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Alright, here it is. Many of you guys requested this information in my previous post. So, here it is.

I just want to be clear. This information is pretty tough to compile straight from my head, so please don't butcher me if I miss a few things :P

Another thing I would like to be clear about.. Many of you guys have your own opinions, which is fantastic, and I know you guys will definitely have them after this post, but everything I will be showing you is 100% legit, and I have used them all myself. I will be giving my first-hand impressions and my personal experience, so nobody can argue :P So just listen :)

I have planned my strategy around certain circumstances. Obviously I will be able to risk a lot more when the capital is smaller. Does everyone agree? It's easy to say that I would much rather lose a balance of just $1000, versus $1 million. Same with $1 million, versus $1 billion (Yes, I plan to accumulate more than that that's why it says it in my profile :P)

I will make a list of all the things I would do depending on the situation I am in..

Under $1000

If I had capital of less than $1000, I would most probably put my money and more importantly my attention into slightly more volatile markets.

There are obviously many different way you can grow to your first $1000. As of right now, there are only 2 main one's I would use.

1. Binary Options Trading

Yes, I know the common misconception that Binary Options is this big scam, that a robot trades and the company takes all your money.. BLA..BLA..BLA..

Don't listen to that crap. If you know what Forex is, and how it works, then Binary Options is very similar to the Forex trading style. The difference being on shorter time frames.

Binary Options is simply 'CALL' or 'PUT', which is why most people think it's sketchy, because it looks too simple.

If you have ever traded Forex, you will know about technical analysis. I do technical analysis when trading Binary too. It's a legit thing. I have made a couple $1000's in trading Binary in the last few months. The reason why it's so good, is because you can strategies brilliantly with it.

See, if your capital is under $1000, you can be a little riskier, because if it plays out, you could make quantum leaps in your momentum. So, in this case, if my capital is under $1000, I would risk 10-15% per trade. What does that mean?

It means if things play out, I could make easily 100% per month. I have done it myself. I know, sounds ridiculous haha!

Obviously it takes skill to trade. So you will need to overcome that. My personal solution was I decided that learning would take too long, so I just hired a market expert to be my mentor. He gave my the signals for the last few months, and I have learnt over time how to trade from that :) If you are coming into anything with a lack of knowledge, you are just gambling. So before the comments start saying, "Binary Options is just a gamble!", I am saying yes it is, if you are clueless :)

With this strategy, I would only do it until $1000, then start playing things safer.

2. Steemit

Yes, I know, who would've guessed. I honestly would though. There is great potential to grow your money here. All you guys were like "How on earth is it even humanly possible to get a return of 40% PER YEAR??"

Just open your mind :) It is very possible. Very easily haha! You need to understand that the era right now isn't the same as 50 years ago. Things are changing, and there is tons of money opportunities right now. Trust me, the people making the 'Big Bucks' are laughing at you when you complain about it not being possible because you are just giving them more opportunity to take advantage of the gold rush.

If you just put $500 into Steem Power and Upvote yourself 20x a day, you can double your account in 6 months MAX. And that is playing it safe in terms of time. On top of that, the value of the currency is going to be rising. It's perfect.

When most of you think about this concept, you fail to consider one additional thing that explodes the ROI. If you REINVEST your rewards back into power, your growth will compound. What's so unique about Steem compounding? The fact that it's done 20x daily. Trust me, if you know a thing or two about compounding, it's that the compounding intervals are strongest when small. And here they are tiny!

Yes, I know that your 'invested money' will be stuck in the Steem Power, so if you don't like the investment returned into that, then let's say it'll take you MAX 12 months to have made all that invested money back, and in Steem Dollars for you to withdraw.

3. GPU Mining

Personally, right now I would mine Ethereum with graphics cards. With the right hardware, you can do brilliantly.

If you are taking into account only the cost of the GPU (Let's say you already have a PC), you can spend between $200-$1000 and make an incredible ROI.

To my calculations, and yes all the different cards perform differently.. But I would personally buy a Radeon RX 580/570 graphics card. Cost around $200-$300. I have calculated that specific card's ROI to be 2.4 months.

"40% in a single year??".. Yes. I just showed you 100% in less than 3 months. But let's be safe and say 6 months for it to make itself back. That's still 200% ROI in a single year. Open your minds :P

$1000-$1 Million

Once I have grown that capital to $1000, here's what I would do.

1. Binary Options

I would carry on with the same strategy, except risking 3-5%. Super simple. Nothing complicated.

I am very confident that with a lot of discipline, one could scale their account to $1 million.

Why stop there? In Binary Options you cannot use leverage like you can in Forex. The max trade size I know of in Binary is $10,000. So if you have a $1 million account, that would be a 1% risk.

At this point (If not sooner) I would move on too...

2. Forex

To keep it simple, I would use Forex trading since you can scale an account far further than $1 million.

Like I said previously, none of this stuff is easy, but it's definitely doable. Again, I just hired a mentor to help me with signals since he was the pro and I was just the entrepreneur :P

In terms of returns, in my opinion, if you are making less that 50% return per year, either your risk is absolutely tiny! Or, you are doing something wrong. FIX IT, because you are leaving money on the table. In the past I have done well over 100% per year with smallish risk. It's very doable. Just do your research.

PS. If you would like to know what mentors I use, you are welcome to message me on Instagram and we can discuss it privately :) Instagram HERE

3. Steemit

I know I am repeating myself, but it works with almost any capital, so just adding it in. Pretty much the same strategy, just reinvesting into your power so you can astronomically compound :) Trust me, in the beginning it seems smallish, but over a bit of extra time it shoots to huge numbers.

4. Crypto

There are many golden opportunities in this market. My perception on investing, however, is to keep things simple. For that matter, I would only put my money in the top 3 most stable, and also most likely to succeed.

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

3. Steem

I don't want to get too in detail, just know that is what I would put my money into.

Again, for those of you wondering "How to get 40% in a single year??" Pretty much all 3 of those currencies can pruduce well over that LOL! Bitcoin and Ethereum do 10x the production of what you are asking :P

5. Mining

There is still huge potential in crypto-currency mining.

I will admit, I am not the biggest expert on the topic, since I am focusing on other things, but I have done some research in the last while.

1. Bitcoin Mining

My strategy is slightly different than the average investor, also very powerful. Remember what I mentioned about the power of compounding in small intervals? Well, my Bitcoin mining strategy also breeds off of that.

See, most people just try and but a piece of hardware (Eg. ANT Miners, ASICS) put them to work.. That's just too simple. Anyone can do that. I had to try something a little more complex to maximize returns.

See, the problem with this strategy is that you have to wait until you have your entire investment made back before you can buy another hardware. You are losing a lot of time this way. (Although if the currency is still growing in price, you should be still fine I suppose.)

So, what do I do? Simple. I buy shares in ANT Miners. How it works is, I am able to buy into a portion of the hardware at a time. Once your share become worth the total value of the asset, it automatically becomes your :)

So, every single second, the hardware is producing cash value. That is then automatically reinvested into more shares every time. Every single share you hold in the hardware, you get a portion of the hash rate :) Cool right?

If you want to know how I am able to do this, like previously, you can message me on Instagram privately HERE.

Scaling To $1 Billion

It's simple. Just diversify, and give it time. The laws of life take their place when followed correctly.

I have no doubt, and full confidence that I will be a billionaire. All it takes is belief.

Their are of course many other things you can invest in, and I have only covered a hand-full of some of the decent stuff.. I can't express everything I am thinking all in one article, it will simply be way too long :)

But really, I am pointing to absolutely no one when I say this, I mean this completely in general.. If you want to get ahead, you CANNOT be too skeptical about things. You NEED to be open-minded. The world has changed. There are going to be far more billionaires in the world in the near future. And today's top billionaires (maybe not all of them since they are fairly old) will be the next trillionaires. MARK MY WORDS! :)

Guy's, I know this article was long. I didn't even cover near to everything haha! But, I hope I have opened some of your eyes to the opportunities right in front of you. One strong reason why it doesn't even matter that I didn't cover everything is because you don't need 100's of ideas. What creates success is focus.

You can become a millionaire in Binary Options.
You can become a millionaire on Steemit.
You can become a millionaire in Forex.
You can become a millionaire in Crypto.

The deciding factor is simply FOCUS and Energy. And that's a choice.

If you have made it this far into this article, I would like to congratulate you! You are one dedicated fighter who strives to make a difference in your life. And for that matter, I want you in my Success Team. FOLLOW

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This is a great post like always. It's not too long, you had lot of concepts to cover.

I like how you mentioned that there were many other strategies you could of shared but you want everyone to stay focused and not get distracted with too many options.
This is great advice especially for the crypto space. As we know there are new projects, developments, and ICO's happening daily. All this activity can cause information overload.

For me right now Im focused on Steemit, mining, top coins, some other outliers, teaching about crypto and last but most important is my company blockchain solution for the Pharma Supply chain.

Keep it up with the quality post's

Thanks brother. Yeah, information is brilliant, and can really change lives.. But too much of it at once can actually ruin lives. It's good to see you are also focusing to a handful of things :)

I like to see life as a city. The different ways to persue life as the buildings in the city. The ideas for those 'ways' as the foundations of those buildings. Too many people try and get too many ideas at once, and they end up starting a whole bunch of foundations (I have way too many :P), and almost no buildings.

What I want to teach people is to get an idea, start the foundation, build the building 100%, then expand to a mansion. Only then, should they start their next foundation.

Thanks for stopping by brother!

Thank you for sharing its a lot to read but really I like the way you wrote it doesn't make the reader bored. From 1k to 1m it's easy game but after that are you going to use the same strategy? Will it work ?

Good question. I did mention in the post that after $1 million+, it will be difficult to follow the same strategy. Basically you just need to diversify and low the risk on each. That is what I would do. It's quite a simple procedure, only difference being obviously that it takes a lot more concentration and focus. Luckily there are many investments today that are super reliable. I only mentioned a hand-full, but there really are quite a various amount of more opportunities!

So yes, in simple terms, just diversifying :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading :) I know it was a lot to go through, and it's usually something I am conscious about it as I do not want to bore the reader with something that is hard to read. I am glad it was laid out nicely :)

By the way, why are there 12 up votes on this comment lol.. And none of them uprooted the post.. Is it a third-party thing?

Very good information. My husband is very big on Steemit, GPU mining - although he started just few weeks ago. I will ask him to check the Binary Options thing - is there any preferred place you go for Binary Options over others? Do you mind sharing?

Good post. Upvoted and resteemed!

dont go into binary options if you have no knowledge on trading forex, very risky, i personally trade binary options alongside my forex platform application, this way i have a better view and understanding of the candlestick charts and can better gauge the next move in the market.

The thing about trading (Binary Options and Forex) is it takes experience to use it better. But if he is willing to learn, then go for it :) He could also always do what I did and just hire a mentor who has the experience. It will cost some money to get started, but over time it can do amazing things.

The Binary Options broker that I use is IQOption.com. He is welcome to create an account for free and start trading the demo account. It's basically monopoly money, and you can refill that balance unlimited times :)

Thanks a bunch for stopping by! Even more so for sharing the content, as that is the most important thing! :)

Thank you @enazwahsdarb for the detailed response! I will pass it on to him.

My pleasure :) I just made a latest post too. Talk soon :)

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I like your strategy and belief in yourself which is most important.. I'm still new to cryptos and steemit and have a lot to learn.. best of luck buddy upvoted and followed .. looking forward to more content from you..

Thanks brother! I appreciate your kind words. It makes me really happy to know that you guys are finding value in my content. I look forward to connecting with you in the future :) I will give you a follow :)

Like your approach, totally in sync with your views and a lot new thoughts.
Thanks for sharing @enazwahsdarb

Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate that. I am so glad that the people viewing my content are able to gain something from it. At the end of the day, that's all I truly get a thrill about, and no money can buy that! Thanks for stopping by! Keep in touch :)

Thats a great way to put it prospective!


And thank you @steemteam59 :) I appreciate that!

WOW! Lots of suggestions I haven't thought of. Thank you for the SteemIt tips. I used to do Forex trading a long, long time ago . . . time to dust off my notes. Hahaha

Haha, thanks for stopping by @jannell. It's only my pleasure :) If someone is gaining some value out of what I have to say, then I am happy :) Talk soon :)

I invested quite a bit of Money over time in a Holiday Home called Nkandla, When I tried to book a week there , they treated me like I was Nuts!. Appears Imade the wrong investment?

Just let me remind myself.. You're South African right? xD That is honestly hilarious :D What enticed you to want to put money into the president of South Africas' home? :P

It came out of our Tax Money , so we all put Money in!. I put a story on FB where I made out that I thought I had been investing in a Timeshare, and when I tried to book in , had been badly treated . Asked if anyone else had had the same problem? Got a lot of likes.

:D I'm literally laughing my ass off.. :D

I see you are being polite using the words "came out of" instead of "stolen from" xD

A person can post on Facebook about how their dog died and they will get a lot of likes.. People are confused :D

You've got a lot of sound strategies here. Even the Steemit one has merit if you come in solely as an investor. For me, it's about community building. Yes, I upvote my post but never my own comments. Those are reserved for the people who pique my interest. Markets and math are very hard for my brain to grasp so I'm swinging by with positive vibes. :)

Haha very true. Although I have an investing mindset, I also would like to build strong relationships and create great rapport with my viewers. One of the way of course to achieve this is to reward those who interact :)

I brought it into the example because despite the ethnicity, it's still an incredible investment :)

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