Moving to Hive (repost because TRON is censoring Hive-related posts)

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I'm reposting this because about an hour ago Justin Sun's team modified the Condenser repo to censor the Hive-related announcements and posts on
Here are the affected post_id's (on Steemit's hivemind servers):

censored posts.png

My original post:

censored post.png

For example:

["hiveio/announcing-the-launch-of-hive-blockchain", "anyx/it-s-time-to-decentralize", "steempeak/hive-and-url-changes", "steemitboard/steemitboard-shutdown-by-justin-sun", "roelandp/fork-you-hello-hive-my-new-home-are-you-coming-along-the-place-will-be-buzzing", "coruscate/acwmtxdz", "blocktrades/why-i-won-t-be-compromising-with-justin-sun", "andrarchy/i-support-hive", "smooth/hive-fork-announcement-smooth-and-burnpost", "taskmaster4450/hive-to-go-live-friday-sometimes-a-step-back-is-a-step-forward", "therealwolf/hive-the-blockchain-for-web-3-0", "kingscrown/binance-will-support-hive-split-chain-bittrex-odd-kyc-popup-on-login", "drakos/moving-to-hive", "bdcommunity/bdcommunity-supports-the-hive-blockchain", "pennsif/hive-news-18-march-2020-a-new-news-service-for-a-new-chain", "donekim/fork-hive", "kennyskitchen/n0nc735sj5e", "berniesanders/i-support-the-move-from-steem", "jrcornel/steem-hive-huobi-global-also-announces-they-will-support-hive-airdrop"]

Moving to Hive

As I previously mentioned in comments and town halls, I'll be moving to and supporting the Hive blockchain. It's an exciting time. I look back at STEEM with some disappointment, I wish things had worked out. But I'm happy with the outcome of all this turmoil: the community is strong and its will matters.

I was hopeful we would have more time to prepare for the Hive hardfork, it was a very short notice, announced yesterday The HF will take place on Friday, so I'll be busy preparing and migrating to it. I will partially keep the STEEM blockchain running for a bit, until the Hive chain is smooth with infrastructure, exchange listings and support from the DAPPS.

Rebranding away from STEEM

We're all used to the "steem" lingo, but it's time to say goodbye to it and rebrand with "hive". It's a huge task that encompasses code changes, tooling updates, new domain names, Twitter/Facebook accounts, listing on exchanges, etc... It may take a while to implement and digest all that change happening in such a short time. So expect some downtimes here and there, be patient and don't freak out.

What happens to STEEM?

In my opinion, STEEM will lose its value quickly when the whole community migrates to HIVE. Many users will power down and dump their STEEM, including myself, to buy HIVE instead. It's ironic, because Justin Sun wanted us to swap STEEM for TRON in his initial plans, and now there may be swapping of STEEM for HIVE instead. The only difference, it's a voluntary move.


The excitement is palpable on the exchanges today, STEEM has pumped like crazy beyond 4k sats and gained ranks on CMC. I guess people are buying a lot of STEEM to get the HIVE airdrop. It's a trading opportunity not to be missed. becomes

Your favourite website will move to HiveKings It will require some work to edit all the pages, but I'll prioritize the update of the page that everybody visits

I think HiveKings is appropriate and sounds cool. In a bee hive, there's only one queen ruling it. The notion of a single ruling monarch (Justin Sun) is surpassed by the autonomy of all the hive members who became kings of their domain.

Note to witnesses

This is a very important part. Sadly the code will only be released tomorrow (1 day before the hard fork date), so witnesses should be very focused and ready to deploy it. What will happen is, Steemit Inc's stake will be gone, so all of Justin's sock puppets will drop out of the top20 and below, and every witness rank will be more or less restored. So if you're a witness on the current STEEM chain, if you update to the HIVE code, you'll automatically be a witness on HIVE. I got word from @blocktrades that no replay will be necessary, but that doesn't mean witnesses should be complacent. Every hard fork is a critical time, so presence is a must.

Stay sharp about the price feed and update your scripts accordingly when Hive goes live and trading starts.


I think the big hero that sparked this forking wave is @netuoso, with his soft fork 22.2. Tip of the hat to him. Also, big thanks to @blocktrades, his team and all the developers that participated in pulling off the next hard fork in a such a short time (and short notice, uhummm).

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Hold on, here we go! Thank-you to all making this move possible. ❤

Oh Justin, oh Justin. You are such an... not likable person.

Well, I'm going to continue posting here after I move to Hive. Just to say in every post after Friday: "I'm in Hive, come there." And I hope there are tohers too that come back here occasionally to say: "Here we all are, come here."

Hive might become a trigger word for automatic censorship in the future.

If that happens, I'll switch to pictures with the hive text.
Or I write bullshit and make every sentences first letter bold. Like this:

Hello darlings!
I have an announcement for you.
Visit my blog on the better platform. I'm so
Exited to see you there!

And if Justin blocks my account, I'll switch to another account. I have accounts. And spam people with comments. Although commenting has always been so hard for me but I'd do that for HIVE!

Really bad move on his part. Completely destroys what little credibility he had left and whatever incentive people have to use this platform over, say, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. I was going to hold on to my Steem and see what happens when all this shakes out, just to play the investing game, but I doubt it will ever amount to anything now. I'll probably start powering down and just forget about Steem forever now.

Power down and come to Hive :)

If we meet in discord sometime, I'll make an argument for developers to keep a little SP.
I'm about all powered up anyways save for a trickle, so wouldn't do me much good to powerdown or sell. The liquid steem in the market would do much of it's damage before I could sell.

I like the new icon. Because it is the same as three diamonds.

The three diamonds in Spain were a night signal on television, announcing when a "porn" movie was about to start. The image of the three diamonds means that a "sexual" risque movie would be broadcast.

Waiting to see how things change once you change from one project to another.

Or will bots and everything else stay the same?

That is what seems sadder to me ..