Curator Changeover 03/06/2022

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The VYB Curation Project (VCP) swaps out curators every week to provide a more varied approach to content curation.

Curators have the freedom to vote as they like with the understanding that all of their outgoing votes will be published in a distribution data post on the @vyb.curation account.


Inside this post you'll find:

  • Confirmation of Curator changes for the upcoming week
  • Information about VYB/POB Delegations to Curators
  • Application Process for VCP Curatorship
  • Feedback Prompts for VCP Curators
  • Details about the @vyb.curation trail and how to support
  • VYB Curation Project recent changes

The Curator Changeover

An Aware Curator is someone who knows that the @vyb.curation trail is following behind their vote.

An Unsuspecting Curator is someone who doesn't know they're being followed by the trail.

The previous week's Aware Curators were: @aiuna, @nevies and @amberkashif
The previous week's Unsuspecting Curators were: @enginewitty and @jesustiano

Aware Curators receive a 5,000 VYB and 5,000 POB delegation for the duration of their curation block. Unsuspecting Curators do not receive delegations.

The new Aware & Unsuspecting Curators have been trail followed by @vyb.curation and delegations have been applied for the upcoming week.

The VCP Distribution Data post containing all of the Aware Curator's outgoing votes will be published from the @vyb.hub account (changed from its regular posting on @vyb.curation) through the upcoming week.

VCP Curator's Choice (Call-to-Action)

If you've been curating for the VCP during the past week, you now have the opportunity to share your favourite content of the past 7 days with the whole community.

Please drop a reply to this post with the content of your choosing (one post or comment only) and we'll feature it below.

'@' mentions will be removed during the first post edit to prevent notification spam.

Aware Curator

@aiuna's choice:
@nevies's choice:
@amberkashif's choice:

Unsuspecting Curator

@enginewitty's choice:
@jesustiano's choice:

VCP Curatorship Application

If you'd like to curate for the VYB Curation Project please complete one of the options below as an application and share it as a reply to this post.


  1. What is the account username that you'd like to curate from?

  2. What are the main motivations fuelling your desire to curate for the VYB Curation Project?

  3. Are you comfortable sharing personal feedback about your efforts during the curation block?

  4. Do you understand that all your outgoing votes will be shared publicly in a VCP Distribution Data post for the duration of your curation block? (example)

  5. Do you have auto-voting or curation trails set up on the account you would like to curate from? If yes, are you happy to remove these so your curation efforts are 100% manual?

  6. Do you understand that abuse through auto-voting as an Aware Curator (including proxy-voting through curation trails) while curating for the VCP during your curation block as a lead curator, will result in your account being blacklisted from curating in the future?

  7. Do you agree that VCP Curatorship Applications with more detail and information about the person behind the account provide a greater degree of insight for curatorship selection?

  8. If you are selected for VCP Curatorship, are you happy to receive an on-chain comment reply (to one of the latest comments you've published) from a VCP Admin to inform you of the upcoming curation block you'll be curating in? The comment will be at least 7 days in advance to provide flexibility and potential changes.

  9. Are you aware that it's your responsibility to curate manually with 100% freedom while being followed by the @vyb.curation trail? "Over-rewarding" content, upvoting subjective quality and maximally effective/efficient distribution of tokens are all grey areas, guidelines aren't set for curators so these areas of debate can be explored further.

  10. Will you update the VCP Admin and other curators in the Curator Changeover post about any problems that are causing stress and unnecessary pressure to your current circumstances, so that flexibility and support can be provided to ensure that your health and wellbeing come first before curating for the VCP?


Freedom to write/share whatever you want about yourself as an application. Creativity and self-expression are yours to explore, however you choose. The account that posts the reply is the account that is put forward for curating.

Additional Information

Each week there will be 3 Aware Curators and 2 Unsuspecting Curators chosen with help from the application process. We'll experiment with the new process as the weeks go by and will assess the application flow to further decide on a reasonable method for curator selection.

For example: We could choose 3 Aware Curators per week, 2 from option 1 applications, 1 from option 2 applications. We could select Aware Curators only from option 1 applications and Unsuspecting Curators from option 2. We could select applications that are only verified by the community through some form of the voting process. There are plenty of options to be explored and tested.

Randomization within the curator selection process is a future goal that will assist with decentralization when this process can be set up to provide curator selections on a wider scale. This will be kept in mind as the project develops.

VCP Feedback Prompt

While continued responses are not required as a curator, these feedback prompts below are shared in the post to help improve and fine-tune the VCP curation model. Feel free to use the prompts as aid with potential feedback responses to this post (or go rogue and share your experiences in your own style).

The first prompt is for curators who are currently curating, the second is for curators who have previously been curating, and the last prompt is for curators who are looking to curate in the future.


How are your efforts going so far during your curation block? Are there any issues you are experiencing that require attention from the VCP Admin?


After reflecting on your previous curation block, is there anything you'd do differently? Have you noticed any issues within the Distribution Data post regarding your outgoing votes or how they're presented? Do you have any suggestions that will help other curators during their curation block?


Do you have any concerns about curating for the VYB Curation Project? Are there any questions you would like answered by the VCP Admin before submitting your VCP Curatoship Application or before your upcoming curation block, if so, what are they?

Curation Trail Information

All curators currently active are trail followed by the @vyb.curation account at a 50% scaled vote. This means that the votes of the lead curators will be followed by @vyb.curation at half their voting percentage.

ex: VYB Curator upvotes content at 80%. @vyb.curation follows with an upvote at 40%. @vyb.curation trail followers vote at their set percentage in relation to @vyb.curation's upvote.

Here are the current trail followers supporting the curation trail and below the image are some examples of how their votes will be applied after @vyb.curation's upvote.

ex: VYB Curator upvotes content at 85%. @vyb.curation upvotes content at 42.5%. @joseph23 upvotes content at 34%.

ex: VYB Curator upvotes content at 40%. @vyb.curation upvotes content at 20%. @doziekash upvotes content at 15%.

ex: VYB Curator upvotes content at 60%. @vyb.curation upvotes content at 30%. @dwinblood upvotes content at 15%.

How do I trail follow?

If you would like to support the VYB Curation Project, follow this link to access the curation trail application so you can review the trail. If you have any further questions about the trail, please leave a comment below.

VCP Recent Changes

This section is for recent changes to the VYB Curation Project made during the previous week. As this is the first iteration of the changelog we will share some of the adjustments made since the February Update post was made and next week we'll sync back up with real-time.

  • @vyb.curation has been dropped as the main publishing account for the Distribution Data post. Moving forward these posts will be published on @vyb.hub with a 100% beneficiary being split as follows: 80% for the data collator, 20% for
  • Vote weight percentages per author have been added to the Distribution Data post to provide a clearer perspective of how each curator is allocating their votes during their curation block.
  • The Unsuspecting Curator count has increased so there are two active each week. This is still experimental as we monitor the voting power of the vyb.curation account. note: We are not concerned about the voting power being at sub-50% levels at this time as our goal is to increase the quantity of distributed tokens to more accounts. Details about this will be shared in the future alongside curation trail support options.
  • @vyb.check (the strongly merit-based process for curation) has been temporarily shelved while we make the required adjustments for communication and improvement via @vyb.hub. The VYB Check process is ready for the automation steps that are required for efficient on-chain workflow.

VYB Hub Post Beneficiaries

The @vyb.hub account receives zero rewards as staked or liquid tokens since 100% of the post earnings are being directed towards beneficiaries. The accounts assigned beneficiaries on this post are as follows (further information about these beneficiaries can be found here):

VYB Community Accounts 30%
@vyb.contests 20%

Supporting VYB/POB Projects
@pobscholarship 15%
@vyb.engagement 15%

VYB Hub Ambassadors
@sugandhaseth 5%
@mineopoly 5%
@funshee 5%
@vikbuddy 5%

Creative Commons Licence
[vyb.vyb](this post)

Just why did you pick me as an unsuspected curator? Anyway is already done for xD but what a weird mechanic to curate with :)

This is something amazing and nice to experiment with. First of its kind curation mechanism on Blockchain and its really innovative. I think it will bring more range of diversity in Curation and reach out to maximum number of authors as well as unique audiences too. I would suggest they should try 3 unsuspecting curators. !PIZZA

Glad you like it!

I would suggest they should try 3 unsuspecting curators.

We'll keep tabs on the voting powers and see if it's possible. The only real limitation is if the #pob tag is used or not (since the VYB smart contract now has that tag, along with #proofofbrain, added to allow for VYB votes to count on those tagged posts).

Fortunately there are already plenty of people using the #pob tag which means it's easier to select Unsuspecting Curators and have the trails active more often than not. Still massive room for improvement though!

Keep improving and experimenting. You can try switching between High Voting power/Less Curators or Low Voting Power/ More Curators, to see which one works well, maintaining healthy voting power and minimum abuse. !PIZZA

I'm not ok with the whole unsuspecting part, I find it distasteful, and lenient to hit plagiarism by accident, anyway is not that I'm in charge of anything or have a vote on it.

You definitely hit onto a good point about accidentally voting for plagiarism while being followed by the trail, although this is true for Aware Curators and anybody else curating on the platform also. I'm hoping that we can synchronise with the Anti-Abuse Team as this develops so that any plagiarised posts can be muted before the payout and the relevant actions can be taken on HIVE & POB to remove the rewards from the fraudulent content.

Thanks for being straight about your feelings surrounding the Unsuspecting role of the VCP. What is it exactly that you find distasteful? It's by no means set in stone so any feedback is taken onboard and considered.

When im not modding in not checking for plagarism, not 24/7, specially lately where im having so many issues to actually track my modding effort and put it on the moderation activity sheet, So im basically diying right now with lot of issues to actually seek more XD

I think you're one of the best people we've followed as an Unsuspecting Curator so far, for this expansion of perspective alone. It was never going to be an easy task, trying to implement a curation model that puts much more responsibility into the hands of the community.

There is a "sixth sense" involved when it comes to plagiarism/abuse detection but even with experience, there are times when posts go unnoticed (I've personally fallen victim to upvoting plagiarised posts in the past and have had to jump through hoops to get votes removed by trail followers after the fact, it's a chore).

I'm going to let this all settle in the mind before making any major changes to the current setup but rest assured I'll be looking for ways to solve the issue.

Is a real issue with shadow curations like this one xD, Now im feel the pull of the dark side :V (Unsuspected curation) Hahahaha

If I knew I was supposed to share the best contrnt I would have saved the link 😶

Not to worry! It is a new introduction to the post shared by @wrestlingdesires during a little impromptu idea session. None of the curators were notified of Curator's Choice so there are no expectations there!

It'll be a recurring event in the Curator Changeover post 😀

Cool....! I will be sharing the posts in my next curation session

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