, this post seems to be longer than my vacation. The other 3 passangers in my coupe get off the train at 1 am, 4 am and 7 am, so I'll sleep... not today, obviously. The route was a complete surprise to me, so now I am aware but it can't be helped.

Okay! A few pictures for you what I took at the Kyiv Central. A lovely May day that I want to share.







Because tomorrow in the middle I will breath quite a differrent air. 🥰 Enjoy your Friday!

See you around! ☘


Have a lovely trip with your daughter 🙂 You deserve it! Deadlines are not fun, but I'm sure that you did what you could and it all will be fun 😉

Maybe your body is just reacting to stress and this weekend will help you get better. Fingers crossed.

You're always in my thoughts...

I'm glad you're getting a break from the stress! Stress can build up without us realizing and do much damage to the body. I can't even imagine how difficult it's been to be living in a war zone for over a year. Take care, take lots of deep breaths of that fresh air, and enjoy your time away!

Thank you so much, Eric. It's funny, but yesterday when lookung through the window it seems to me I see mountains. Although they were 600km away 😁😁
You know, I woke up today and found out I fogot 2 things - hair brush and your book! What a pity, I was going to read a real paper book not from the phone. Ah, my head definitely needs rest.

I'm so glad you've found a chance to get away. Just the change of scenery will probably do you a world of good. Enjoy your rest and relaxation!

You need a break from the stress of your work and deserve a much needed vacation with your sweet daughter Nat!🌹❤

Happy Mother's Day! @zirochka
Sending love and good wishes!💞


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Thank you, dear Nina! Happy Mother Day to you as well 🌷
I am going to drop by and see my mother, I have a small gift for her, and I know it would be nice to see each other 🥰

Sounds like you have all the makings for a perfect weekend!😊 Your dear mom will be absolutely thrilled to see you. Have someone take photos of the beautiful ladies all together!📷

Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes! @zirochka💞

For a whole week 🥰 I go back on Wednesday and will be home Thurthday morning. Yohoo ))

Woot woot! Let the good times begin!🥂


Thank you for the beer!🍺

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Enjoy your three-day vacation, Lovely! @zirochka❤❤❤

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Beautiful train station and I am so glad you are going away for a little bit. Enjoy!

Thanks, dear Sarah ❤ Hope I'll have a spare time for Hive too


Thank you! I am so excited 🥳

Enjoy your break dear, you need it...

Thank you, Priyanka💛 I am going to catch everything I miss. Hope you are doing good.

I'm so happy you're going away for a break, you look so relaxed, and you took Sonia with you!!

Enjoy your time with Nat and don't think about anything else ❤️

I look red, LOL.
The night was disturbing. I had just dozed off when the air raid siren went off on someone's phone. The dog was barking (there is a dog in my carriage). Nick called in the morning, he said that the city we were passing through was shelled at night, it's good that we were there an hour earlier.

My train will arrive with a delay because of night shelling, but I can see mountains already ) The carrige is almost empty now, and I had some sleep in the morning so today I feel more relaxed.

But my intentions are serious, and I will not let anything ruin my rest 💪💪💪

Way to go!! Seize the precious time, and zone yourself away from all the troubles for a few days and relax 💓


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Beautiful train section, it always good to rest after working inorder to have a good health

Yeap, agree. Thank you!

Enjoy your fryday lady.

Ohh dear @zirochka you have such beautiful eyes😊😊 I just couldn’t look away😀

You make me blush 😊

Nice pics of the station

I'm glad you like it 💛

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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During the war, I also experience living in a civil war circumstances. I know many people suffer than me, I hope you find a better circumstances than this. The train station there look so clean. I hope you enjoy your day.

I am so sorry to hear you once had to survive war. It is something that I would never wish even to enemy

I hope you get some rest and relaxation. Stress can do awful things to the body, and you have lived with constant stress for months.

Agree with you. I think I had no idea how much deseases start from a stress

Enjoy the time with your daughter in the air of the countryside, you will return refreshed and content I am sure. Stay safe

Slava Ukraini!

Взяти паузу і віжпочити - прекрасне рішення.
Думаю, вже все позаду і у Вас, як і у всієї 🇺🇦 неодмінно все буде ОК

Готуйся до гіршого, сподівайся на ліпше )