What Has The Hextech Team Been Working On? Month Of May Review

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Hey, this is the monthly update that the @hextech team will be providing to show you guys what we have been up and and what we plan on doing.


I've been working on a few private projects to help Hive, as well as one public one that I hope can be a good onboarding tool for hive. Raven(viewable at https://raven.icu) is my idea of a microblogging platform, where you can send out 300 character "caws". Best part? With the usage of custom_json none of them appear on your follower's feed and thus you can caw as much you want without the worry of spamming people's regular feeds. They appear on our website, and that of anyone else( who uses our API to show the data or builds their own database and displays it on their site using our open source code). That does mean no rewards, but rewards aren't everything and this should allow for users to make short statements without the need to worry for rewards pool abuse. It's very much so a work in progress, so far a MVP has been completed and more is coming soon. You can check up on its developments at https://github.com/Rishi556/Carrige.

Giftgiver has also become powered up to 3,000 HP. This should allow us to delegate to more users(not that we've become in a position that we've ran out of HP to delegate). RC delegation is something that's planned for HF25 and planning for that is in the works. We might stick to delegating pure HP even after the launch of RC delegation to help new users get some curation rewards as well.


Work on blokz/profile continues, I've cleaned up the code a bit and got keychain support working. The bottom right of the page is a menu button that will pop up a dialog to let you goto a profile or update your own. I do have a lot of plans for blokz/profile, including an actual name for the dapp once its out of beta status, which is close. So far some of the plans are...


-- Implement hivesigner

(for those without keychain and don't want to use their posting key on an 'unknown' site.)

-- splash page

(the default index page will update to show the last profile viewed once exploring profiles begins.)

-- clean up profile builder

(its a bit messy at the moment)

-- modal popup to view posts

(currently most links point out to PeakD)

Those are the immediate plans, down the road I plan on having a 'shared posts' section, likes // reblogs // posting, everything else a full blown myspace clone would have, including custom themes. The main point of the project has and will always be about YOU. Showing others what your interests are, what you like, your favorite people to follow on the blockchain, everything else that is missing from the other front ends in an easy to find way... Including a gateway/hub for you to quickly access what you want to view the most. For instance, My profile I have "#selfie #technology #html #javascript #yoga #meditation #buddhism #philosophy #learning #palnet #weedcash #naturalmedicine #dcity" showing people these are the things I am interested in the most, and give me a quick launch to view recent posts (not trending, hot or otherwise. I've always valued newer posts vs the popular ones, wanting to see whats new).

And of course, there was a #selfie trend this week, I may have been a little guilty in adding fuel to the fire after seeing a couple posts by @nicollefiallo ( 1 , 2 ), posting a selfie of my own in protest and getting some people from @innerblocks in on the protest, ermm, contest. This selfie & Nicolle's downvotes post were picked up on twitter by HivePeople and HiveTrending posting about the protest, along with a group of viewers calling me Thor... and a new community was born. Faces of Hive.
So, sorry, not sorry about all the selfies. But if we (HIVE) are ever to hit mainstream adaptation,.. this is a cause that needs to happen. Hate em or not, selfies are a normie thing and the trend isn't going anywhere.. besides, @appics is a thing, and its doing great!!! I do want to also thank @jeffjagoe, @xxxxxxxxxx & @c0ff33a for helping getting the ball rolling. With @xxxxxxxxxx a bonus thanks for setting up the community. Also helping along that first day to help flood everyones feed with selfies was,.... @stellabelle (major props for helping out and commenting all over) @foxon, @mcoinz79, @appalachain, @neopch, @domegomez, @cryptofinally (who absolutely SLAYED the upvotes), @superpanz (those eyes tho!), @robwillmann, @inalittlewhile, @bliss11, @erode, @gtrussi, @steemflow, @zgeneration, @ericvancewalton (dapper as can be!), @donald.porter, @lebey1, @offgridlife, @suzn.poudel, @judyannegamis, @face2face, @michellec, @juanmolina, @alexa.art, @johnolusegun, @tufan14, @berlissanoja, @dejoke, @gloriaolar, @ambarvegas, @daniella619 & the 400+ people who are now in the community, with 3k+ interactions, and 1500+ in pending rewards.


Databases are the key to this space. Blockchain itself can be seen as an extremely inefficient database that provides an unrivaled level of trust. By forcing participants to all maintain a copy of the ledger, we see this inefficiency first hand, but we also reach a level of truth and consensus thought previously impossible before the invention of Bitcoin. I seek to streamline this dynamic and make it a bit easier to work with.

I'm currently working on my own custom database for the Hive blockchain. This database will be the foundation of every project I want to complete. From simple gambling dapps and card games to a basic frontend and beyond (tokens). All of the information needs to be stored in a database so it can be easily organized and accessed at will.

The database and API we currently employ (Condenser) is a bit of an overbloated trash heap. I know from experience. I'm hoping to create something a bit more niche and sleak that will more cater to my own needs. If I'm lucky, it will also be useful for other devs here as well eventually. I hope to create a system of "proxy nodes" in which anyone could download my database and be their own partial node simply by acquiring blocks from the blockchain and performing the database functions locally on their own machine rather than requesting a full node server to do the work.

I have a lot more to say about all this but I'll leave it here for now and hope the progress I make next month will speak for itself.


We as a team have spent time looking at servers located in the US to host a fullnode. Pricing always ends up being quite expensive for now, with the cheapest one being privex.

This was also our first month as a witness and we made it to rank 87(active rank 81). Zero missed blocks and are still running on the same machine as we started out at. Thank you to all those have supported us so far and to those who have started voting for us this new month.

How To Vote For Us

There's a few ways to cast a witness vote. The easiest of which will be to use hivesigner. All you have to do is click this link and https://hivesigner.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=hextech&approve=1 sign it with your active key.

If you use Hive.blog can also go onto https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses, find us there and vote for us.

Finally, if you are a PeakD user, head over to https://peakd.com/me/witnesses and look for us using either the searchbar on the right(name is hextech) or looking for us on the list(we are around rank 80).


Sounds like you are a really focused team and working hard towards your goals.

I’m really happy to be supporting your Witness, you guys are obviously dedicated to Hive and it’s impressive you are already looking at adding a full node. As adoption of the Hive Blockchain adding extra full node capacity will be essential to the smooth running, and we should not forget our esteemed top twenty Witnesses are covering so many costs out of their own pocket. A full node is something I am working on as well, and will certainly be live in the next few months.

Hive on, the future of Blockchain is here.

Love seeing people hustle for their witness spot

You guys are killing it. Keep going!

Thank you for the good words!
Thanks to all

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Wow, thanks for having me on your list, 😊, may not have that good selfie, but I love selfies. Lol,

I give you 👍 for this.
Am impressed

Glad that a lot of work is been put into this. I love the dedication been out into pushing this platform into a greater and better new heights

Thanks for the update and keep at it! 🔥