Hey dude? It's sneak peek. Not sneak peak. Sneak peak is slang for when someone steps away to go catch a buzz, alone. I got a chuckle out of that when I saw it, so I thought I'd share. I made the mistake before.

Hahah! Oh, wow, that's hilarious. I don't know why (maybe my slight dyslexia?), but I often swap out words based on phonetics. I just updated the title, but the url will have it forever now. Thanks for letting me know and educating me on some new slang. :)

The extra As from Steem have a tendency to show up in weird places.

I'm already using Wise and it seems that this solution helps bigger accounts to maintain their voting power, especially when owners have no time to vote for good content.

Secondly, I'm already seeing benefit of better new users retention in small communities like polish because of higher payouts (one @noisy account makes such a difference).

Thanks for your feedback! It's good to hear from users already testing it.

@noisy is a man of awesome ideas! Supported and resteemed!

Thank you!

I am testing this in our polish community as well. Noisy let me use his vote in polish tags about science, music and travelling. So far so good - I can now successfully support the best authors that were not rewared properly without all this sending it to all this full-of-SP-but-busy curators! I now I am able to do this without this arduous process. That's really improving curators work, on both fresh experts side and whale's side.

I can imagine communities like @steemstem could benefit from it in ways it's hard to imagine already. This community has many experts that could curate in a very, very wise way if they had a proper tool. If Wise goes full-scale and could replace blind voting trails I think ALL of the curating communities will benefit from that.

Thank you Luke! It was a real pleasure to talk with you about all of that :)

As Luke said, currently Wise is in early stage, but it is actually ready to use.

We would be happy to provide technical support to all people, which would like to for example start using Wise, to start delegating votes.

More information about protocol Wise will be published really soon from my @noisy account, but you can ask me here whatever you like... and also we have a dedicated channel #wise, so feel free to join it :)

Just now listening to the talk, what a great idea and improvement that will increase the value of Steem as a blockchain that actually rewards great content!

Amazing job and I hope the community rewards it as such.

If whales decide to adopt this technology and choose their delegation targets wisely, this could make trending tab look so, so much better and increase our current, very bad, retention rates.

If whales decide to adopt this technology

Any help with spreading the news among whales is welcomed :)

Like I know any :) But I'll promote wise whenever I get the chance.

I think that once you get steemconnect integrated, you should do a proper introduction post about wise where possibilities that were mentioned in this talk are also included. I'm sure luke could rally some voting support for it before hand as he seemed excited for the tech as expected.

Edit: I did create a little blog post about it:

I think that once you get steemconnect integrated

We integrated SteemConnect to Voting Page 2 days ago :)


but to be honest, we are not happy with current look, so we are working on this:




So a user will have a little bit more options to choose from :)

The more options the better. I hope you get the widget done soon so the process comes easier for the voter, if I understood correctly right now voter has to manually enter the link at ? was the simplest interface, which we could came up, to be able to test Wise as a whole system.

Our end-goal would be... to integrate Wise directly with various Steem interfaces, like Busy, eSteem... or maybe even Steemit.

But first we need to show to creators of this interfaces, that Wise protocol is useful, and people are using it, and that it is beneficial for whole platform to support it :)

Hi! I use Wise-voter as a curator of the Polish tag about food and cuisine #pl-kuchnia. The @noisy's voice is very helpful for people who publish great individual recipes, culinary reviews, culinary memories of the trips and they make Steemit more tasty.

Greetings from Corfu :)

I have seen many weak articles that have earned a lot of dollars. I personally won many writing competitions. I said that I would start writing for the steemit. The hours of thinking, working and writing brought me a few cents of income. WISE is a revolution! WISE appreciates the creators and earns them money.

Boy, this will change Steemit in many ways.

Very interesting idea!

Hey! What are you doing around here. :)

Good to see you sis.

I'm back at it!! Having fun, learning, reading.

I'm @noisy's Wise-voter for polish tags about literature and books. There's no many posts (3-7 per week), but usually they are good, very good or brilliant. My own upvote is about 0.25$ - not too much for good review, recommendacy, short story. Wise-voting is a great opportunity for appropriate remuneration of users who have put a lot of work into creating original and high quality content.

This would be cool for some of the whale accounts that don't feel they have the time to keep up with all of the posts that are coming across their feed. It seems like it would be sort of like delegation with a bit more moral guidance.

We try to reach and introduce Wise to whales that we know, but if you could help us introduce Wise to people, which you think... would be interested in using it - it would be awesome! :)

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It's best for the system itself to show how much Voting Power has been left

I've just created a PR with that feature, not in the system itself, but in the frontend (

I would like to emphasize, that WiseVoterPage (currently available at ) is a temporary solution. It was needed to build MVP.

We aim to provide tools which would allow people to forget about any links... and just press simple button under an article