Review: Hive 5, My Favorite Coffee Mug

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Hive 5
My Favorite Coffee Mug

Hi there! I'm @madame-cyntaia.

First off, I'm not a coffee drinker, it's tea all the way for me. All day long. Caffeinated in the AM, herbal in the PM. I take my tea very seriously, and frequently. 😁

However, this challenge is about trying to pick my favorite mug. Seriously? That makes me have to choose between aesthetic and function. That's overwhelming!

I love my heirloom collection of china from my grandmothers; my collection now spans 5 generations of family history. At least 10 dozen intricate, frail specimens that make me marvel at my ancestors' abilities to not destroy things with use. I swear I'm not a hoarder, I just appreciate tangible ancestral connections. These cups are not commonly used. I have children. These things do not mix well.

So that leaves me with function, my daily go-tos that constantly sit by my laptop or on my jewelry workbench. I go with function of size and emotional connection for these.

ben school.jpg

I mean, any woman that was a youg girl in the US in the early 80's would likely have an emotional connection to Strawberry Shortcake, right? She and Pupcake introduced me to my love of baking. My husband and children are thankful. 🍪

@nomaddreamer got me this cup years ago, then I broke it (again, another reason to protect my ancestors china). I was heartbroken. He immediately found another one to replace it. 😌 He has a Snoopy in the same style.

dining room.jpg

Another gift from my husband, my C mug is the perfect size for me, and fits my hand just right. That on-the-nose balance of 'still good temperature when I finish it yet also enough tea to last through completing a task'.

Anyone else out there that collects and adores china yet fears actually using it?

Thanks for reading!

All content and #photography by me, @madame-cyntaia, of our #ozarklife.

This review was sponsored in part by @waivio


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