The 100 most popular Steemit posts of all time!

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The 100 most-viewed posts on Steemit

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Hi all, welcome back to my blog. If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I occasionally like to dig into the data and try to find some interesting results. Recently I've been taking a look at the view counts of different posts on Steemit, and I decided to make a list of the most popular posts of all time. This is actually a non-trivial problem, since view counts are not actually available through any public API, and of course they are not stored on the blockchain. Only Steemit, Inc. has access to the database of page view counts, so needless to say it was a slightly difficult process to actually acquire these values.

But, without further ado, I would like to present the 100 most-viewed posts of all time! Note that only started recording views sometime in late 2016, so this does not include views from before that time, and of course this does not include post views through any other block explorer.

AuthorTitleNumber of ViewsLink
1@quickfingerslucHow i turned $300 into $50,000 in one year trading Crypto currency379182Link
2@thegrinderThe BitConnect scam exposed337795Link
3@project7[중국 VS USDT] 암호화폐 1세기의 종말, 그리고 2세기로의 전환209647Link
4@eosioEOS.IO DAWN 2.0 Released & Development Update208771Link
5@tobeingawhaleVerge - Price Prediction139686Link
6@asbear[코인 깃허브 점검] 아인슈타이늄 (EMC2) 스캠입니다119510Link
7@steemitguide2017 List of Big Companies that Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies117821Link
8@haejinRIPPLE to Wave towards $15.44 or Higher!!109362Link
9@kingscrownThe best Cryptocurrencies to mine with GPU/CPU right now106964Link
10@haejinRIPPLE (XRP) Projected to Make TSUNAMI Profits!!103370Link
11@theshadowbrokersLost in Translation98062Link
12@docdeluxNew Age Bullshit Part 1 - Self Proclaimed "Lightworkers"97485Link
13@haejinVERGE (XVG): New ALL TIME HIGHS DEAD AHEAD!!89517Link
14@bitcoinshirtzA Full List Of Bitcoin Debit Cards For 201783367Link
15@haejinVERGE EXPLOSION ALERT!! VERGE is about to GEYSER OUT of the Triangle !!80636Link
16@admljy191월 20일은 코인시장의 둠즈데이(Dooms Day)가 될 가능성이 높다77451Link
17@kingscrownStop Using Blockfolio App - Its Calling Home with Too Much Info (+Small Safety Tutorial)75297Link
18@bbrewer10 Things You Should Know About EOS70435Link
19@heimindangerIntroducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS69406Link
20@haejinTutorial on Elliott Wave Counting Lesson 1; by @haejin67457Link
21@haejinStellar Lumens (XLM) Target $2.75 (343% Profit Potential!!)63927Link
22@haejinVerge (XVG) Target $1.70....How? Here is my ANALYSIS!!60232Link
23@jerrybanfieldCryptocurrency Price Predictions for October 2017!57554Link
24@haejinTRON (TRX) Update: A Closer Look Analysis57289Link
25@jerrybanfieldCryptocurrency Price Predictions for September 2017!56380Link
26@haejinVERGE (XVG): Baby, Mommy & PaPa Fractals!!!55653Link
27@haejinRIPPLE (XRP) Is Becoming a PROFIT TSUNAMI!! Target $4.11 (200% Profit Potential)54505Link
28@haejinRIPPLE (XRP) Update: Can you sing a,b,c,d,e???53818Link
29@haejinLITECOIN (LTC)...What's Going on with the High VOLUME? Here is my Analysis!!53426Link
30@haejinVERGE (XVG): The Hurry Up & Wait Syndrome53396Link
31@haejinRedCoin (RDD) is RED HOT!! Target is $0.0821 (>800% Profit Potential!!)52556Link
32@kingscrownThe Best Coins to mine with GPU/CPU right now (ETH algo rocking it!)51648Link
33@an0nkn0wledgeThe Curious Case Of The Death Of Joe Scarborough's Intern Lori Klausutis51445Link
34@jerrybanfield8 Digital Currency Exchanges with USD to Bitcoin!48603Link
35@haejinCIVIC (CVC) to Make Orgasmic Lunges Toward Target $11.26!!! (1,137% Profit Potential!!)46578Link
36@haejinEOS: IMMINENT EXPLOSION!! Revised Target $22.63!!44837Link
37@haejinTRON (TRX): Price EXPLOSION Could be IMMINENT!!44827Link
38@henry-gantBitconnect investing misinformation - before I wised up: What you must know about your bitconnect investment.44616Link
39@josephCoinbase is looking for the next coin to add to it's exchange, Please Fill this form for Steem44060Link
40@lukestokesThe Cryptocurrency Bank Spreadsheet43910Link
41@quickfingerslucIntroduction video: my new Trading Video Series for Steemit43784Link
42@haejinTRON (TRX): Breakout Expected at Any Moment!!42445Link
43@deanpressAntshares from China: The Highest Potential & Most Undervalued Crypto-Currency on the Market42405Link
44@lennartbedrageThe Ripple(XRP) Effect - Fundamental Analysis42201Link
45@sandwichEOS Crowdsale with MyEtherWallet - The Complete Guide41186Link
46@jerrybanfieldCryptocurrency Price Predictions for July 2017!40503Link
47@olyupFCK/YOU Money: The Rise and Fall of XRP40347Link
48@mindoverSteemit for Dummies (like me) - Everything you need to know in simple terms39778Link
49@trogdorEOS vs. Ethereum for Dummies!38876Link
50@someguy123Amazon soon to accept Bitcoin/Litecoin!38830Link
51@donkeypongStill Confused by Steem, Steem Dollars, and Steem Power? The Power Plant Analogy38714Link
52@haejinRIPPLE (XRP): Don't Confuse the Trees for the Forest!! Target $4.11!!!38613Link
53@haejinTRON (TRX) Starting Wave 3 of 3...Target $0.21 (120% Profit Potential)38238Link
54@haejinVERGE (XVG/BTC) Loves Triangles....Check out this Chart!!38188Link
56@haejinBitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Landing Zones36529Link
57@project7테더 (Tether)의 진실 - 팩트와 카더라36507Link
58@maa코인 투자에서 돈을 잃지 않는 방법 (1)35531Link
59@thecryptofiendThe Missing FAQ - A Beginners Guide To Using Steemit35522Link
60@haejinEOS Video Analysis: Target $42.12 (367% Profit Potential)34790Link
61@haejinEOS is Ready to Make Orgasmic Lunges Upwards AGAIN!! Target $22.63!!34045Link
62@haejinEOS Technical Analysis with Target $46.1233710Link
63@haejinBitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: This Correction Too Shall Pass....!!33231Link
64@granturismo비트코인 캐시, 계획된 음모33166Link
65@danPeer Review of Cardano's Ouroboros32807Link
66@dana-edwardsWhat happens if you withdraw $1 million dollars from Coinbase into your bank?30655Link
67@dutchBitShares is Going to Dominate Crypto in 2018 - Here's Why!30327Link
68@haejinLiteCoin (LTC): When in Doubt...It's a Triangle!30218Link
69@haejinBitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: A Third Alternate Count30197Link
70@haejinTRON (TRX) Head & Shoulders Spotted for $0.178 Target potential29426Link
71@haejinVERGE (XVG) Is Following Bitcoin (BTC)29344Link
72@haejinMonaco (MCO) Offers No Tax Haven for the Wealthy; but Extends an Opportunity to Profit MASSIVELY!!29028Link
73@loofteeCaution: Are You Storing Cryptocurrency On Exchanges Like Poloniex, Bittrex?28693Link
74@hilarskiMy 2017 Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Predictions.28679Link
75@haejinEthereum (ETH) Shorter and Longer Degree of Trend Waves....Target $2,659; but NOT without Corrections!!28563Link
76@haejinOx (ZRX) Analysis: If you missed the VERGE Rocket..get on board this SpaceShip!! 600% Profit Potential!!28141Link
77@eosioThe Dawn of EOS.IO27999Link
78@haejinSTEEM: BTFD!! Explosion IMMINENT!! Target $14 Dead Ahead!!27979Link
79@twinbraid하드 포크, 소프트 포크의 초보적 개념27959Link
80@ericvancewaltonAnnouncing My New Book – The Perfect Pause: Meditating Your Way to the Ultimate You27560Link
81@haejinVERGE (XVG) Shorter Term Update: $0.48!!27494Link
82@jacobtsSTEEM to $1,000 . Price Prediction27389Link
83@haejinBitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: A Directional Resolution is Needed27336Link
84@haejinBitcoin Cash (BCH): $10,805 Target!!!27113Link
85@sirwinchesterMusic Industry: The Gate To Hell - Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Pedophilia & Abuse In Hollywood27112Link
86@neilstraussElon Musk: The Unedited, Uncensored Version of My Rolling Stone Cover Story27036Link
87@haejinSALT: Higher Degree of Trend Elliott Waves Show 0.005734 BTC Target (845% Profit Potential!!)26910Link
88@noisyWe just hacked 11 accounts on Steemit! ~$21 749 in STEEM and SBD is under our control. But we are good guys ?? So...26815Link
89@haejinReddCoin (RDD) Showing Bullish Wedge!!26733Link
90@haejinDASH is Ready to JUMP Again!! Target $1,98726331Link
91@lukestokesStep By Step: Getting Your Bitcoin Cash out of a Bitcoin Paper Wallet26174Link
92@haejinBTC Morning Update: Head & Shoulders Spotted!!26059Link
93@jerrybanfield#1 Coinbase Tip: Transfer Wallet Funds to GDAX!25854Link
94@haejinCardano (ADA) Targeted for $2.73 or HIGHER!!25839Link
95@leesunmooeos VS 이더리움25833Link
96@wolfofpoloniexBare Basics of Trading Cryptocurrency25819Link
97@haejinFirstBlood (1st) Bleeds GOLDEN PROFITS!!! It's JUST STARTING!!!25777Link
98@heimindangerD.Tube 0.6: Pushing it to the limit25680Link
99@theshadowbrokersTheShadowBrokers Monthly Dump Service - July 201725649Link
100@haejinSTEEM Dollar (SBD) Readying to EXPLODE!! Target $21.95 or higher25540Link

Who are the biggest contributors to the top 100 list?

Well, interestingly, love him or hate him, @haejin is generating a crazy amount of traffic on Steemit. He has by far the most highly-viewed posts of any user.

AuthorNumber of top 100 most-viewed posts

I was also surprised and very happy to see that my post on EOS vs. Ethereum also made the top 100 list! :D

I hope this information is interesting for you! I believe this is the first post that dug in to the post view count data, so I'm hoping to look further into the data and see if any other interesting results pop out at me. But in the meantime, I wish you all the best!

Best wishes,
Trogdor :)


Seems like most people just want to talk about Cryptocurrency

Yeah it's probably the most talked about topic here on steemit... that or steemit itself and ways to make money on steemit, lol. Guess that's what happens when a social media website is run on top of a cryptocoin.

That makes sense. But it is a bit sad it seems like a missed opportunity

haha, yeah it does seem that way, thanks for reading!

Thanks for making the list

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